Next Update Recommendations

Hey ya’ll what do you think needs to change for the next update in AOE2.

One recommendation would be to have multi queue placement. Let me explain, you know when you hold the shift key down to plan a route or sequence for your units? I think you should be able to place multiple gather points. For example if your town center is training vils you should be able to hold shift and place gather points to where you want your vils to go after they are created.

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Which of the multiple rally points should a given created villager go to?

in order that you set the gather points. Like of you put a gather point on a wood line then gold. the first would go to wood the the second to gold. If you don’t set a third gather point then they will spawn at the tc.

Increasing unit selection limit would please many players. One of the most popular wishes of the community throughout the years.


Orthodox Ship sails is the only thing I really want right now:


I would like this detail to be implemented.

I think most important things to add to game are the tech tree in multiplayer lobby, and the Elo score being shown aswell


Yess please. Why haven’t they done this. it doesn’t seem that hard and the community has been asking for it for a while. It would really mean a lot.

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Cut 1 tree then go to mining?

How will you know how many trees to finish?

I think what would glad me the most is a update mostly dedicated to the editor. Improving its overall performance, capabilities and bringing new features, such as undo, copy and paste, custom presets.

I’d like more performance optimizations. Too many trees make the game stutter severely on the UHD graphics pack.

Maybe quality settings for trees only? Reducing their quality a bit may greatly improve the stuttering idk…

I would like an option to enable/disable data mods permanently to use them on campaigns and editor.

Here are few suggestions;

  • Expand Art of War campaign with more missions. For example, some “Micro” or “Formation” missions to promote learning instead of just adding “Auto” features.
  • Enable us to change Profile Icons without going to Multiplayer
  • Better Spectating User Interface for streaming purposes
  • Tech Tree viewer while waiting for a match
  • Better Mod Manager where you can subscribe to the creator of the mod and more filter options

I made a topic with idea how to implement it into UI :slight_smile:


  • There should be a possibility to disable AI kiting+dodging.
  • Would like to have possibility to disable automatic trebuchet packing for out of range buildings.
  • Would be really helpful to see total economical (villagers + fishing ships + trade units) and military population counts in UI.
  • Farmers should be counted as food gatherers during seeding (building) farms to avoid confusing fluctuations of food gatherer count when farms are reseeded.
  • And please make it possible to select hotkeyed groups together without automatically appending them into one hotkey group!

Interesting thought came to mind:

Wouldn’t it be more interesting if AI didn’t micromanage at such inhuman level, but got a lot better at dealing with the somewhat cheesy tactics that destroy it like tower rushes?
Smarter AI with more believable micro seems better to me, but I know that programming that is a very hard thing to do.

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Im pretty sure that Microsoft dumps tons of money into self learning AI. I think that Microsoft should work with forgotten empires to make a self learning AI. That would be amazing. Make it HAL 9000 from 2001 space odyssey

Somehow they felt language filter was more needed

Better ship sinking animations! The fishing ship already has it but somehow they couldn’t be bothered to add it for the other ships? Even AOE1 DE got better navy animations than AOE2 DE which just feels odd since this is a much better game.


Agreed, but not too much.
I guess 80-100 would suffice.

Still though, that would remove the purpose of control-groups in 200 limit games.

Yeah :smiley:
Here is a topic describing which ships already have cool new animations and which ships are stuck with old animations.

I saved screenshot of unit selection limit poll results before beta forums were sealed and posted it here. This gives information about which unit selection limit game should have. Developers can look at the results in beta forums themselves :slight_smile:

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Unlimited?! Guys, I guess you want more freedom, I’m not against it. But this just makes control groups redundant.