Why do you not simply take the unit out of the game in the meanwhile, while you fix it ???

for goodness sake it’s ruining lategame play. please man 30 fire lancers just 2 shot a wonder man for goodness sake what kind of developers are you to wait this long to take actions like even as terrible as Blizzard is, they at least address stuff like this more promptly than you, and that says a lot



nahhhh fIrE lAnCeR’s aRe bAlAnCeD O.o

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It’s not the player that chooses to do this’ fault, and it isn’t people that choose china as a civ’s fault, it’s YOUR fault that you choose to leave this out for 1 month without action.

You can blame the guy for abusing it all you want. shame on you and i as a longtime franchise fan, owner of all AoE’s, i’m beyond dissapointed at you


got replay to share? Interested to see

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We dont need the 3rd topics about Fire Lancer

Not specfically that but there is a generally video and from about 12:50 they go into their siege capabilities:

There is already a thread on this and it is geting quite messive. My opinion is there, and is yet unchanged.

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I seen that video, but thats not why I asked =). It has some good testing but its not exactly situations what happens in matches and how they’re used effectively and not effectively. I want to see how ppl try to deal with them and analyze and tell them how they could’ve prevented it.

You must be kidding right?

I am playing against the top few hundred in team games and lost specifically due to fire lancers once being the first time I had to defend against it. Although it does appear that they are overtuned and it is exacerbated by a lack of team coordination. I do not claim to know how they should be changed.

Whilst I would agree that many players (all of us) are playing suboptimally and making a lot of mistakes, asking for replays goes both ways as well. You could also point to your own games to show how fire lancers are not as strong as is being claimed. I don’t see people presenting this evidence either…

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U GUYS WANT A REPLAY !?!? Are u kidding?? if you’ve to ask for it then you don’t even play the game man

There’s ur replay and I’ve been Rank #40-48 in the ladder for the past 4 weeks

I’m not claiming that in 1v1 something like this is very likely to happen, but in a team game setting even 2v2 , and def 3v3/4v4 where maps are the size of Africa for whatever reason (please make maps smaller), it’s beyond horrific that the moment china hits 10min mark they can’t be stopped.

Also as an aggressive player man, why are the maps so large. Lastly, I’m a shooter/FPS and MMO player for the most part, and even I can see how awful this is.

why bother to make cannons then, HUH?!?! when u can make this bs

In Age of Mythology, when you built a wonder and had 10min to kill it, and either in team or w/e games because even in 5v5 or 6v6 maps were NORMAL size not ridiculously large as in Age 4, that wonder was a tank of a building you needed a bunch of myth units, massive amounts of soldiers, siege weapons, and perhaps use the god powers they have in AoM to bring down a wonder. And yet, this seems ok ???

Beyond sad that Age of Mythology was and is better balanced than Age 4 man. And worse, 2k22 and they haven’t even bothered to patch this


you’re actually first person ever to share clip about their gameplay or anything etc when I ask about FL etc. So thank you

Did you scout FL before those events? Just curious.?

Im not sure if its possible to hit castle + yuan dynasty at 10min mark.

I have done same as those FL but with scouts. I think I had around 70-80 scouts and I run past all enemy buildings and units and sniped wonder down. I lost the game tho when my ally decided to quit. I also run past all enemy buildings with bombards just to go snipe wonder and leaving infantry / cavalry to slow down opponent for catching up with my bombards.

But now to my personal opinion. You can take it how you want but like you said you’re quite high ranking player in ladder yet your wonder placement sucks.

Its literally middle of all your buildings. No place to build defenses. You got one keep barely finished. Not sure if its as close to wonder as possible. You lost wonder because of one reason not because of FL and you can only blame yourself for it. No offense.

Better location for wonder would’ve been in reds base. Inside walls and 1 keep front of it and 2 at side. Even better spot is corners of map if possible because the surface area of wonder is smaller and less locations for enemy to come. Also better coverage for less keeps.

Then if you had scouted the FL already where was your units? They were out of position to deal with them but thats just speculation cuz hard to say what exactly happened before FL got in.

I hope that you learned something from this and place wonders to more secure locations and secure them properly. Nothing is easier than taking wonder down which has no defense whats so ever.

LMAO buddy im the wonder masta and won more games with wonder in 1v1 and team games than anyone I know. Trust m3, I know what im doing. And i was playing with 2 friends that are learning on my alt account, so i just yoloed the placement.

