New Civ concept: the Venetians

This means they got all their economy, defenses and dock, isn’t right?

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Where can you edit and make your own tech tree like this?

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Pretty sure he made it with photoshop.

Interesting idea on giving a condo bonus but no condo in barracks.

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That’s my phone that fails me…

I’ll fix it as soon as I can, although the tech tree hasn’t changed much if not for the emporium.

Oh no it’s way simpler, I use the app AoE2 companion, see the tech tree of a civ, and then edit it with my phone putting a cross above what they lack.

Yeah, I wanted to specify how strong the condo would be in the case they would have an Italian ally, but the main strength of the venetians in the late game are their halbs and champs.

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Updated Venetians Design:


Civilization Bonus:

  • Get +50 gold each time a technology is researched (including age ups).
  • Archery range units are 5/10% faster in feudal/castle age.
  • Have emporiums as drop off points.

Team Bonus:

  • Market techs are 80% cheaper.

Unique Buildings:

  • Emporium: building that act as drop off for all resources and gives you +5 pop. Inside it, you can research the eco techs of the mill, lumber camp, mining camp, town center and dock.
    Cost: 100 wood, 35 sec

Unique Technologies:

  • III Schole: relics also generate stone (20 stone/min).
    Cost: 250 wood 200 gold, 30 seconds

  • IV Schiavona: infantry units have +30 HP. (Champions get 100 HP, halberdiers 90 HP, and condottieri 110 HP).
    Cost: 1000 food and 400 gold, 40 sec

Unique Units:

  • Stradiots: Light and fast cavalry with a slow RoF but that can stun enemy units with melee attacks. It costs only gold (a stunned enemy can’t neither attack or move for 3 secs).

  • Galeass: Heavy gunpowder ship with high HP but short range, that can ram enemy ships. If the enemy ship survive, there is a chance that the ship is converted to you side.

Tech Tree:

Archery Range:





Siege Workshop:





The magyar hussar replace the stradiot icon, since it doesn’t have its own icon.


The mill icon indicates the emporium, since it doesn’t have an icon itself.

What picture is in the white background? Hagia Sophia?

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Maybe, I don’t remember but I took the screenshot from the app of pieces of tech trees, among it there probably is the byzantines with their artworks.

Does it mean it cannot build mill, lumber camp, mining camp?


Yep, the emporium replace all of them and does all their functions and more.


It will look very glitched if units keep freezing.


So how does this affect its functionality?

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It would be enough to have a small visual effect to know if a enemy is stunned.

The unit main attack is a short range cannonball, it attacks this way when its special ability isn’t fully charged, then it charges with its ram and ram the enemy ships on melee. After the impact, the ship keeps shooting cannonballs.

The ram attack also have the possibility to convert the enemy ship to your side, if the enemy ship survives the attack.

To be honest it still doesn’t make sense to me. If it is a heavy ship then it will convert the entire enemy naval fleet. During the charge ram attack will it accelerate? I don’t think there is any such thing in this game. The animation will look glitched if cannonball fired from sides and then it instantly turns to attack from its ram infront. Sometimes the ### ### not be even able to face from front if enemy unit is not infront and just nearby.

So they will create stun animation for all the 200+ or so units? That sounds way too much.

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Not a stun animation, but a stunned effect icon would suffice for all of the units.

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Ok, maybe I didn’t explain the mechanics of the UU well in the latest post… that’s just because I uploaded in previous posts and the design hasn’t changed.

I’ll correct it by re-posting the more detailed version, in the meantime, consider this:

  • The galeass works like a coustellier, it have a charge bar, while this bar is fully charged, the ship has a strong buff on attack and speed, but the range is set to 0 (so basically it attack in melee) without the shooting animation. This means that as soon as the bar is charged, the ship attack with the ram, after the attack, the bar of the charge is set to zero, and it’ll take time to fully charge again.

  • When the bar isn’t fully charged, the unit attack and speed is set to lower level, but then range is also increased, so it attacks with a cannonball fired from the front, similarly to a turtle ship (see the picture for better knowing from which angle a galeass can fire). It attacks this way until the bar is fully charged, then if not commanded differently, it automatically attacks the nearest target with the ram again (again, like a coustillier).

  • The ram attack itself deals a lot of bonus damage, against different targets (a lot against galleons, fire ships and UU, but very low against demos and buildings). When the enemy ship is hit, if it survive, there is a chance (like 1/3) that such ship is converted to your side immediately after, like a monk. This is actually a scrapped version from the AoK beta, so it’s doable. The ship cannot convert while attacking with the ranged attack (which by the way it has about the range of the turtle ship).

The idea is to have a uncommon tank ship, the galeass doesn’t have the HP of the turtle ship, but it’s faster when charging and can deals more damage. It can also tank more damage with converted ships, since the converted ship will most likely be between your ships and the enemy ones, so it’ll absorb hits directed to your fleet… or you can retreat it and heal it, to gain a ship.


Exactly like @azwadkm22 said, the idea is something small and not overly sized, like when a building research a tech, or like some mods that are already available.

The unit itself is designed to be a decent tank (more resilient and with more HP than a light cav, but not as much as a knight, with the same proportion in imp) and it’s fast enough, but it’s has mediocre attack and a slow rate of fire, so the main strength comes from the stun ability.

  • Against units like knights, it can be good, because it’s a unit that rely on raw power and not numbers, so it takes free hits when stunned, and even if the stradiot has less damage output, the 2 units are about on the same level on the 1v1. Against xbows for example, the unit is quite weak, because it can tank arrows like a light cav, but stunning a single xbow against a mass of them isn’t really useful, especially if packed and multiple stradiots can’t hit multiple xbows. In this case the low damage output of the ######## ## becomes an handicap.

  • The unit itself is designed to be a support unit to be used with xbows. It takes only gold to be trained, it can tank skirm fire, and it can stun enemy units that can take free xbows shots while stunned. The stradiot xbows combo is really strong, but it’ll burn through your gold quite quickly.