New Civ ideas

Although Im not a modder , I know many modders are thinking about adding new civs in the game. Right now you have to replace an existing civ to add new civ in its place, but I think the devs will find a way to let us add new civs without replacing existing civs. In the meantime i wanted to share my own civ ideas with you guys based on the pole - [Poll](Updated) Which civs would you like to see in the game? (All popularly requested civs included)

(if you havent voted yet, vote for bengals :wink:)

(Note : the new units graphics are taken from mods- Omkar historical reskin
MBA v1
AOK realms
most of the graphics are taken from these mods and if they want I will delete this post)

now for the civs -

  1. Iroquois -
    UT- i. Tomahawk : Iroquoi warrior damage increased
    ii. Longhouse : houses provide +2 pop
    UU- Iroquois warrior : double axe wielding light infantry with incredibly fast attack speed20200725013410_1

  2. Tibetans-
    UT- i.Bon temple : monks are created faster
    ii.Navigating Himalaya : villagers move faster on elevation
    UU- Tufan cavalry : Tibetan heavy cav with greater speed than generic knight line cavalry

UT . Tulip mania : for a certain amount of time all units and techs will cost no gold but the gold cost will be double after the time ends
Fluyt : war galleons gain more damage
UU: Ruiter : Fast attacking heavy cavalry

  1. Polynesians :
    UT : i.Seafarer : can create Waka canoe
    ii. Miracles of Mo ai : villager building speed increased
    UU : i. Patu warrior : Maori light infantry which can cause enemy to lose attackspeed for 2 sec when engaging melee . does not stack
    ii. Waka : Waka canoe that can board (convert) other ship from short distance. The more waka are boarding a ship the more chance for the ship to be converted. the enemy ship engaged with a single waka can not move or attack

    (wars of liberty mod)

  2. Poles :
    UT . i. Szabla : Hussar and Winged hussar damage increased
    ii.Political bonding : can create 10 Lithuanian vytis from castle
    UU . Winged Hussar : Heavy shock cavalary faster than knights and has bonus damage against camels

6.Zimbabweans :
UT : i. Ivory weaponry : Goromondo and militia lines cost less
ii.n’aga : units engaged in combat gets healed faster
UU : Goromondo : Heavy club infantry. Slower and stronger verions of maori patu.
012731_ (gif from AOK heaven)
7. Swiss :
UT : i.Vatican guards : Monks can garrison building and units garrisoned in same building with monks gets healed faster
ii. Swiss mercenaries : every time an ally pays 250 gold tribute to the player, the ally will get a swiss pikeman free in castle
UU : Swiss pikeman : Unique pikeman with great damage and range, doesnt have bonus against cavalary

8.Bengalis :
UT : i. Bengal delta : basically gets advantage of crop rotation at castle age (doesnt have access to crop rotation)
ii.Nababarsha : all castle age techs yet to be researched get researched (imperial age tech)
UU : Sowar : Light cavalary with tremple damage

  1. Mapuche :
    UT : i. clansmen : light cavalary line cost less food
    ii. Chemamull : villagers can now build chemamull . Unique mapuchi building that can heal and give bonus damage to nearby units. cost: 250 stone
    UU : Malon : light cavalary with bonus damage against siege and gunpowder unit
    image (wars of liberty mod)

  2. Tamils :
    UT : i. Scythe chariot : chariots get tremple melee damage( All indian civ except mughal and
    bengal has a new common cavalary unit chariot)
    ii. Adimurai: Urumi gets faster attack speed
    UU : Urumi :Ranged melee infantry with tremple damage

  3. Afghans :
    UT : i. Zamindars : get 50 gold for every house built
    ii. Bactrian camel : camel speed increased
    UU : Murattabas : low cost self regenerating heavy cavalary

  4. Armenia :
    UT : i. Armenian archery : foot archers get extra damage against gun powder units
    ii. Apostle : monks can ignore conversion resistance of enemy units
    UU : Ayrudzi : Armenian unique cataphract with more pierce armor but less moving speed

  5. Kongolese :
    UT :i. Natural hunters : villagers can attack with bows and are affected by archer upgrades
    ii .Bakongo mask : all units get higher line of sight
    UU : Zande warrior : heavy spear infantry with better pierce armor 20200725121320_1

