Optimal Walling: JavaScript to test a QoL (Age of Salamanders)

Very nice! Although, is it actually too generous to the game? Compare the two screenshots below – first one looks right, but does the game actually do this for the second one?

The old (i.e. current game implementation) wall seems shorter than the new one (i.e. optimal walling) because I display grey color on the tiles where both the new and old methods are valid.

I just changed it to have a color in between when both are valid.

Does it seem better for you ?

Yup, seems better to me.
Now I just have to count and compare tiles… xp

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This image shows well what you are talking about.

I also used it as inspiration (together with the DE reveal trailer) for the beginning of the scenario trailer :wink:


bump for dev attention, very nice work and suggestion if you can switch between old/new with the same bind as gate rotation

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I just saw this from T90, which is a perfect illustration of this issue:


“That has to be a bug” - indeed.