Now the older minor civs need an update as well

First of all, great job on the new maps and natives. They look extremely interesting and I’m sure there’s a lot of love and effort put into them.

Now I think there is a problem very similar to the “older” civs: the “older” minor civs now look inconsistently underwhelming and uninteresting.
Most African natives give ~5 technologies. Many of them also provide two unit types or even a new hero. Older minor natives typically only have 3 technologies and 1 unit. I do believe they can be made a little more interesting and worthwhile, such as getting a few new technologies and units. Also some of the new features not present in vanilla can also be added to them. For example, Nootka war chief can be made a hero unit like the new African ones.
And that’s probably not going to have a huge impact on balancing and the current meta because native trading posts are still very underused.

Now that the announced DLCs have all be released, I really hope there are future plans to polish the existing contents of the game as well.


I agree . I think Euro civs and their cards need update. Espacially cards needs update. Many of them are useless.

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I actually made another post about that :upside_down_face:

I think not only Europeans but also TWC civs because it feels like it was since TAD that the game started stuffing new civs with excessive creativity. But with the new civs in DE, all the old civs (and also natives) feel too blend now.


I think the other way.

The 3 new civs with USA are just too much in everything, it’s fun but I think the old model was better. Now you need hundreds hours to play with 1 of this civ correctly.

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TBH, I’d agree with you on that. Rather sparing some creativity for older civs in general and potential later additions, than stuffing them into the current release.
But since it is very unlikely to reverse or redesign any existing civ, that might not be an option and there is no way back.

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I agree. It’d be great if they update old civs and polish them with new mechanics but keeping their role and forte. I mean, not huge changes or redesign, just some shine here and there.


Oops, if you saw my earier post.

anyway; Most of the old settllements are still danmed good. Either they enable a good unit that doesn’t use pop or they have good techs (cherokee basket weaving) or both or two units.

some do need attention
Nootka being one of the native civs that isn’t good, so it’s true they aren’t equal…but some of the maps have those natives as ways to adjust to the maps special features. Like Houron on a map with lots of fish.

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I already made a thread about exactly this topic
Make the old Minor Civilisations great again

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