  6. Kurds :
    UT : i. Solomons servant : castles are built by villagers very fast
    ii.Kurdish resolve : foot archer units gain attack speed when hp below 50%
    UU : Kurdish archer : Archer with bonus damage against unique unit

  7. Swahili :
    UT : i. Luhya javeline : skirmisher and Luhya skirmisher gets more damage
    ii. Swahili coast : trade cogs transfer increased gold
    UU : Luhya skirmisher : swahili unique stronger skirmisher with greater damage against archers

  8. Siam
    UT : i. Naresuans Elephant : elephants get bonus damage against elephant and move faster
    ii. Kapampangan mercenaries : spearman line costs no food
    UU: Ayutthyan royal guard : champion unit if garrisoned in a castle or defensive building makes it strong giving it increased damage and building armor. Also garrisoned building fire arrows

  9. Nubians
    UT : i. Nubian archery : all archers LOS increased
    ii . Nubian mercenary : archers generate gold on hit
    UU : Archers of the eye : archers with 100% accuracy without thump ring

18.Vandal :
UT : i. German Levy. Suebi warriors are created much faster
ii. Plunder. Infantry units gains attack bonus against buildings and generate gold while attacking building
UU : Suebi warrior : Cheaper version of Gothic Huscarls with more bonus damage against archers and less pierce armor

19.Missisipians :
UT : i.Falcon war dance : all melee unit move faster
ii.Mississipian handcrafting : villager repair much faster
UU : Spiro warrior : light infantry which has poison damage. Enemy unit lose hp overtime after being attacked by Spirowarrior. Healing or garrisoning may stop this effect

  1. Somalis :
    UT : i. Horn of Africa : Dock LOS increased and if any ship is detected by dock the location of
    the ship is always visible
    ii. Ottoman support : all gunpowder units get faster reload
    UU : Adali Handcannon. Somali hand cannoneers that are faster, cheaper and weaker than
    generic hand cannoneer

  2. Uyghurs :
    UT. i. Sogdian merchants : Trade carts are created faster
    ii.Steppe husbandry : all cavalary unit get bonus hp
    UU. Uyghur steppe lancer : better version of steppe lancer

  3. Jurchen :
    UT . i. Manchu archery : horse archers move faster
    ii.Tungusic system : farm yields 50 more foods
    UU : Tiefutu : fast cavalry with better pierce armor

  4. caribs :
    i.Navigating caribnean: ships move faster
    ii.cannibalism : if a villager dies , all the other villager near it will work 100% faster for 10 secs :confounded:
    UU : carib blowgunner : has ranged poison attack that deal damage overtime. can be canceled by healing or garrison

  5. Pueblos :
    UT: i. Flying shields : skirmisher and Mantlet created faster
    ii.Siege of Acoma : ballistic for Mantlet
    UU : Mantlet : shielded ranged siege unit with pierce armor
    unnamed (American world mod)

  6. Sinhalese :
    UT.i. Angampora : all units get extra damage against gunpowder
    ii. Spice trade : trade cog move faster
    UU : : Nilame : Champion unit which takes lesser damage from firearms

26. Punjabs :
UT. i. Akali dal . Nihang gains extra melee armor
ii.Sikhism. Punjab units are nearly impossible to convert
UU. Nihang . Punjab unique anti skirmisher skirmisher unit with bonus damage against ship and skirmisher
27. Tlaxcalans
UT : i. Chimali shield : all melee infantry gain extra pierce armor
ii.Flower war : Tlaxcalan can create 10 Xolotl warrior from the castle
UU : i. Tlaxcalan archer : archers that do more damage to melee infantry with more melee
ii.Xolotl warrior : one time recruitable knight cavalary
28. Zapotecs :
UT. i. warchief : Thunder warrior gain bonus armor
ii. Cloud people : villagers cost wood
UU : Zapotec thunder warrior : Faster and weaker jaguar warrior with damage bonus against melee infantry

  1. Chimu
    UT: i.Braided Leather : archers have better range
    ii.Offering to the dead : Chimor warriors now gain damage for any allied units die near them. stack upto 5
    UU : Chimor warrior : heavy unit which gain damage if an allied chimor die near them

