New Civ concept: the Venetians

I’m not really a fan of this lack of cavalry and using the uu as a substitute unit.the shivamsha rider comes out of the stable and they have camels to beat knights too.

On the lumber jack’s having double capacity,dosent that make them take more time to drop off the load?

Yeah but it also makes them more efficient, having less walking time between trees and drop of site. This synergies well with the extra wood on trees.

It means that you have trees that last longer, meaning that you get to less walking time and you need to refresh lumbercamps less often. After the UT, you have even less walking time. When you have ton of vills on wood it’s not a problem to get wood less often. It’s like the aztecs bonus.

You have LC and knights with full armor, so you haven’t Malay level cav, but if you want a cavalry heavy army you need to have a castle. This is actually an indirect eco bonus, since you don’t need food for the stradiots, meaning that you can mass them while booming.

Although, I suppose that the imp UT could have a secondary effect that unlock stradiots inside stables.

Huns already does this so would be a copy.

Yeah I wasn’t suggesting it that they should get it right away, just that there is an easy fix in case…

Oh, I see. Yes, you’re misremembering. A rice farm is just a farm built on mangrove shallows - anyone can build them, and they can’t be built on normal shallows.

As for houses built on shallows, it fits thematically but I don’t think it would be useful very often. If you couldn’t also build them on beaches it might be a bit annoying, although building on mangrove shallows has the same problem.

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Would it be a bad idea to give Camels to Venice?

Why they should have camels?

They did hold lands in Cyprus and Anatolia during the Latin empire time.

They didn’t hold lands in Anatolia that I know of, if it was, it wasn’t more than some city or trade hub.

They had gains mostly in the Aegean sea, Crimea and Balkans, other than the the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Italy.

And even in the east, they mainly used venetians soldiers, or balkan mercenaries.


Naval and foot soldier civilization.

-Receive +50 units of each resurce when advancing to the next age.
-Docks work 50% faster and are built 100% faster.
-Squires affects archer-line.
-Fishing ships yield gold in adition to food.

-Guardia del dogo: Area-attack Infantry armed with pavise and Bec de corbin.
-Galleass: Warship that fires a volley of bullets and transports units.

-Fourth Crusade: Each garrisoned relic (4 maximum) give 250 gold.
-Fanti da Mar: Militia-line and archer-line with +2 attack

TB: Fishing shipis with +2 LOS.

-Barracks: Missing Champion.
-Archery range: Missing CA (and HCA) and PT.
-Stable: Missing BL and Husbandry. No camels, of course.
-Blacksmith: Full.
-Siege workshop: Missing SO and HS.
-Dock: No demos.
-University: Missing Treadmill crane.
-Monastery: Missing Heresy and Illumination.
-Castle: Missing Hoardings.
-Eco upgrades: Missing Gold shaft mining.

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Isn’t this OP on water maps?

Is this a one use tech?

@SeaGecko11, overall I like a lot your design of the civ

33% could be more balanced; the civ could also start with +150w instead of getting extra resources when advancing to the next age.
My idea is that the Fourth Crusade is a one-use UT (like the old Paper Money) and provides the gold needed to advance to Imperial Age or to train more golden units than the enemy in Castle Age. That could save you if you lose access to gold.

Why not givw Fourth Crusade a permanent effect and use “Relics give 200 gold” as a civ bonus? Having to capture relics and then research a tech to have extra gold is pretty lame imo

For a small price of food and wood you could get up to 1000g while doing 1TC all-in push. The UT rewards you for map control.

You would need to build a castle and research a tech and capture extra relics to get this bonus. Its just lame

Just make it a civ bonus. It will be more rewarding and way more fun

It is not about basing your strategy on getting this technology as soon as possible, but about getting a boost when you already dominate the map with a castle and took advantage of it to collect relics. It would be a great help in Arena.

But its lame to have to wait until you build a castle and reseaech a tech to get a boost for stuff that is already hard to get control of. I see 0 reasons for doing this over just making it a civ bonus

Not part of this conversation but I have to point out that those archers are OP

Even with 10% more speed chained by a tech research, they would be surpassed by the Ethiopians, with their extra resources and 18% faster attack bonus.

That is completely fine. The OP part is the Imp UT

It could be changed to +1, but I’d give it the benefit of the doubt.