New Civ concept: the Venetians

With the archers already being faster +2 is just unnecesary. +1 and faster speed is really good

It might not matter a lot with the balance discussion, but someone just make a ton of icons for potential new civs, among them there also is one for Venice, so you can go check it out.

I imagined red, but yet it’s still incredible well designed.

Guess venice went to aoe3 side.


I just saw it…

Although, that are the Italians, with Venice as a home city…

It is kind of weird… but I guess that Venice was the most powerful italian state and the one that stayed indipendent for the most…

Probably you can revolt into Italy with Rome as HC.

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this went to dravidians

kinda went to dravidians aswell

What does this remind me too… ??? :smiley:

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Meh… at least I was useful.

I’m still happy and proud even if I helped a bit, or even if mine was luck and I just anticipated something that was to come.

Also, there already is a whole new unique civ design with original bonuses :wink:

(although I’ll admit that the old design will still stay in my heart…)