New Tamerlane Campaign by Forgotten Empires Designer

The Rise of Tamerlane

As Tamerlane, you have conquered Eurasia from Delhi to Moscow. Wherever you rode, death rained around you like the plague. Now, it is time to discover Timur’s origins!


  • 4 scenarios
  • Slideshows and sound effects bring the Timurids to life
  • More than 100 voiced lines of dialogue
  • Classic Age of Kings Build & Destroy gameplay
  • Hand-crafted maps by an award-winning designer
  • Three difficulty settings for all player levels

About the author:
Bassi is an award-winning designer for Age of Empires and Age of Empires II. He is also part of the Forgotten Empires team. His works include the Pachacuti campaign and several redesigned campaigns featured in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

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Personalmente creo que no existe mejor diseñador de mapas del AoE II. No solo por lo grandiosas que son las campañas en contenido, belleza, dificultad y entretenimiento. Sino en la diversidad para agarrar diferentes civilizaciones e historias y crear magia. Long live Bassi

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Thanks a lot for your friendly words, I’m glad you enjoy my campaigns!


Very nice Campaign! I liked that you had allies very often :smiley:! but why no shared vision on them?
anyways keep up the work i love it!

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Bassi would love to see you tackle Indian campaigns :smiley:

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Thanks for your feedback! Shared vision can be enabled for individual players currently by using triggers effects, but that’s a bit buggy, so I decided to only reveal the camps of your allies. I could have also enabled Cartography, but this would mean all allied player would get revealed, also the quest givers (which would be odd, since you should scout to find them).

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That could be a future project … No further plans for that in the neat future though. We’ll see! :slight_smile:

Hey there! I’ve really enjoyed the first 3 scenarios, however I cannot access the final one no matter how many times I’ve completed the 3rd. Any ideas on how to fix this? As much as I’ve enjoyed them, I’d rather not have to complete them all over again to get to the 4th :smile:

Hey, first of all, sorry for the inconvinience.
That is a game bug happening from time to time, not related to this specific campaign (can even happen in official campaigns afaik).
Solution: Start the third scenario again and use the “i r winner” cheat code. The 4th scenario should be available after that. As far as I know, cheating in custom cpns is currently bugged though and will likely cause a game crash :confused: Feel free to contact me if there are still issues.

Thanks for responding! I tried using i r winner code and the game did unfortunately crash. I’m quite hyped to play the 4th scenario as the first three were actually fantastic, if you have any other workaround that would be amazing? Thank you!

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the scenarios so far.
Sadly, I fear there is no workaround currently. We’ll have to wait for the bugs to get fixed

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Great work :slight_smile: I loved the campaign!

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Looking forward to more wonderful stuff from you. We gobble up your wonderful masterpieces every time!

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Thanks a lot! @nulliuspt I’m glad you enjoyed these scenarios!

@PeakHornet46539 Awesome! I hope I can release another campaign soon!

When do the mod campaign Hulagu Khan is finished,can not wait to playing it?Like Bassi forever.