New Civs AOE3:DE

Brazil and Haiti would be fine for being post-colonial American empires…

Of course, I mean at some point they will touch the SEA…

Yes, in addition to Denmark it had colonies in the New World until 1917 (it still has them if you consider Greenland), it fought against Sweden from the 8th to the 19th centuries and then against Prussia and Austria in 1864…

Of course… let them add whatever they want, as long as they are good civs, we will play them…

And the rebellions of Louis Riel in 1869 and 1885…and several more before that…

I said we had to wait… I know that the devs will continue to put in civs even if there is radio silence…

Ottoman protectorate…

Podés portear la Dinamarca de WoL y listo…

The Danes are a European civilization in Age of Empires III: Wars of Liberty, which were introduced in The Nordic Patch (1.0.12). The civilization is based on the Kingdom of Denmark during its Golden Period; in Wars of Liberty, this period starts roughly from the Struensee Period to the Schleswig Wars.

The military roster is based upon the Danish Army during the Schleswig Wars. The Danes are war-torn people, ready to defend their homes at all times. Through centuries, they have developed special skills at irregular warfare and especially at fighting on snowy terrains, but they have also excelled at literature, poetry and the arts in general, offering Europe some of its greater masterpieces on these fields.

The Danes are a supportive and solid civilization, in the sense that they are all rounded but don’t excel at anything. The Danes have a few strong late game options as they have a unique artillery piece, strong Dragoons, and unusual Line Infantry. The versatility of the Danes makes them a great teammate to follow an ally’s strategy, and when faced alone, makes them an unpredictable opponent.


  • Ageing-up gives the Danes and their teammates a Golden Age which provides a temporary bonus to gather rates and kill experience bounties. A Minor Golden Age is triggered after receiving a shipment
  • Start the game with an Experience crate.
  • Age up 50% faster
  • The Dock has been changed with the Anchorage, which has special traits
  • National Guard units: Grenadier (Livgarde) and Dragoon (Jutlander)

Unique Units

  • Ox cart icon Ox Cart: Wagon that improves nearby Villager gathering rates and can turn into economic buildings.

  • Landsoldat icon Landsoldat: Unique heavy ranged infantry that can be cheaply and quickly trained.

  • Gunboat icon Gunboat: Light warship carrying a cannon. Replaces the Aviso, but can not gather from fish.

  • Espingol icon Espingol: A fast-firing organ gun with short range. Better against infantry than buildings. Replaces the Steel Gun at the Factory.

  • Ingenior icon Ingenior: Ultimate heavy infantry whose ranged attack deals siege damage and does bonus damage against artillery. Can repair artillery.

Unique Buildings

  • Anchorage icon Anchorage: Unique Dock that freezes enemy ships that get too close, and boosts the gather rates of your nearby ships.


  • Christian Michellsen and Sun Yat-sen.

Tranquilo, yo se que Argentina y Gran Colombia lleggarán en algún momento…

Of course, you also have the Ayyubids as a variant civ and as a campaign civ (the only thing that changes in both is that the campaign ones have the Turkish horse archer instead of the camel archer)…

Yes, I mean we already know that they are Poland and Denmark because their flags are in the game files as revolutions…


Not really. That flags were the revolution ones, and we only know that they stopped. The logic conclusion would be that they they had the greenlight and they cut the civs as revolutions, but is not 100% safe.

@MatM1996 Maybe the Danes could also get an unique light infantry unit armed with a Kalthoff Repeater. This rifle bearing infantry unit could go by the name [Kalthoff Rifleman] or [Scanian Guard], which will have a fast fire rate but be expensive.

But it would not make sense for Denmark to be a revolution if it was never conquered (Poland could be because of the revolutions of 1831 and 1863)…

Yeah…thats will be interesting…


Admiral Yi’s defense of Korea is the most well known military achievement in this time period. While they were a tributary of China for many years Korea has a distinct culture, homegrown weapons and unique weapons (hwatcha and turtle ships). Importantly they also resisted colonization until the 20th century. Korea also has a very obvious way for them to be designed that would fill a niche among Asian civs (defensive/turtle economic civ ) theyd also be big water boomers.


I’ll save it for a competitive dlc with Vietnam…the Koreans also had several interventions in 1866 and 1871…

It’s hard to say that Huatcha(火車,In Chinese is 架火戰車) a special weapon of Korea. In the early Ming, there were a large number of rocket weapons propelled by black powder, including hand-held ones, which were mounted on carts like Koreans(The one chosen in Age of Empires 4.), and larger ones like Shenhuo Flying Crows in the game.

The Ming established the Shenji Camp in the 14th century and exported related technology to Korea.

However, in the middle and late Ming, with the introduction of Western artillery, these traditional and old-fashioned rocket weapons, which looked interesting but actually had average abilities, were basically eliminated.


I guess Poland and Denmark seen in PUP doesn’t mean they supposed to be just a REV civs. PLC and Denmark-Norway are going to be a full civs and Poland and Denmark are going to be their respective revolutionary options in Age IV. And those revs just unintentionally slipped to PUP.

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Of course, they put them in to leave it in the game files until the dlc is released…

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I think it’s true that Koreans are overrated in some respects.

On the other hand, in the case of the Turtle Ship, in fact, there are no actual artifacts or accurate blueprints left, and the reconstruction of the ship is largely left to the imagination. Even though it is not that old and has been used for a surprisingly long time. Therefore, it can be said that we don’t really know how innovative and unique the warship was. However, we can speculate about its usefulness based on the fact that it had been used regularly for a long time.


You have the illustrations above plus the reconstruction of the turtle ship from the Seoul war memorial…


I like the idea of Asian explorers being religious leaders. It makes them distinct. Maybe it’s selfish of me, wanting the explorers to remain as such, seeing as it would help bolster the case for adding Koreans to the game.


I see no reason to add Canada whatsoever.


I hate the monk heroes. The only reason people want to keep them in is either nostalgia, exoticism or both.


I actually think it’s kind of orientalist


It’s the whole ‘mystic East’ stereotype.

Asian civs should have had Tavern equivelents (Tea Houses, Ryokans, etc) for mercs and outlaws, and then Temples/Monaestry for healer equivalents though Big Huge Games probably felt that Asian civs needed to be a lot different to the others,


Morocco has to be 1 of the civs as for the other it could be anything but aoe3 dlc’s tend to have a theme so if it is morocco then I’d expect a civ from around that area too.
I thought the last dlc would be morocco as it has a lot of assets in the game but they went with malta and italy 1 of which was a campaign civ and italy cut content from original release.

At this point I don’t mind what the civ will be I just want to play something new.

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I just can’t believe Siam can be missing from both AoE2 and AoE3, for such a long time

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If it’s Canada I’ll be saving some money.

Yes, although in AoE 2 DE it has a pass because you have the Khmers who occupied the Siamese territories until the 13th century…in AoE 3 DE there is no excuse except that they were focusing on other regions (America, Africa and Europe)…