  2. Khazars :
    UT. i. jewish nomads : monks gain increased movement speed
    ii. Composite Bow: Cavalry Archers +4 attack
    UU : Khazar cavalary archer : strong cav archer that has all the advantages of parthian tactics and more

  3. Muisca :
    UT i. Tejo : ballistics for skirmisher
    ii.Muiscan resolve : Guecha now has bonus damage against skirmisher
    UU : Guecha : anti archer archer

  4. Maratha :
    UT : i. Great confederacy : Maratha lancers cost less and deals more damage
    ii.Southern invaders : When an enemy villager is killed by maratha lancer a villager will be created in the towncenter
    UU. Maratha lancer : Lancers with more damage against siege

  5. Vlachs
    UT : i.Impalers : Calarasi damage boost now stacks upto 5 enemy killed
    ii.Warrior peasants : villagers armor and attack increased
    UU : Calarasi. light cavalry who gets damage boost for every enemy killed (stack upto 4)

UT : i. Malayan migrators : Outrigger canoe (new common fishing ship for Malay,Malagasy and Visaya)
ii.Cultural diversity : All allied players villager work faster
UU : Assegai warrior : Spearmen with attack bonus vs unique cavalary unit. bonus damage is more than samurai

  1. Benin :
    UT : i. Warrior king : Oba guards get extra melee armor
    ii.Benin bronzes : Archer units get melee armor
    UU : Oba guard : Benin unique heavy infantry . cannot be damaged for 5 sec after exiting castle

  2. Kannadigas :
    UT : i.Elephant husbandry : elephants can regenerate
    ii. Naymankara : Nayaks generate gold overtime
    UU : Amara Footmen : Very fast and weak light infantry who gains damage when near to
    Nayak: slow and strong heavy infantry who get bonus speed when near to Amara
    footman . Only 5 can be present in the army
    20200727191651_1 20200727192027_1

  3. Oriya :
    UT : i. Paika dance : Paika attack speed increased
    ii. Chasa : villager move on farms faster
    UU : Paika : unique light infantry that gain bonus damage when near to another paika. Stakable

  4. Kanembu
    UT : i.Lifdi : all light cavalary unit are immune to anti-cavalary damage
    ii.Zaghawa trade route : Trade carts have more hp and now carry more gold
    UU : Hausa rider : light cavalary that gain bonus damage when trade cart is near
    UT : i.Chimali shield : Quetzalcoatls chosen and eagle warrior have more pierce armor
    ii.Quetzalcoatls spirit : if a unit is being converted by enemy monks it will get speed and
    damage boost
    UU : Quetzalcoatls chose : faster ,cheaper and weaker version of jaguar warrior
    40.Visayan :
    UT : i.Lantaka : canoes fire volley of bullets in lethal spread (like portuguese orgun gun)
    ii.Tenegre : Timawa get damage boost
    UU : Timawa : Visayan raider unit can kill villagers with one hit

Extra (Not in the pole ) :
*Austrians :
UT : i. Zweihander : militia line get bonus damage against spear line
ii.Star Fortress : Castles gain bombard cannons and extra armor
UU : Doppensoldner : Melee unque champion with good range . When engaging in melee gain 100% attack speed for 1 sec

UT : just like indians in vanilla game
UU : hand canoneer elephant

*** Georgian :
UT : i.Tsikhe : walls gain extra armor
ii. Monaspa : knightline gain bonus armor
UU : Khevsurs : melee unit that gain melee damage after getting healed by monk

for most of the civs i dont have much info about them… i will update them if i can gain more info.


Good work compiling this. You have certainly put a good amount of effort into it. :slight_smile:


Kalaripayattu is a Malayalam Martial arts and Urumi is one of the weapons used in it. They are not related to Kannadigas. BTW you can use the picture of Urumi from Aoe3. Tamils might fit better to use Urumi(flexible sword) since the Malayalees were vassals to them and provided units as mercenaries.


thanks for the info… i will change it soon when i find new tech and unit for this civ

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I have changed the civ as you told, have a look… and the new somali tech and units

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if you want a tamil martial art, go for adimurai
it even sounds like a UT


Great work ! I hope that they will add some of this new civs :slight_smile:


For the Punjabis, chakram(sharpened throwing ring) is the most iconic well known weaponry, you can find the picture for it in AoE3.
Maybe move the gauntlet sword (katar) to some other Civs, (maybe for the Kannadigas, for the Vijayanagar Empire to make their UU standout more)
Also what about some Elephant Siege UU for Bengalis/Oriyas, considering they had the largest number of elephants. Something like Imperial Battle Elephants upgrade for Oriyas or Bombard Elephants for Bengals?


