New Mongol-themed Campaign by Forgotten Empires Designer

Hey everyone!
I am pleased to announce that I have released a brand-new custom campaign – The Golden Horde:

You successfully fought Genghis Khan’s heirs in The Last Khans, now strike back as the Mongols!
Lead The Golden Horde to success!


  • 3 Scenarios
  • Slideshows and sound effects bring the Mongols to life
  • 90 voiced lines of dialogue
  • Classic Age of Kings Build & Destroy gameplay
  • Hand-crafted maps by an award-winning designer
  • Three difficulty settings for all player Levels

You can check it out in-game by clicking Mods, going to Browse Mods, and filtering for Campaigns. You’ll see it right away. While you’re there, be sure to check out fellow FE designer Filthydelphia’s new custom scenarios, such as The Conquest of Norway!

About the author:
Bassi is an award-winning designer for Age of Empires and Age of Empires II. He is also part of the Forgotten Empires team. His works include the Pachacuti campaign and several redesigned campaigns featured in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.


Thanks for doing so many campaigns, that they won’t even fit into base game :smile:

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Really appreciate all the support from the devs!

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I think mine is bugged somehow? After winning mission 1, quitting doesn’t have the return to campaign option, only return to the menu. And then when I check back there isn’t a mission 2.

That sounds weird and is most likely a game bug, not a scenario one.
What happens if you end the first scenario by using the “i r winner” cheat? does that unlock the second mission?

If you’re on the development team and are releasing full campaigns, why aren’t you just patching them into the main game? Most players aren’t going to go looking for custom campaigns like this, but I’m sure players would love getting a new official campaign patched into the game for free.


Huh ok yeah I checked integrity of game files and now it works! I had a file saved about 10 seconds before victory triggers.

Can you guys or can I help spread the word about this? It’s really well done.

Small bug? In scenario 2, at the start, the teal player calls me ‘Cuman Scum’ with voice acting. But we’re playing as the Tatars.

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Thanks for your comment!
Releasing full official campaigns is very expensive since the voice dubbing costs a lot of money. Retail content also needs a lot of testing by internal and external staff. This is a very lengthy process.
But it can not be ruled out that maybe there will be an extra DLC with new campaigns. Who knows…
Currently, however, the priorities are to improve the existing content and to provide the best possible gaming experience.
There will be additional custom campaigns. It is worthwhile to look for it now and then.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad it worked for you now!
Regarding the “bug”: It’s a Tatar soldier (one of your warriors) who calls the Cumans “scum”, so it should make sense! :slight_smile:

If you enjoyed the campaign, feel free to share it on social media if you want to spread the word!
And don’t forget to check the mod manager from time to time – more content is on its way!


I am eager to try out your campaign. However, installing it seems to be bugged. In the ingame Mods menu, the mod continues ‘loading’, yet it will not finish. No files of the mod seem to have been downloaded in my mods directory. Other mods install fine, just installed the 8 mods from Filhtydelphia, that worked fine. Any ideas how I can make this work? I can’t unsubscribe in the ingame menu either, since the loading icon keeps being active.

Also tried sub- and unsubscribing through this website, however, ingame, it seems to have no effect :frowning:

A campaign for the Koreans and Lithuanians would be welcome. I’m sure we could even find voice actor volunteers…

It might take really long to download for the size of the mod is much larger than most other custom campaigns, since all dialogues have voice acting. Perhaps try again and wait a bit longer? Pls let me know if you still have that issue!
If there is no solution and the mod workshop remains bugged, you can also download the files here:

Thanks for the link! I was about to download the mod though there, when I thought, let’s check just one more time in game. And there it was, installed. Finally. It must have taken about a week. Really quite weird, especially since it should only take a few seconds do download ~90 mb though my internet connection.

So the campaign includes voice acting as well? Oh boy! Very excited! Thanks for the support, I’m gonna try the mod soon!

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I agree, a Lithuanian campaign would be a good addition. Not unlikely I may work on such campaign somewhen.


I just completed the campaign (on hard difficulty). It was great! Really had a hard time, especially on the first two missions! I like the challenge. Third mission was a lot easier. Because, well, because Kipchak, hehe. Only thing that gave it away that it wasn’t an ‘original’ campaign was the lack of voiceover on the pro- and epilogues.

Also, upon completing all of the scenarios, I did not get to see the epilogue. It just went from statistics to main menu. When I went back to the Golden Horde campaign, the next mission also was not unlocked. Only way I could see the epilogues was restarting the scenario and cheat ‘i r winner’. This also unlocked the next scenario in the campaign.

Really loved it Bassi, great job! Mongols have been my favorite civ ever since AoK back in the old days. And there even was a nice surprise along the way, hehe. I would also love to see a Lithuanians campaign, as mentioned above. And on a personal note, I’d love a Briton and Mayan campaign, even if it were to finally get revenge on the unbelievable micro capabilities when the AI controls said civs on previous campaigns :wink:

Thanks so much! I’ll keep an eye out for your work :smiley:

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Yeah, the outro slides sometimes do not play correctly if a save was loaded; – not this-campaign-related but a general bug that currently affects all custom content. I hope we will see a fix for this soon. Same goes for the “unlock” bug, which is actually a legacy issue that is in the game since the CD days and can happen sometimes. Thankfully, there are work-arounds like the one you used.

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What awards? Do they still award such awards?

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Awards from the map design scene, winning contests etc. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,
in case you cannot get enough of the steppes (and the Tatars!): I just released another brandnew custom campaign: The Rise of Tamerlane, covering Timur’s origins.
Subscribe Here! Or head over to the forum thread Here!


It seems, that you updated Golden Horde today, but something went wrong, because it shows with red exclamation mark in mod list, does not display in custom campaigns and has incorrect folder structure (double nested) under mods - “1316_The Golden Horde\The Golden Horde\resources \_common\campaign”.