Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)

They were meant to be like that back in 2005, now we have so much possibilities.

Not that I am saying that rework everything, just a brainstorm if you will to what could be.

Complete reworks are not realistic. But many underused elements of the old civs can be made more viable without altering the overall playstyle, just for fun’s sake.

Perhaps with native populations. Garrison in the TP and generate experience.
Above I also proposed that they have the ability to receive shipments from the metropolis after the industrial age.

It could grant some technology or some bonus.

What is promised is debt. I hope you like it.

I made some changes from the original proposal. Now one villager for every 10 cows, and one villager for every 15 sheep.

I made this proposal so that it is not too automatic, but it would be somewhat tedious because 7 villagers would be needed. So only 4 workers would be needed with this newly proposed change.

The pens would have to be redesigned so that the animation of milking or shearing looks good. FE has good artists and they will surely do better than what I proposed (if they do, of course). But I would love it.

For those who say that this would be something OP, I would say that this is similar to a sea strategy. It would not be an opening strategy and you will depend on cards to make it biable. For instance:

Captura de pantalla (393)

The card of 7 infinite sheep + a corral would be reduced accordingly and the corrals would be more expensive in wood.

The ‘ranching’ card would make cattle cheaper and extend the limit. We could create cows by default, but the default limit would not be 20, it would be 10 and its price would not be 80 for food, it would be higher. For sheep the limit would be 20. Then this card could increase the limit of cows and sheep to +10.

The card currently enables cows in the corral, but it is better that they are accessible from the beginning with a maximum of 10 and a price higher than that of the sheep.

This way the player can use cattle later even if he does not have cattle decks. Such as someone who does fishing without having opted for an economic strategy of the sea, it would not have the same benefits as if you used the cards.


For civilizations that do not have access to the arsenal, in case of allying with minor facsions it would be good that in those places exclusively for facsions without arsenal, there are 3 improvements available:

In case of being gunpowder cavalry, add the upgrade ‘cavalry snail’
In case they are skirmishers add ‘anti-infantry rifles’
In case they are musketeers add ‘socket bayonet’

This would make native allies more useful for civilizations that lack these technologies. For example, when the Aztecs take the alliance with the Jesuits and cannot improve the reach of the conquerors because they do not have arsenal. This would be more useful to the natives for civilizations without gunpowder and at the same time it would give more balance in the game and usefulness to the natives.

Another example would be an alliance of Aztecs with the Cree where they have access of anti-infantry rifles:

This will greatly improve the natives for civilizations without access to the arsenal. It would even seem fair to me that the upgrades ‘flintlock rifle’ and ‘paper cartridges’ were also available in these native villages. (If the ally is a skirmisher or musketeer, of course)


The issue with no europeans is that have specialized cards as combat of yumi archers, knight combat… instead cav combat or range infantry attack…

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But the arsenal encompasses a wide range of units, so militarily it puts them very far.

Look at this analysis and explanation about the card of herding of the Indians. The man scoffs at this card as he explains:

My proposal to improve it is:

Move it to age 4 and expand its effects accordingly.
Only generate wood and no longer generate food.
Also affect the sacred cows.

For the Ottomans we could substitute the card ‘15 barbarian corsairs’, as it is useless in the treaty. The best would be a native ally.
Captura de pantalla (274)

The Berbers could be a good complement to the Ottomans.


objectively, the carib blowgunners sort of fit for ottoman as well, if we use the campaign as justification

thing is, ottoman dont really have issues dealing with infantry, their issue is more just cavalry and bulk.

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When we do a fishing boom, once the water resources are depleted, the fishing boats become useless and you have to sacrifice them to make room for population.

Wouldn’t it be better to recycle them instead of eliminating them? Recover the wood that you invested with the fishing boats that you will no longer use.

With the condition that they must be inside the dock so that the player does not re-cycle them in case the opponent is attacking them. Well, if the player recycles the fishing boats while they are attacked, it means that they are trying to rescue instead of recovering.

Explorer Cards:
Captura de pantalla (415)

Scout Cards usually award one dog and one skill to each scout. Improve the attack and its resistance points. But I think that for them to be viable I would have to deliver something else. Could deliver a trading post cart or a number of experience points?

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A lot of explorer cards definitively need a buff. I think some solutions could be:

  • Give them some kind of aura. Some cards already provide this.
  • In case of melee explorers or explorers that can snare, give them a speed boost so that they become even better at this function. I think Aztec explorer already gets something like this
  • Give them an actually useful multiplier, like anticav or anti-infantry, not some meme multiplier vs outlaws like with USA…
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I recently made a suggestion for the Port explorer, and I agree that most of the european explorers could have different mechanics.
They basically follow the standard of the american frontiers man with a racoon on its head.

For Ports for example, most of the explorers were Knights. Carrying a rifle was beneath them.

“Even with the advent of gunpowder warfare Portuguese Fidalgos (Nobles) maintained the illusion that a heavily armoured knight was still the best warrior on the battlefield and that a pikeman or arquebusier were little better than medieval farmlands with spear and scythe.”

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Has anyone tried the new Carbine Cavalry and Sharpshooters for the US??

I think it is weaker than a dragon, but cheaper and with greater reach. I’m not really sure. I think it’s a little better than before. The rate of fire was also improved a bit.

It is already more useful and I think it should be left that way because the US will centers in the infantry. The carabinero would only be complementary.

The European politicians are also very out of date compared to new age-up mechanics:


El político del inventor podría garantizar cajas de experiencia por envió de la metrópoli o reducir la cantidad de experiencia necesaria para obtener envíos de la metrópoli.

Per shipment would be way too strong. If the Inventor provided a single shipment of books that would be more reasonable.