Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

El problema es que un solo envió de experiencia es poco.
Nunca dije una cantidad, puede ser un envió de 100 o 200 de experiencia.

Dicho lo anterior yo prefiero que reduzca la experiencia necesaria por envió similar a España.

But 100 or 200 experience upon the first age-up is already a lot and the hot air balloon is also very useful. If you also got that with every shipment it would be by far the best age-up option.

Veo que te interesa mas las cajas de experiencia. :sweat_smile:

En todo caso se podría hacer que con cada edad recibas cajas de experiencia de 150 ¿te parece mejor?

I just don’t think it should be recurring and books would be the best way to do a one time boost. Even by the 5th shipment that would still be 30% faster per shipment which is pretty much on par with the Spanish bonus. If it was combined with the Spanish bonus (either with books or a reduction in the requirement), it would be extremely powerful.

If in the future Europeans can build universities, this policy could grant some exclusive upgrades for each civilization.


Quizás lo estemos planteando mal, el inventor podría desbloquearte el globo aerostático y darle un impulso a las revoluciones, ¿pero que les podemos dar a las revoluciones?

Otra opción seria que nos de un flujo extra de experiencia similar a las iglesias, podría ser útil para los mapas sin TP y ayudaría a las revoluciones.

Es una muy buena opción, podría habilitar tecnologías de la metrópoli en la universidad, por ejemplo arsenal avanzado y lanza granadas.

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I don’t think you can link the Inventor to revolutions since he only comes up for Age 2 (too early) and Age 5 (too late).

I like the idea of a University building for Europeans though. The Age 5 version of the Inventor could definitely add some techs to that.

¿En que edad pondrías vos la universidad? ¿Y qué mejoras le agregaría el inventor a la universidad?

There could be tons of potential to a building like that.

It could be a way to add in a lot of unused features that are locked behind cards with some techs like this:

Medical College - Enables training Surgeons
Animal Science - Enables training Cows/Llamas

Civilization specific techs could add some variety:

Mendelian Genetics - Mills gather rate +5% and livestock fatten more quickly (German exclusive)
Pasteurization - Food gather rate +5% and crates contain 50% more food (French exclusive)
Dynamite - Mining gather rate +20% and Mortar and Petard attack increased (Sweedish Exclusive)

Other techs:

Steam Engine - Enables Paddlewheel Frigates and Steamers. Upgrades trade routes to a Train.
Surveyors - Reveals the whole map
Telegraph - Reduces the experience cap for shipments (maybe down to something like 2000 xp instead of 2500 xp)


I think a University would have to be an Age 5 building. There’s just a lot more scientific advancement that happened in the later 1800s that would only really make sense for Age 5. The Inventor could maybe grant a discount to some of the existing techs. Maybe civilization specific techs could be locked behind a card or also enabled by the Inventor.

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more euro lategame buffs please

¿Cómo el Capitolio? ¿o en remplazo del Capitolio?

¿Qué te parece esta idea?.
La universidad puede ser creada en la edad industrial, nos permite desbloquear arsenal avanzado y crear carretas de construcción con descuento similar a EE.UU.

Otra mejora podría ser similar a la tarjeta de barbacoa de México.

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Good idea, but the university should be of the imperial age as in the mod ‘napoleonic era’. They would be very powerful benefits and it would be better if they were not available before.

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Me parece justo pero, me preocupa que mientras mas beneficios le den a quinta edad menos se utilicen las revoluciones.

Revolutions should be reversible as they are for Mexicans, but at a higher cost.

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Es una buena opción pero, estaría bien agregarles cartas para que cuenten como imperial por ejemplo los mayas. (quiero poder usar esas civilizaciones)

Granaderos a caballo con el político que mejora a los mercenarios.

In my politician rework suggestion, I included some buffs for revolutions for the Age 4 Politicians.

The Cavalry Marshal, King’s Musketeer, and War Minister could all enable the Imperial upgrades to be available in the Industrial Age for the units they send. That would let you have at least one Imperial level unit after a revolution.

The Viceroy could enable some Capitol upgrades at the Town Center in the Industrial Age. Immigration (faster training time and population space) and Legendary Native Warriors (many revolutions have lots of native shipments) would make sense and be very useful upgrades after a revolt.

As for extra Age 5 benefits, I think if anything like a University building is added, some of the Capitol upgrades would need to be nerfed to compensate.


Bar avanzado para los europeosBar Avanzado

Creo que los europeos necesitan la tarjeta de bares avanzados.

Goteo de oro extra
Población para un inicio rápido
Mas uso de mercenarios y mas posible usarlos

Tiene que ser una carta de Age 2 y quizás costar alimento

¿Qué opinan?.
¿Están de acuerdo?.
¿Están en desacuerdo?.


Honestly I’ve seen some pretty decent meme strats from Dutch explorer card, the dog is surprisingly good at raiding and being hella annoying.