Not so staggered formation (Rerepost)

I know it was posted before, but just bringing it up again in case it slipped the to-do list.

The staggered formation makes units like ranged infantry (And ranged cavalry) have more spacing between them, making them less vulnerable against area of effect attacks like cannons or elephants.

But it doesn’t work all the time, when one uses around 30 or more units, it stops being as effective, reducing the staggered space as the number increases, to the point that it has less space between units than the default volley mode (except with ranged cavalry).

It doesn’t make sense for it to be intended to work like this, since it would contradict the description, so it must a fault in code when getting to 30 and more units.

The above image shows the comparison between 90 muskets in staggered formation, next to 5 in also staggered formation. It clearly shows that on a higher number the units lose the space between them ending far more vulnerable to cannon fire.

The last 2 images show how even the volley and defense mode keep more space between the units.

The only way to fight this at the time is to quickly separate units in small bunches so they can be set in staggered formation on their own, which, well… sucks.

Anyway, that’s that… what do you think?


BTW, best not to use defense mode to space units, unless there are a lot of them, because it will cause them to make a tight square.

Unless you are making a spanish cuadro :smiley: