Next unit of the same type Hotkey?

Just one Idea I got from the wild suggestion for slavs thread.
If we had a hotkey that would automatically select the next unit of that type (in terms of object created, not in terms of distance) we could cycle through monks way faster and easier. (A selection should never occur outside the screen for obvious reasons)
This might be OP in certain situations so it’s clear there must be either a downside to use this hotkey or a small nerf to lategame monks in compensation.
The Hotkey could also be useful in group size selections because you could use control and/or shift when clicking it to get to the perfect size of your group.

It’s just a sponteanous idea how monks could be used more for less experienced players also. I’m pretty sure it’s not perfect. So feel free to erase it. (Or make better suggestions)

I thought a key that removes the last unit from a selection everytime you press it.
I thoguht it for vils, when you wnat to send, f.e., 2 to berries but have more than this selected. Right now you jave to deselect manually all vils selected excepto the 2 you want… is annoying…
This could work for.monks very well, just sniping, deselec, snipe, deselect…

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this you already can with ctr click repeatedly at the position in your unit selection. Ofc it’s not a hotkey as you have to press the mouse button and you have to move your mouse to that position, but that is actually somewhat “usable”.
Also this is practically unusable for monks as with this you would often select monks that you already used.

Just wanted to show that this “feature” basically already exists if you have only monks.

Thanks to Survivalist for sharing this.