Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

When it comes to boat building or natives if it tends to run out.

That is why I suggest everyone. Maybe at least 1000 infinity for Europeans in case of being very unbalanced.

none of this should be implemented. don’t buff old civs, nerf new ones. power creep is bad for the game.


Bad. Because?. There are many almost obsolete things that are practically not used or things that can be improved to make them more practical.

You can work on the balance of the game at the same time as new things are implemented. European civilizations and native settlements need a rework. The European civilizations lack stocks compared to the new civilizations (USA and Africans), and the native settlements seem to be only for decoration many times. The Asian civilizations are fine and could be polished a little more, the American cibilizations should be worked much more.

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There are many almost obsolete things that are practically not used or things that can be improved to make them more practical.

people have been saying things like this forever, but they always forget that its fine for a game as complex as aoe3 to have some features that are rarely used, while others are used more. that’s just how its always going to be, no matter what you do. It’s not a bad thing that some units like priests are extremely situational, it actually makes competitive play more interesting.

European civilizations and native settlements need a rework.

omg no they don’t, why on earth do you think this. Euro civ balance is still basically balanced from EP, which was the most balanced this game has ever been. Nat tps have tons of situational uses, and I much prefer the current state of the game where choosing to make a nat tp is a calculated strategic decision, rather than a thing that you just do like a bot every game bc you lose if you dont

The European civilizations lack stocks compared to the new civilizations (USA and Africans)

they don’t “lack” anything, they just are the way they are. why do you think that every civ needs all the features of every other civ?


Well, I’m not talking about the balance exactly, I’m talking about reworking what is already there, making it more useful. They are just ideas to make the game more attractive and diverse. When I say Europeans need rework, I mean details could just be added, not in-depth work.


For native peoples we can also …

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Defensive buildings are not good against fishing boats. I don’t know if this is on purpose, but this raises a problem:

Towers have a negative multiplier against villagers, and fishing boats are villagers. The anti-ship attack does not affect the fishing boats and makes them very useful for landing troops. I know that it is only 10 units, but if there are 5 fishing boats, it would be 50 units.
Captura de pantalla (282)
Captura de pantalla (284)
I think that the fishing boat should be vulnerable to anti-ship attacks and the fishing boats should be counted as a boat.

I would like you to add a detail that Asian and African fishing boats have, but not European and American civilizations. Let the fishing boats have a villager fishing.
I know this is not according to the topic of the forum, but it is a detail that I always wanted and ‘forgotten empires’ is a team with excellent artists:

Inca fishing
Captura de pantalla (285)

European fishing

African and Asian fishing boats
Captura de pantalla (291)

It is only an irrelevant minor detail, but very appreciable to me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Scussion on how to improve taverns or similar:

Perhaps a stupid suggestion here, but since aztec mining makes aztec wood units cost coin now, perhaps Haudenosaunee Woodworking (an underrated card) should make their Kanya and Tomahawks cost coin? maybe rams too


Drives that are critical and cost wood are often unprofitable in late games or treaty mode. That is why Aztecs change the value of their main units to gold and food with a letter.

Not a stupid suggestion, but I don’t think that should be the solution. Kanya are supposed to be rarely used and Tomohawks now cost only 20 wood, which means you can make more from the 500/500/500 shipment. I also get the mantlet shipment…

That being said, I do think Native American civs should get SOME generalised buff . Giving them Mortars and outlaws was good. But they can’t hire mercenaries. Only renegade europeans.

If there was a mercenary camp building for Native Americans in Age IV which also trained the renegades (Renegade French, Renegade Dutch ETC) you ship and upgrades them to guard in imperial age (that’s right Guard not imperial in Age V).

How we could improve the use of grenadiers.

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To make a game more fun, Improving many useless cards seems to me a priority, it rekindles interest in the old civs, it gives the impression of a vague design, that are only interested in selling new, much more complete products.

if things are done carefully and well advised, the balance should not be such a big problem to prevent changes to mediocre cards.

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Exactly! There are many things that need to be improved and older civilizations need to be more up-to-date in terms of features and gameplay. Many of these things, if implemented, would reinvigorate the game and open up more options to play.


The thing about this game is that civs have unique mechanics, so no not every civ should have something unique to livestock. Why would you milk or gather wool when you have mills and plantations? Also livestock is already really good with 1 or 2 cards. People just dont like the micromanaging, but thats the pay-off.

Again, taking one civs unique mechanic and applying it to others. Priests, Surgeons and Field hospital just need a heal buff or some other small buff like increased hp when near units of like 5% to a maximum of 10%

Natives dont need change in mechanics. They are not supposed to be OP, their units are a nice addition to your armies when pop space runs out and some of the upgrades are really good. Almost all natives (cant think of one who doesnt) have atleast 1 good upgrade. Their practical benefit is to your army and often economy aswell trough upgrades. Some natives are even essential if you want the upper edge on your opponent.

If you need good artillery it can be a decent card. But I always thought that card upgraded all artillery or does it just have the same image?

It should be a card, as thats the point of the homecity. You need to think about what things you might encounter in-game. Then you have to thing can I deal with it effectivly with everything I got as a civ or do I need extra bonusses from the homecity? Thats the extra layer of strategy. If you know your civ is fulnerable against mercenaries, or in ranked you find yourself dealing with strong Swedish or German push of mercenaries, you want those cards. Assasins and agents are also very strong in treaty. I do agree that spies should get an upgrade within church, to buff them a little more, like +20% hp and being faster in stealth. Spies being able to shoot would be pretty OP, and warrant a card, not an upgrade in my opinion.

Well. Livestock is practical in treaty, in supremacy not so much because it is thought in the medium term, but with an enemy pressing you it is very risky.

Surgeons and priests, despite the benefit of curing, almost no one uses them because in general the exercises are almost never still.

The spies with the ranged attack will not be op because it is a too specialized unit. It’s just an idea that I propose to be unlockable with a card.

The native villages are excellent, but many times they are not used because they are not a priority.

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