New Civ ideas

Huns are not Magyars. LOL

At least read one book about Hungarian history before making facts


A man that says Magyars do not belong on a Medieval themed game, but Huns do, dos not care for History books of any kind.


Now both civs are in the game. Doesn’t really matter to argue over something which already happened. I like both the Huns and Magyars. It would have been great if they’d pick Chuvash like in Civ V as Hunnic language instead of reusing the Mongol lines.


Developers should change Aztec, Hun, and Byzantine languagues…


I am not advocating for removing anything, but if a civ was definitely a must to remove, for any reason, it would be the Huns.
They are just not Medieval at all. Specially not Atilla’s Huns, which is what they are in the game.

Heck, they were not even a civilization, if you go at the concept!
They were bunch of tribes ruled through fear and bonds of servitude, which is why they quickly dispersed after Atilla had his nosebleed incident.

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Goths and Italians too. One can hope but it’s really unlikely to happen to be honest. I’ve seen some blog threads about some possible lines for those civs:






Somehow I got fond of them over time. I personally didn’t like to watch the Mirror Hun wars on Arabia back in the days when I first started to watch competitive AOE2 but they’re definitely one of the most fun civs to play in the game.

Returning to the main topic. When do you think are they going to reveal their DLC plans? They’ve promised us that much in that infamous interview. Maybe end 2021? That might also be the release date of one of the other AOE titles, who knows.


Huns could represent the magyars looking at the tech tree much like how the goths represented slavic peoples.But here we are now with all sorts of civis added in game.

Btw is it possible to get unit voices from civilization games?

So where are the gunpowder, the Corvinian Arbalests and walls from the Hun tech tree?

Do you have any books on them that are older than 100 years?

I’ll try to look past my dislike of Hungarians…

It’s getting heated in here boys.

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so, how does this sound?
had to buff the Tamils since the eco bonus of an easy lure was a bit too weak
so i used an idea that i thought of, and weird enough, was already in a post!
how does this sound Boar does not rot when at least one Tamil villager is collecting from it
also gave to Urumi a health buff as they were too much like Shotel warriors, and probably too weak for their anti infantry role

no worries… im trying to make subfaction system in scenario editor… hopefully it will make easier for us accepting new civ already covered by another civ… ill post a video soon about indian subfactions

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that could help considering sometimes people say
“Civ is too OP!”
and at the same time
“Civ is weak”

helps to playtest!

also, which is a better bonus (in terms of balance) for the tamils?
firehip upgrades free
or fireships have more range?

and for a different civ (not decided)
would this bonus be too op?
stables and archery ranges can be made in dark age, but nothing can be made in them until feudal, they also might cost more in dark age

and for rajputs would this be accurate but also balanced?
free ballistics in dark age

sry for spamming you with q’s!
just want to hear someone elses opinion!


i noticed this and even when pop capped, trash wars become way easier since you can still build houses once pop capped
something i feel that is more balanced is what i thought of for the Nubians
+100 gold for every town center built
for the afghans if you want a gold boost maybe cheapen the units they use or something (of course im saving the town center one for the nubians, and i feel even transferring it to castles would be too similar)
or you could do this
you receive a small amount of gold for every market you build, its harder to spam, and you only need one market, you could also make the boost drop off over time
one i have thought of but im saving for a different civ is something like you get 80 food with each stable, so basically an automatic hussar, or a villager and 3/5, or something like that
maybe you get a herd able every time you build a mill for a farming civ…
the list goes on

garrison ungarrison in between fie seconds?
forward castles too op, good concept though, how about it’s first strike deals loads of damage, then it is a normal guard?

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Name one tech tree which is accurate in aoe.

fire ship upgrade free

i think it wouldnt be that op unless you let them train archer in dark age or scout in dark age

free balistics in feudal age would be a nice option

ya that would be nice too

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dark age for tc vs drush was what crossed my mind, overall thank you for answering my questions!

Indian subfaction system :


i was just wondering if there is a limit to how much you can post, as making a bunch of civ idea concept threads could pile up, anyone know?
actually, i renamed my post and this format could be better
i added rajputs to it, it’s neat but a pain to edit as you get lost in a jungle of text

Put them all in one place. Otherwise they’ll get lost.

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