New Poll - Choose among the 3 most requested Civilizations

Here is the link for the newer and bigger poll, where you can express your vote on more options, and you can give a vote to each civ.

This poll is made based on the results of a previous one, that sorted from a large number of options.

The 3 following options are the 3 that were the most popular in the other poll. If you look for a more inclusive poll, that have more options, keep looking to this topic, I’ll add one soon.

Before answering, read carefully all the rules please:

  • You can choose only one civ.
  • You have to choose what civ you wish more to see next among these 3, not the one that is most likely to be introduced.
  • If you would like to see all of 3, then choose the one that you would like the most. You can add a comment were you would rank the 3 civ after having voted.
  • Don’t ask for more options in this poll. Talking about some other popular civ that didn’t make it here is fine, but with some limits.
  • Don’t discuss below the poll how the civ should be made, or why one should have priority, or that a civ not included should be included. There are ton of topics for that.
  • Be nice and polite.
What civilization would you like to see as the next new addition to the game?
  • Italians
  • Persians
  • Morocco

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Thanks for participating. For the bigger poll, I’ll link it here as soon as it’s ready, so keep looking for it.

To see the poll that selected the 3 civ, go here:

Here instead is the link for the newer and bigger poll, where you can express your vote on more options, and you can give a vote to each civ.


Can you add a “None of the above” option? Morocco is probably coming anyway and the other two are boring as hell.


Italians slightly edge out Persians for me. Both civs are a must imo.

All three civs deserve to be in the game. All will be fun to play. Really interested in how the devs would design Persians and Italians.


Thanks for the feedback. As I already said, those are the results of another poll. So most people will probably have to choose a civ that wasn’t their first choice.

If I would put a “none of them” option, those people would just choose that, and then I would get the same results as before.

The goal of the previous poll, was to build a ranking, but also to narrow down the most wanted civs. Since by popular votes, those are the most requested, and by so the most likely to be added, I want to see what the larger player base would choose.

If you really don’t have even a small preference for those 3 (thinking that one is probably coming doesn’t count) then don’t vote, and express your opinion with a comment, like you did.

Thanks for you feedback.

Please if you do a ranking, write it down like this:


1 - Italians
2 - Persians
3 - Morocco

It makes it easier for me to take note of your feedback.

Guys, I get that a missclick can happen, but please don’t change the answer.

i choose Persia because they have no representation in the game and they promise to be a fun faction if added.

of these 3 then after that likely Italy, morocco to me seems the least interesting of the 3.


This. Admittedly Morocco could be interesting but so soon after Hausa… maybe not.


I vote for Morocco, because I really like to see another african civ with some twisted influence mechanic. But, the three civs deserve to be in the game.


If it is going to be a standalone civ, I rather have Italians. I really wouldn’t mind a more traditional civ that is easy to jump into. Non-European civs invariably tax you with a steep learning curve, and although I don’t mind most of their wild mechanics I rather have it balanced out with an equally large core of stable, accesible civs.

I’d prefer Morocco to come out in a future African twofer that includes some austral African maps and natives, and an austral African civ. (Ndongos, Zulus, and !Kungs, come to mind as options) to complete the duo.


To everyone that would prefer a “none of the above” options, please remember that this count as a second ballot.

So basically, if you preferred a civ that didn’t make it until here, you are asked to choose another the 3 most requested civs.

See it this way, at least you can still redirect the vote to the option that you like the most, or dislike the less.

Are you a moderator? What is with all the rules? Will you kill me if I break them? You’d probably have a more successful poll if you took things less seriously.

I made my topic and my poll, can’t I politely ask to people that participate to respect some rules?

I didn’t threatened anyone of anything. If you felt threatened, I’m sorry, please quote my thread, and see what I can do.

If you instead don’t want to follow the rules, you are free to ignore the topic, or to anyway do what you want. Even if I would be a moderator, I couldn’t anyway monitor any of you. That’s why I ask for your collaboration. I can’t only flag you if you don’t respect the general rules of the forum.

If you don’t follow the rules, you don’t disrespect me, you just made the results of the poll less accurate and less useful. The poll is built to try to catch the genuine and immediate opinions of the fans.

Sorry guys, don’t hate me or report me for spam, but if I want to get more people as possible to answer the poll I need that this topic stay visible and high on the forum.

Remember to link the poll to every inherent topic and even off forum, so to get more people votias we can.

This poll might not affect the decision of the next civ that will be introduced, but it might show that we want even more civs later on, and that what we want.

Its good that you made a thread to express your opinion.
But that does not mean everybody have to agree with you opinion, and it is a discrimination that you only allowed the fixed 3 civs on your pool without the option to add another civ. You just try to impose your choices by force, forcing people to vote your fixed choices.
You are not a moderator or a dev here.

Here is my opinion:
Italy did not exist until 1861. There is no such civ as Italians.
There were minor states like the Papal States, the Venetian Republic, Genoa, the Republic of Florence, the Duchy of Milan, the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of Sicily. Many minor different states that had nothing to do with each other, different descendance, even at war most of the time.
So there is no such thing as Italian nationality or identity, but few different small states that merged together.
Even today it’s people cant understand each other, the language being too different from one part to the other of the country.

Koreans with their mighty heavy armored and full of cannons turtle ships are the only civ really missing from the game atm. They have a strong national identity and unique flavor to bring to the game.

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He explained the reasoning: those were the top 3 picks from the bigger poll, he just wanted to see the preference between those 3.

Unfortunately, what I predicted happened: we got the exact same results and this poll is a wasted opportunity.

I see nothing really wrong with the rules you wrote down. However (as you’d agree now) it kinda drowned the readers in too much info and the whole point of the poll was missed by many.

I suggest keeping it short and simple next time.


What opinion did I express except for voting in the poll like everyone else?

The tree civs have been selected among the civs that received more votes in a previous poll. Here is the link:

Sorry, can you point out the discrimination? Did you feel like some of those ethnic groups or cultures were superior in some way? Because that’s discrimination by it’s definition.

Again, please show me where I impose something. Is asking to following some rules, all with the purpose of having a better analytic instrument, and imposition?

You are right, I can’t impose anything, even less punishment for those that don’t follow the rules. I can (and I did) ask.

If you don’t want to cooperate, then do what do you want, but the fact that you took it so personally or aggressively some rules, or the fact that people don’t agree with you, I just find it petty, and onestly I don’t see the point of just trying to go explicitly against what I asked.

There are ton of topics in the forum where you can express you opinion on what civ should and should not be introduced. Doing it down here when I asked to not do it, maybe because I asked it, seems like an aggression without any provocation.

We couldn’t have known before doing it.

It’s true, I may have made the rule too long. I didn’t consider the F pattern effect on the attention.

But I can shorten them now.

Leave it alone. I suspect that he came here with the purpose of provoking me, or express some frustration.

I ask to ignore him and other like him. I answer him just to explain my intentions, and clarify eventual misunderstandings.

Sorry but the link was not in the initial description :stuck_out_tongue:

And still why continue with another pool, why isn’t the first one sufficient?
They wont add just one single civ, cuz it’s not enough for an expansion, they cant charge for it.

Comment on the initial pool, and keep that one alive and fresh.
Maybe devs will see that Koreans are a strong choice on 4th position for example.

This new pool ignores all the other preferences except this first 3 that are totally subjective, and as I explained earlier, some of them are not even 1% as viable as others from a lower position.
Italians cant even exist as a civ, I explained earlier.
Let devs see all the choices and let them decide, don’t bring them just useless choices so they are forced to bring useless expansions in to the game and ruin it based on your thread incomplete feedback.

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1 Persians
2 Italians
3 Morocco