New Civs AOE3:DE

I would just like to see the what ideas everyone has on what new civs will be coming in 2024. Now they we know we are guaranteed to be getting new ones

Please keep the discussion civil. I don’t want to see anyone being rude because someone has a different idea or opinion than yourself

P.S. Let’s have fun and who knows…some of you might be correct!


I’de love to see Denamark added to thhe game, this is the power forgotten in Europe for me


In all honesty i think it will be either (East) Asia (korea/siam/etc.) or Baltic (Denmark and Poland).

I don’t think it will be middle-eastern though an Asian pack might include Persia.

They are not going to add more maps so i think it is a safe bet that any civ from outside of the current map pool/groupings is unlikely, esp. something like Polynesia where half the value would be the maps.

I hope we wont see something like Spain 3.0. we have enough Spanish civs in the game.


I think it will be Brazil + Another South American civilization, I would like it to be Argentina. If there are more civilizations, I also hope for the Mapuches and Guaraníes.

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To be honest, to this day I don’t really understand why so many people speculate about Korea. In the era of the game, Lee’s Korea had almost no military achievements. They almost lost his country twice. Once he relied on seeking help from the Ming and the other time they retained themself by surrendering in time.

I’m not saying that weak countries have no chance to appear in the game, but in comparison, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Siam are obviously more suitable than Korea.


Yeah but aoe3 has previously released weak nations…like malta…a nation you can’t even see on map…and italy who were a bunch of small states and didn’t exist as a whole…

I think it will be Poland and Brazil, and possibly Polynesia, or Persia. I think the theme of the expansion will be “freedom” with a title like “Winds of Change” or similar.

I hope for Canada (with Inuit included similar to how Mexico has Mayans) and Brazil personally for the full roster of Federal civs (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French).

And I hope they don’t add Gran Colombia, or Argentina because we have enough Spanish representation in the game, and Denmark because I don’t think they were important or exciting enough.

Yes, you are right.
But what I want to express more is that compared with Europe, there are currently only two civilizations in East Asia, China and Japan. If priorities are considered, then some civilizations that were more active in military aspects at the time should be given priority.
Take Vietnam, for example. In the 15th century, Vietnam successfully gained independence from the Ming Dynasty, and then began military expansion into surrounding areas, including the conquest of Champa. By the end of the 18th century, the Nguyen family unified Vietnam and once intervened militarily in Cambodia and Laos.
Another example is Myanmar, From the late 16th to the 17th century, Myanmar’s military expansion reached its peak, and it successfully conquered most of Thailand, including Ayutthaya, the capital of Siam.
There is also Thailand, which barely survived the expansion of Myanmar, and later expanded to Laos, Cambodia and the Malay Peninsula through military conquest.

In contrast, in the two most important military conflicts during that period, Lee’s Korea was almost destroyed by Japan’s Toyotomi Hideyoshi for the first time, so he sent envoys to urgently seek help from the suzerain country. The Kingdom of Korea received the full assistance of hundreds of thousands of people from the Ming Empire to defeat Japan.
The second time was the war with the Manchus. The Manchus marched straight in, occupied half of Korea in a short period of time, and captured Seoul. As a result, the Korean king had to abandon his suzerain and become a vassal of the Qing Empire.


Honestly how does one possibly come up with a Brazil and Poland combination?

That just seems like a forced way to add factions one know wont be added otherwise.

Also how is Canada an interesting nation? how do you even plan to add enough age up options, Canada last i checked has 13 provinces, they need 20. Also Canada wasn’t important, the first major war Canada fought as an independent country was WW1, and even then basically as an extension of the British empire.


The same way AOE2 the forgotten combined Incans with Slavs. Poland and Brazil would both be very popular options. And Canada is fascinating I love visiting for the history.

It’s like people are afraid of Denmark to be added to the game since they’re too lazy to learn about it while getting excited over their biased choices.

Feels like the AoE2 arguments have slipped into this community…


I think I am just going to wait till it gets revealed rather than trying to guess.

The choice has already been made by the developers as for what new civilisations will be added to the game. And regardless of which new civilisations it will be, I am going to be happy anyway that [Age of Empires 3] will get some new civilisations to play as.

I hope I didn’t come off as rude in my post. I am just taking a neutral stance in this.


Canada was never an independent nation during that the whole of the AoE3 timespan. It totally would not make sense. Unless there’s another age that brings in to 1982.

The whole Revolution thing is not accurate either as Canada didn’t revolt into independence however it did become a self-governing federated dominion (still under UK) around 1867. That’s why I think ‘Revolts’ should be better a bit broader in their name as a few in-game revs are just peaceful splintering offs or self-rule under another nation - maybe on a contextual basis.


Totally respectable.

PS: In my opinion, saying which civilizations we are not interested in developers adding is as useful as YouTube’s dislike button. In short, it is of no use. :rofl:


I have enough Euro civs to choose from. I’m hoping for something a bit more different thematically, like Polynesians, Brazil, Pirates, etc.


Well, you have failed rebellion of 1838. It may be a bit of a strech, but not more than many of the revolutions already in the game

That’s true. I wasn’t going to mention that as it was like a fart in the wind :laughing:

If we consider that a rev, then that fully justifies the Jacobites as another rev choice!


Yeah, sure, but it’s still more justified half of the revs in the game.:rofl:

I’d personally prefer a revolution based on nationality (like Irish) over a political movement.


What i would absolutley love is if they add Siam Korea and Persia. Its the Asain Powers that were never colonized and are missing compleatly in the game

To finalize europe, I would also be happy with denmark and polish-lithuania

A new Islam based extention would also be exiting with marokko and Oman/arabs

To get it covered, I would also like a big South America DLC with Nations that share al lot (like the europeans do). It could include brasil argentina, columbia, peru, chile, bolivia and paraguay.

Also Ok would be more African Natives like zulu and kongo or even polinesia.

what I would not like is unrelevant minorities like tatars, greeks or Pirates. We should concentrate on Empiers and big powers of the time before we add anything else.


Not rude at all mate! I can respect that!