Maybe Chakram as a Skirmisher UU with extra damage vs Archers and good Pierce Armour, but is actually Infantry and has Melee Damage, so it is good against Towers and Ships too.

Though I would not add Bengals, Odiyas were more of a Medieval empire.


Mapuche: Màlon

My Mapuche civ concept:


Architecture set : Andean

  • Starting with an Eagle Scout
  • Town Center spawn 1/2/2 Villagers in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. Town Centers built in Castle/Imperial Age spawn 2 Villagers
  • Military buildings cost -35% wood
  • Outposts cost no stone

Team bonus : Blacksmith, Universities, Markets, Monasteries support 5 population

Disabled tech in the Tech Tree :
Archery Range: Cav Archer, Parthian Tactics, Arbalester, Thumb Ring, Elite Skirmisher
Barracks: Squires
Economic: Two Man Saw, Stone Shaft Mining
Stable: Knight*, Hussar, Camel, Battle Elephant, Steppe Lancer
Siege Workshop: Siege Ram, Siege Onager
Blacksmith: Bracer, Ring Archer Armour
Dock: Galleon, Elite Cannon Galleon, Heavy Demo Ship, Dry Docks, Gillnets
Monastery: Heresy, Theocracy, Sanctity
University: Bombard Tower, Heated Shot, Treadmill Crane, Arrowslits, Siege Engineer
Castle: Hoardings

Unique unit Malon Raider: High HP Light Cav unit with low attack, costs wood only with attack bonus versus villagers (90 w)

Stats: 85[100] HP, 4[5] Attack Melee, Attack bonus +10 [+15] vs villager, 0/1 armour, Speed 1.6

Unique Castle age technology : Spanish Horses: Enables access to Chevalier without needing to research any technology beforehand

Unique Imperial age technology : Arauco War: Eagle warriors and Cavalry +20 HP. Malon Raiders +5 attack

Design idea :A Meso cav civ with access to Hand canonner, Cav, Cannon, Galleons and Bombard cannons.

History : The Mapuche are one of the few First Nations which resisted both the Spanish and Incans successfully.

Spoken language : Mapudungun
Wonder : Chemamulls
Campaign : Lautaro

Mississippi: Falcons are an important part of their religion. There are also some articles about warfare I found and a picture for inspiration. I also made a civ concept.


Architecture set : Woodland American

  • Starting with an Eagle Scout
  • Farms are smaller and cheaper, but have less hitpoints and slightly less food
  • 30% of the stone cost of castles and towers is converted to wood
  • Eagle warrior line automatically researched

Team Bonus : Eagle Warrior line has +2 range of sight

Disabled techs in the Tech Tree :
Archery Range: Cav Archer, Parthian Tactics, Thumb Ring, Hand Cannoneer
Barracks: None
Economic: Stone Shaft Mining, Guilds, Two Man Saw
Stable: N/A
Siege Workshop: Siege Onager, Bombard Cannon, Scorpion
Blacksmith:Scale Barding Armour, Ring Archer Armour, Bracer
Dock: Cannon Galleon, Heavy Demo Ship
Monastery: -
University: Bombard Tower, Guard Tower, Heated Shot, Arrowslits, Architecture, Siege Engineer
Castle: Hoardings, Sappers

Unique unit : Falcon Warrior: Heavy Eagle Warrior. Imagine a Boyar but as Eagle warrior. Strong vs cav and inf, weak vs archers. 65g 50f
Unique Castle Age technology : Mounds: Castles can train infantry units and garrison siege weapons (regenerate health there too). Tower stone cost completely replaced by wood.
Unique Imperial Age Technology Warrior Priests: Eagle warriors are cheaper

Design idea : A Mesoamerican economic civ which focuses on cheap easily massable defenses. Imagine Goths or Cumans but on towers instead

History : Mississippians were a Mound building Native American culture. Cahokia is the most impressive heritage they left. Probably would speak Caddo.
Spoken language : Caddo
Wonder : Monks Mound

