No word from the Dev's?

Where are they? Did they get their money and run? Yes, I know you are tired of hearing this, but this game is not even close to balanced. It is basically one trick ponies with Mongols, Rus, English, and French. I thought this game had eight teams??? It’s like the people who worked on this game puked up ideas and said, “They’ll figure it out.”

For people who say I don’t bring up specific examples and ways to make the game better: If you hired me “AND PAID” me to fix your car, am I allowed to ask YOU how to fix it??? Can you be patient and let me ask GOOGLE?? Hold on, I know you hired and paid me to fix it, but wait and let me ask the public . . .

This sort of thinking is allowed, but it should only be allowed in BETA, not a paid for game.

They are supposed to be the professionals. IT IS THEIR JOB! They failed.

This game is a wreck and the only people propping it up are the casters and those who have a vested interest in it.


You should wait with purchases so that you can make them smarter. In this day and age this is normal, I am not saying I agree with your statements, for games to not be 100% at release. It’s your job as a consumer to buy the product you want. You, presumably, bought this game without checking it out in advance like you can and should and now you are upset?

My point of view is that I knew I wanted to get into the game no matter the state because I am in it for the long haul. Some kinks are to be expected, and tbh I think they have done a good job so far dealing with the gamebreaking stuff. Sure a quick word on Delhi state of affairs would be nice. But your harsh words is not needed.


Relax. Rome was not built in a day. A game will never be fully balanced. Such a thing does not exist when differences between civilizations exist.


Probably they are working on it.

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I am sure they are working on some things. I would like to stay positive here :). Also I think them getting constant negative feedback will not improve the game. Happy devs = better game :slight_smile:


yeah, there are actually 4 civs playable. others are underpowered.

Well your metaphor is more like if you bought a car from a dealership and then it didn’t perform how you wanted, are they required to fix it. The answer to that is you have a warranty and you can return it, just like how you can in this game.

That said, the devs do communicate in the bug report forum and sometimes on stream. Do we really expect answers to half of the threads in here that are just unconstructive rage about the game like this one?

They even provided a roadmap unlike many devs on when they will update the game.


how can you know that the game as been finished with ducktape before buying it honestly ? people praising the current state of the game ! Oh yeah my bad i should have looked at my crystal ball the future where i buy the game. that make sense lol
I don’t get your logic.
And people didn’t even figured out most civs 1 month after the release, it was just guessing after guessing btw.

That game should’ve been hit by a shitstorm long ago. But i’ve spend 60euro on it so i’ll play until i can’t stand to even see it.

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Shocking the game has balance issues. It’s almost like it’s a new competetive RTS. The game has been out for over a month and fire lancers and horse archer power was just discovered recently by the community, proper meta hasn’t even settled (and has changed multiple times without patches in between.)

Devs should appreciate any feedback, is it negative or positive. The worst case is, the game is dying and no one is saying anything and they have to guess what they did wrong or right

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Obviously from earliest 2018 promotion materials for AoE4, some leading devs have an adolescent weak spot for Mongols, later also Rus.

This laughable bias is a hallmark of seriously shallow history knowledge. In the big picture and long timeline, these two civs (especially Rus) are indeed much less significant than some left out civs!

English (shouldn’t even be in 8 launch civs, fact) and French fabricated strength is the same old pro-Western bias; just look at AoE2 and AoE3.

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I tried to return it, but steam purchases can’t be returned if played 2 hours or more. Should I have figured out all the problems this game has in under 2 hours? I actually made a post about this a little while back.

So I purchased a game that just might be playable 3 to 5 months from now. Seems like a raw deal to the consumer.

Fire lancer and horse archer meta has just been discovered do to a “patch change.”

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Knowing other games release in poor states should give you the indication that this game too have that chance. Leaving you with the power to not buy it before doing research, maybe holding of a month.

The popularity of this game is much lower than before. The average number of online people per day is only a little more than aoe2de. The average daily online number of aoe2de and aoe3de has not changed, that is to say, the loss of new players is serious and the game balance is not good. Players can only use Mongols, Rus, English and French to play if they want to win, which makes the game lack of diversity, the game became boring. In addition, the unreasonable balance modification began to kill the game. Should dev make some big changes to the game? The current game settings are not attractive to new players.


There’s been loads of communication from the devs. They respond to all the bug posts in the bug forum, they sometimes respond to topics here in general discussion. They make balance streams where they discuss upcoming/recent patches and their thoughts behind changes. They released a roadmap of what is to come.


English are good really? I think they are one of the worst
and beastyqt won in a tournament with delhi, also grubby is a kind of HRE main and doing pretty well.
China is really strong if you know how to play it, most of pros agree about this.
So I just think you have no point here tbh.

I’d say it’s playable considering I and many pros still play it. Horse archer strategy was more or less discovered right before the springald change, and I doubt the horseman nerf was the main reason it became so much more powerful.

I have to loggin specifically to reply to this comment, which I agree a lot.

I tried this game during the technical test and I felt this game is lackluster in many aspects, and I was very very skeptical about buying this game in full, but I decided that this game has potential and I should put my faith in Relic.

Turn out I was terribly wrong. and now I am one of the players that leave the game and turn back to AOE2. I am very disappointed with the current state of the game, which I have predicted during the technical test: repetitive, imbalance, and most importantly, the incompetence of Relic to handle this type of game.

I have the same feeling for BF2042, which I turn out to be right. AOE4 is a lesson that I’ll remember.

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They gave us a roadmap not too long ago.
So I honestly don’t know what makes you think the devs have “left” and haven’t communicated their plans.

Are you just angry that updates aren’t coming as fast as you would want?


I am angry that the updates aren’t coming out quicker. I am also angry that one of the updates introduced more bugs and problems than it fixed.

As to the “road map,” i am aware and think it is asking a lot of the consumer to wait such a long period before they fix some of the things currently plaguing this game.
Plus, after their last twitch streams, they haven’t given me much reason to trust that they even know what they are doing.