Only new big DLC could save AOE3!

Most players want new Europe and Asia civilazations(result of the vote on forum), and Scenario Campaign focus on Europe histories,just like story of Napoleon.
We can see the Afirca and Mexico DLCs did not attract old or new players,only Europe and Asia dlc can save AOE3!


Don’t think AOE3 needs saving this isn’t Blizzard.


Only good marketing can help this game…the product is more than okay as it is


Africa DLC did cover a huge blank spot in the map of AoE3.


Maybe there should be a free weekend or something, or a few days where you could get it for free, hoping that people will then go on to buy the DLCs. Games like Company of Heroes 2 have had massive jumps in player base from stuff like that.


do you mean here?

Sadly, the pool didnt get the options “I dont want new civilizations” and “I dont need new civilizations” so it is hard to see how much of the fanbase visiting the forum wants new civs…

For me a big problem of aoe3 is the replay overlay containing very little informations at once. If I watch a streamer casting a game, I cannot compare number iof units, resources, current shipments and production queue, etc… Which makes it harder to see what is happening so the game feels less appealing.

And my second problem is that you cannot order your decks, but it doesnt make the game unattractive to new players and it surely doesnt make people quit playing the game.

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that is true,I love all DLCs, but the steamdb tell me that few players love them.

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I agree the two problems. A good OB system is needed. Now we can only use MOD to access that. And, a decks advise system is also important, the default decks are useless and impractical, if we add a decks advise system, new players can easily copy pro players’ decks, things may be better.

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For me the biggest problem is the UI. NEEDS TO FEEL MORE SOCIAL. Feels very isolating.


In terms of marketing, the biggest European DLC would be the most successful. The most popular Asian civs are already in the game (Chinese, Japanese and Indian), Thais and Koreans wouldn’t make as much hype as already present in civs. A gem among the Asian civs not in the game are the Persians, but I think this civ would be more suited to some Islamic DLC (Persians + Arabs (Omani Empire) + Ottoman civ changes). Such a DLC could cause quite a lot of hype with the Free Weekend on Steam.

Asia could have 3 new DLCs adding 2 new civs each (Thais and Vietnam, Tatars and Koreans, Persians and Arabs).

The African DLCs are nice for fans of the game, but unfortunately won’t provide an influx of players specifically for these civs. I think the TAR DLC would be more successful if it also included Moroccan civs, about which it is unfortunately quiet now. I think there could be another African DLC focusing on South and Central Africa (Congolese and Mutapa) - it would be a nice expansion, but it wouldn’t be a marketing success.

Now I will say something that many people consider to be Eurocentric, but in terms of marketing it is absolutely true. The European DLC would be the most successful.

Europe still has 5 powers (Austria-Hungary, Danes, Italians, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Prussians) that are not in the game that could attract large numbers of players. There could be 2 European DLCs - one big one adding 3 civs (Austria-Hungary, Italians and Prussians) and 2 campaigns inspired by the history of Europe (Thirty Years War and Napoleonic Wars) and a second smaller DLC similar to the previous DLCs for AoE 3 DE (added Danes and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth). European maps, European Minor Nations and more European revolution options are something that would definitely be attractive.

Such a large European DLC along with a free weekend, decent advertising (e.g. animated trailer) and a large discount on the AoE 3 DE game would guarantee a huge success. A second smaller DLC adding a civ with Winged Hussars would also be quite a success.

I think both AoE 2 and AoE 3 have poor teasers for the new DLCs. I think animated trailers would be much more appealing to people and more popular. USA civ would surely be a success if it had decent advertising. People who aren’t interested in AoE 3 DE on a daily basis might not notice it. A good ad could interest people outside of the AoE fan base.


If the online player count is the only goal I’d say single player content DLCs.
One major advantage aoe2 has over aoe3 (and even the new shiny aoe4) is vastly more sp contents. That allows players to stick around longer.

Or maybe not because as long as expectation of sales is reached, the number of remaining players does not matter that much. So that is probably not part of the plan.
But of course from the perspective of a player I’d always prefer more contents.


I don’t think Tatars/Mongols are relevant enough in the time period to be a full civilization. Nations like Dunzgaria and Bukhara were pretty powerful initially but midway through they were getting steamrolled by the Russians, Qing, and Persians. They would instead be best represented as a component of the armies of those larger empires and as minor factions and mercenaries.

I think there’s a lot more potential in Southern Asia. Mysore could be a good representative of Southern India, and Javanese could be the civ for Maritime Southeast Asia.
And the others that you mentioned like Siam, Korea, Persia, and Oman would be great additions.


Age of 3 doesnt need to be saved. It is awesome at current level and it will be much better thanks to devs care and future updates. :slight_smile:


The expansions I would like to see are one from the Middle East and one from South America and I would like them to add maps of Europe.

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This applies to all AoE games from 1 to 4 and mythology.

Despite being a remaster 3DE is one of the best RTS games in recent (many) years.

Amount of new content, improvements, patches and optimization, QoL features is staggering. It’s a success story and a great, fun game. I wish I could fund a sequel to AoE III :zap:

Even on release day, with all its performance hiccups, it still was a very good product by today’s standards. It’s clear game is made by people with a passion and it shows. As long as enough respect is shown for the source material, it’s hard to mess a remaster like that. And on top of that everything added by them is just great and feel like it was made by ES:

  • maps
  • new civs
  • new customization options for HC and skins for explorers
  • new and reworked Homecity shipments, and techs in general
  • updated and brand new units
  • updated, expanded or added features ranging from fantastic camera range to neat map browser

Never made a list, but for me it’s certainly in top#10 remasters of all time, most likely top#5.
I love OG AoE III, but 3DE in the current state aged it HARD :dizzy_face:


I just want the game to be supported for the next decade. :slight_smile:


Yeah it is the best of the series no doubt.


I agree. I love the new content and the continued udate and support.

Fir me whats now lacking is the UI and isolation feeling i get when im playing.

Fix this bit and we’re gucci


In fact they would be all the important European wars of the period (Italian wars, 30 years war, seven years war and napoleonic wars)…