That wonder deleted was 100% because of how unaddressed the fire lancers are and thats it. In case u didnt see, i had around 10 towers around with ballista upgrades in them too. And im playing HRE, it’s a kind of trapwhole civ.

As someone who played plenty AoM and/aoe3 with the Asian civs, and brw in aoe3 i was ranked #100ish,

I can own up when “oh yeah i totally threw that game etc” no prob
This wasnt the case. The case is whoever is in charge whether Microsoft or this new company w.e is doing worse than Activision Blizzard at balancing and thats terrifyingly aggravating makes u wanna stop playing the game, and that’s not good


Haters gonna say it took them 3 volleys, not 2. They will still miss the point. I like how low key mass repair actually did not help notable and how the gunpowder charge actually wiped all the villagers without them even stopping in their spring towards the next building, lmao.

VS Chinese, just kill the AoE.exe from task manager. Not worth it to play. If you quit in loading screen it also will not affect your ELO so no loss there, just saves a lot of frustration.

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Then why did you yoloed it? So because you were playing against lower level opponents you thought you could underestimate them and you thought u were king of the game? Look. It was your own miss play that caused it. Its hard to blame yourself, but easy to blame something else.

No matter how high elo player you’re or experienced yet you made a mistake and got punished for it.

Do FL deal lots of building dmg? Yes.

Could you’ve easily prevented those events? Yes.

Could end result be different if you played it better? Yes, but it could be same. We don’t know.

As someone who has played RTS games for 10 years now from SC2 to WC3 & WC3R. I have used to see this kind of units. Banelings from SC2 are very similar as firelancer. They can delete instantly units and buildings. If player miss positions themselves or doesn’t scout what is coming towards them they may as well as lose.
When I was new to RTS multipleyer and SC2, I used to think same way as many here that “cheesy” unit is broken op, but all came down for my own mistakes and miss plays.

Firelancers remind most orc raiders or bats. Essentially if you don’t know raiders are like mongol civ bonus where they get resources from burned down buildings but orc raiders give gold from each hit they land on buildings and orc bats are basically same as FL sniping buildings with possibility of using them for AA aoe explosions and both of these are used widely in team games in WC3 to snipe one opponent down. Are they cheesy way to play? Absolutely. Are they broken? No.

Dealing with all of these 3 units have thought me multiple ways to deal with cheesy units and FL is no different. I lose more games with FL than I lose to them because its not solid strategy especially in high elo 2v2 where opponents actually can do something about them but at the same time there is still plenty of players that do not do right things.

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Honestly, I think that firelancers should be nerfed. Not that their too powerful in 1v1 or team games. Since they can be easily countered by any decent player.

But because they are ruining the fun of casual players and casual players who play chill and relaxed games comprise the majority of aoe4 player base. With out them, the game cannot survive with us competitive folks alone. And let’s face it currently we competitive folks seldom build firelancers anyway so it’s just a minor change on how we play the game.


your “suggestions” how to play to top50(i guess it’s TG) is a joke.

If low elo legend "know how to play, than just hit the top100.

Such a joke to suggest, how he should play

What’s ur rating? bottom 50? top1000? top10k? you even hide it from videos, is it because you TheViper?

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How is it a joke? I gave him completely valid point that would’ve prevented him getting his wonder down. Are you that blind not to realize that?

Or are you seriously saying that the better placement for wonder with stone walls wouldn’t have stopped that?

Highest rating I have been in 2v2 was around 1450 which is something like 600 ranking. Now im 1342. I exclusively play as solo and not pre made group. Im not good enough to carry games alone so I don’t expect to reach any higher unless I improve my self dramatically which I try with every game I do but too old to learn things fast and slow. Cant helped it.

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You must realise that the guy is top 50 in custom games ranking which means you can farm ELO by choosing opponents. His top quickmatch team rank is 1700+ in 4v4.

The video example shows that buildings will go down fast to fire lancers if you are not well prepared. You can prepare much better for the attack. I still think they are overtuned but let’s see what happens.

We may get clearer evidence once the 3v3 tourneys progresses. I am surprised to see both sides of the argument being so confident in their opinions when being quite low still on the current ladders.

Look up the dunning-kruger effect.


You are top 50? I will listen when you are in top 10. Just stone wall.