PCGAMESN: people are worrying for the AOE4 graphic

Age of Empires fans are (still) mad about Age of Empires 4’s graphics | PCGamesN

Oh ■■■■, i’m famous


What I heard from others, the graphic style was through the poll result?

Earlier gameplay trailer was released in 2019, at that time why didn’t you guys suggest to change and need to wait until almost final develop of the game.

I am really confused.

There were a lot of discussions about graphic After the x019 trailer but the only change It was a Little change on saturation


So if after 1.5 years dev still decides to keep this style, I don’t think they will change anymore.

People were complaining left and right after the 2019 trailer dropped, and we were being mocked for it by most of the community.


Nice , well… i like the artstyle but animations need a rework…

The rest of the game? I love it

Im buying the game lmao

Hmm, most of the community thought that XO19 was fine? Yet there were the chosen few that can’t be pleased.
They definitely downgraded graphics from XO19 to the fan preview though

To be honest the game will be released soon, I still don’t think dev will change a lot to graphic.

Btw for graphic is not an issue to me as long as it isn’t very old style.

Same, a game does not need to have good graphics to hold up over time. Aoe2 was 20 years old (graphics looked poor compared to other games made after it) before we got DE and plenty of people were still playing it on HD or Voobly


Graphics looks ehhhmmmmm cartoony!


Not that many,. Not as DE for sure, HD edition had many issues…

For a 20 year old game? It was beating Aoe3 and AoM combined


And? I dont see a problem Xo19 also look cartoony


Dont think so , in the preview the graphics was in medium, bit to mention the bad exportation of the video but hear me up.

This image is not from the preview and look. The same detail of the ground than X019.


Presented graphics style and quality is ok for me. Units clearly visible and easily distinguishable. That’s the main thing for strategy. I don’t care if it’s a bit cartoony/simplified/whatever else.

The only thing that bothers me is those yellow silhouettes during building construction. This unnecessary blinking will distract from play. I hope this animation could be disabled in settings.


In different interviews they answered the questions on the graphics, he continues the improvements, the video that we saw is already a few months old.

It is funny how they Cherry picked the best possible angles and screenshots out of 99.9% the actual footage. I really do not like biased articles. At least show what the people are actually complaining about. Pathetic indeed.

You do realize that the fan preview was months old right?


During the reveal trailer the was one image that didn’t look like a mobile game , one image that I thought: wow! that looks rustic and so good!..and when I paused the video, I saw that it was a short clip from DE2 XD

I really just hope they make the graphics more realistic, I can’t stand the carrtoon graphics, I won’t be buying the game if the graphics don’t become better.


Well … for me the graphics of AoE II are the ones that have aged the best …