Where do you want the next civilization/DLC from?

hey guys simple poll, just answer the area/culture group you want the next civ from

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Native American
  • New world nation
  • Oceania

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questions? opinion? you think i missed something somehow? post a comment!

Hawaii, Maori, and Samoans!!


Maori would be awesome but Hawaii and Samoa are only minor faction material.


Europe so they can add some obvious colonial powers that are missing (Denmark) add some minor civs.

Also an opportunity to tweak-/future-proof the european civs as a whole so they don’t get power creeped.


Another 2 from Africa. Southern Africa still needs to be exploited with 2 more civilizations and new natives.


Maybe it is unpopular opinion but I don’t have time to learn all these new very complicated mechanics for new civilization. I barely know how US works. I have no idea about African civs (I own the DLCs but there are too many differences for me to quickly study them).

So, please add European civs that are easy to understand. With no complicated mechanics. All European civs have a nice unique style but they are easy to learn at the same time. Please make a European DLC (with civs like Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Italy, Denmark-Norway).

Easier to learn and easier to properly balance. And most of the community seems to want missing European powers. Win-win situation :slight_smile:


you know i get the point, but in the reference of africa that is a very unfortunate word choice :sweat_smile:


Rework the old european civs.

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To be fair, if you play the USA or the africans once or twice you’ll probably have them figured out. They look more complex than they are in practice.

English is not my native language and I don’t know what the hell the translator did. :sweat_smile:

Perhaps some Eastern European nation.

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The African and colonial civs do have solid and fun mechanics (when properly balanced) and we probably do need something more creative and novel to keep people into the game long term.

The problem is the overwhelming quantity of new features packed into each new civ. What we need is intermediate civs to introduce one or two of the new features at a time. Similar to how Iroquois are a native civilization that also retains most of the mechanics of the European civs. They could have Morocco as an intermediate between African and European factions, Persia as an intermediate between European and Asian factions, and Italy or Prussia (both were newly formed nations) as an intermediate between European and Colonial factions. Colonial civ mechanics would have been better as part of revolutions but unfortunately we’re past that point. Intermediate civs could be more manageable stepping stones to learning some of the more complex new mechanics.

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I find them really quite easy to understand, they do look overwhelming because of all the alliances but really they’re just glorified regular politicians and once you’ve played a few games you’ll learn which is the best same as with euro civs, the cards they give you usually only one of them is actually good and they’ll typically be 1 or 2 age ups that are always the best. I really don’t find it much different to choosing an asian wonder for example, it’s just your bonus is a card instead of the effect of the wonder.
The US, Mexico and African civs are way more interesting to play and learn than euro civs imo.

To answer the OP I’d like to see Morocco next.

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My wishlist:

European Rework:
-New Revolutions
-Split Germany into Prussia and Austria
-European themed maps and native allies

America Rework:
-USA, Mexico, Brazil and Gran Colombia
-New american themed maps and native allies

Africa DLC:
-Ethiopia, Kongo and Zulus
-New africa themed maps and native allies

Pacific DLC:
-Naval warfare rework
-New oceania and pacific themed maps and native allies

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id much rather have denmark and poland than a split germany but thats just my opinion, also its just much more realistic i think.


Safavid Persia, Korea, Siam and Omanis.


Todas las civilizaciones tienen un grado de dificultad al punto que se hace un poco mas facil entender esa dificultad entre civis Europeas , si los dlc fueran todas parecidas no se apreciarian como realmente deberia ser una expancion del juego, ahora ya tenemos 8 civilizaciones europeas parecidas.

Aunque a mi punto de vista la innovacion es lo que le da vida al juego.


I do think that a final European pack could be easy enough: Italy, Poland, Denmark and maybe a new Prussian/Austrian.

Considering the massive number of assets they had to create for Mexico, they could have created those 3-4 new civs easily instead. (using the European model) Excluding the Explorer, I counted 8 new units with models (1 Hero, 3 Outlaws and 4 base units) + a lot of other hidden units, like at least 3 Mayas units just for that Imperial Revolution. Many more I probably missed form the streams I looked at.

A 10$ DLC for those civs would be so easy and cover nearly everything relevant from Europe, while probably requiring way less work overall (the balancing of the Mexico mechanics must have been/will be a nightmare. 4 basic civs could not be worst).


Why would you want a DLC without any new graphic assets? Those are actually the charm of any new expansion pack in my opinion.

I meant that they made so much just for one civ, that it would have been easier to create many more with the same amount of work