Further civ concepts are not mine:



Some general discussions about African civs:

Some general discussions about American civs:

Justification for North American civs:

My Iroquois concept


Architecture set : Woodland American

  • Starting with an Eagle Scout
  • Lumbercamps, Mining camps, Mills are mobile. Very slow and have slightly less hitpoints.
  • Siege weapon technologies are 50% cheaper
  • Houses cost 20% less wood and have 25% more HP

Team bonus : Team members can build councils

Disabled techs in the Tech Tree :
Archery Range: Cav Archer, Parthian Tactics, Arbalester
Barracks: Arson
Economic: Two Man Saw, Gold Shaft Mining
Stable: N/A
Siege Workshop: Bombard Cannon
Blacksmith: Blast Furnace, Scale Barding Armour
Dock: Fire Ship, Elite Cannon Galleon, Heavy Demo Ship, Shipwright
Monastery: Redemption, Block Printing, Theocracy, Illumination
University: Bombard Tower, Keep, Fortified Walls, Heated Shot, Treadmill Crane
Castle: Hoardings

Council : Military building in which the unique unit can be built,(200 w, 100) , no attack

Unique unit Mantlet: Cheap massable siege archer

Unique Castle age technology: Confederation: Unique units of all team members cost 5% less and are built faster in councils

Unique Imperial age technology: Forest Prowlers: Eagle warriors are 15% faster and regenerate their life points

Design idea : A Mesoamerican siege civ with a team focus flair. Would probably also have access to a very generic hand cannoneer, an unicum for a Meso civ. Would heavily focus on raiding. The wood bonus warranties a strong economy

History : The Haudenosaunee are a powerful North East Native American confederacy which origins some suppose can be traced back to 1450. Some say their origins can be traced back even further in the past though this is questionable. The civ would represent all Iroquoian speaking people.

Spoken language : Iroquois
Wonder : Hiawatha’s Longhouse

Some general ideas about other American civs:

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Great ideas with nice visual representations. However I think we don’t need another civ for Poles, we already have the Magyars?


By the way we should also consider adding some second UU (regional unit) to some of the civs. Such as a flail elephant common to a number of indian civs that can act as siege ram or something like that. Or a poisoned bowman common to a number of African civs that can slowly drain HP with time. Or an atlatl thrower common to Meso-american civs and as such.

Battle Elephants are already a Regional Unit.

Poles(Slavics) are different from the Magyars(Uralics). Poles are one of the most requested civs by a lot of different people. Iconic Winged Hussars were actually renowned Polish Warriors. Magyar Huszar didn’t really use wings in reality. Don’t know why they added it in DE. Probably to make them represent Poles to some extent or for gameplay reason (they too cost 80 food after Mag UT researched)

I wrote Flail Elephant meant for Siege. Just meant to get a second UU to some of the civs.

How would you make Poles different enough but still somewhat historical accurate to all the other Light Cav civs we have already anyway?

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Yeah that’s the big problem indeed which is always raised on Poles request threads.

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There is no way. Magyar Huzsars and Leitis already cover the Hussar UU and Light Lancer UU spots.

You could make them an Infantry + Cavalry civ, but Bulgarians and Slavs (Paladin level UU) already cover that spot too.

There is no way you could introduce Poles and make them different.

Just like there is no way to introduce Dutch and keep them Medieval.
If you go for Tulips, Capitalism Ruyters and Fluyts, that is Colonial Age, which is beyond the game’s timespan.

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Since all civs already get a Winged Hussars as a generic unit in light cavalry line.( I really wish they reskined it to something better that can fit all civs)
Also there isn’t really anything that is not covered by Slavs(Poles are West Slavs), Magyars(They have winged huszars now) and Lithuanians(heavy cavalry and historical ally). Poles if added would have to be a hybrid of the three civs. It is kind of redundant. But it is one of the most requested civs.

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yes chakram can be an option for punjab unique unit but i still want to name the unit Nihang… if you look into their history you will see they were really fierce warriors… they also had an order to protect thei belief like tutonic order. Nihang can be a unit with chakram

i was thinking about making elephant cannons common siege unit for bengals, marathas and mughals and chariots for kannadigas, oriyas, sinhalese, punjabs