New Civ ideas

no worries… im trying to make subfaction system in scenario editor… hopefully it will make easier for us accepting new civ already covered by another civ… ill post a video soon about indian subfactions

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that could help considering sometimes people say
“Civ is too OP!”
and at the same time
“Civ is weak”

helps to playtest!

also, which is a better bonus (in terms of balance) for the tamils?
firehip upgrades free
or fireships have more range?

and for a different civ (not decided)
would this bonus be too op?
stables and archery ranges can be made in dark age, but nothing can be made in them until feudal, they also might cost more in dark age

and for rajputs would this be accurate but also balanced?
free ballistics in dark age

sry for spamming you with q’s!
just want to hear someone elses opinion!


i noticed this and even when pop capped, trash wars become way easier since you can still build houses once pop capped
something i feel that is more balanced is what i thought of for the Nubians
+100 gold for every town center built
for the afghans if you want a gold boost maybe cheapen the units they use or something (of course im saving the town center one for the nubians, and i feel even transferring it to castles would be too similar)
or you could do this
you receive a small amount of gold for every market you build, its harder to spam, and you only need one market, you could also make the boost drop off over time
one i have thought of but im saving for a different civ is something like you get 80 food with each stable, so basically an automatic hussar, or a villager and 3/5, or something like that
maybe you get a herd able every time you build a mill for a farming civ…
the list goes on

garrison ungarrison in between fie seconds?
forward castles too op, good concept though, how about it’s first strike deals loads of damage, then it is a normal guard?

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Name one tech tree which is accurate in aoe.

fire ship upgrade free

i think it wouldnt be that op unless you let them train archer in dark age or scout in dark age

free balistics in feudal age would be a nice option

ya that would be nice too

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dark age for tc vs drush was what crossed my mind, overall thank you for answering my questions!

Indian subfaction system :


i was just wondering if there is a limit to how much you can post, as making a bunch of civ idea concept threads could pile up, anyone know?
actually, i renamed my post and this format could be better
i added rajputs to it, it’s neat but a pain to edit as you get lost in a jungle of text

Put them all in one place. Otherwise they’ll get lost.

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by the way does anyone know of a free to use fishing bonus, im trying to reference stilt fishing for the Sinhalese and it’s probably to much to redo the animation to increase their rage

could you give your opinion too my poll?

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you should use a different skin for the Sinhalese Nilame, since they were nobles and had grand uniforms, not shirtless as @Mahazona mentioned

there is a graphics like this but its wearing a scarf which also irrelevant to Sinhala

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Pick what you feels best there are no 100% matching graphics.

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how about “Islamic Mercenaries” giving them camel riders (i know they had Islamic mercenaries, camel riders might be a stretch though)?
or should camel riders be readily available?
however, Islamic mercenaries were only in the 16th century, at the tip of the game

African mercs would be a less issue making term.delhi sultanate mughals both had african troops.

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sorry, i was talking about siamese

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does anyone know what Siamese called their cavalry?
also, would they use the south east asian or east asian architecture?

Definitely South East Asian. The Ayutthaya Kingdom is just next to Cambodia (Khmer).

In Civ 5, they get Naresuan’s Elephant.

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i gave them imperial elephants as an upgrade, but they actually in proportion they used about (i could be wrong though) 1000 infantry, 100, cavalry, and 10 elephants, (that didn’t stop the elephants from playing a key role though!)

i’m pretty sure that’s the name of a king
i think the same king is the one that appears in this photo, this is what i’m basing their uu after

i know i can just use a hussar but i have an idea for a sniping mounted-huskarl/mounted-shotelai type unit, i was going to call them “Chakkraphat” (emperor) but that could be a UT (either that or something related to Erawan (would affect elephants) or Garuda (would affect infantry and possibly LOS) if anyone of these sounds better i’ll just change the names), currently i’m just copying the Sunda royal fighters by calling them royal fighters as a place holder, do you know a better name? by the way my placeholder icon is the aoe3 Chinese steppe rider, if you know a better unit for the placeholder icon please do tell image

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To be honest, I can’t really help you considering that Thai warfare isn’t exactly my expertise.

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