New Civ Icon Idea

Maybe Karluks but it’s not simple

I’m sad the thread is dead. I hope Seicing reappars.

@MostDragon80736 I had thought of trying to make an icon for that myself

But I forgot

(I’ll try doing it if I don’t forget it again by next morning)

Could many of these icons be made as flags which could actually be used as eye candy in scenario editors?

All of them if you did the right stuff, might need data modding to add them all, but I think you could do it. Why you would want to, I don’t know, but I think it would be possible.

So they could be used in game for campaigns…

Clearly, but why you would want all of them, I’m still not sure.

I mean a selection of them would be useful. The existing civs in game, and maybe the Italian maritime republics and the Mongol hordes for a start?

Maybe if they added a number of new flag categories, based on geographical regions, with a few relevant civs (or more) in each category? That way, people only have to scroll through the relevant flag types, rather than all of them.

I’d try making the bottom part round, but I’m not good enough at photoshop for that.


I have no time lately


I see. That’s unfortunate.

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Can’t someone inspired take the job of this amazing guy?

Try making some fictional flags too



Abbasid is just black? i like the Rus one.

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I thought the English one was just a redone Italians, same with the Chinese, Mongols, and Franks. It wasn’t until @Zero17893 mentioned the Abbasid and the Rus I realized you had done the AoE4 civs :joy:.


abbasid pure black standard
This is also black flag in aoe2, but with ۞ pattern

oh i see. So you didin’t want to make the same thing. Well, i think you can do it with another banner like mamluke sultanate flag.

The king is back

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