Persia civ suggestion

There’s been no official mention of a Middle Eastern civ nor a Persian DLC this year (or any date!), however that would be fantastic wouldn’t it?


It may be the dlc that comes out soon (June or July)…

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I think we only get a DLC once Retold has launched.

Last month in Persian gulf day i saw an interesting video about Persian - Portuguese wars but unfortunately video’s language was Persian so i didn’t share it here . But let me share some of its screenshots now :

Also the Persian general in the pictures is Imam Quli Khan :

Imam Quli Khan’s statue in Qeshm island :

Hope you all enjoy it & i hope we see good updates with good DLC contents for AOE III DE (Persia - Brazil - Korea - …) in near future :slightly_smiling_face:

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Na, I think they can release a dlc before October (Retold launch)…

Yes, let’s hope they do…

Good news, for lovers of a potential Persian civilization!

The mod does not belong to me (I am not its creator), I just wanted to share it with fans of the persian empire. :smile:

Considering the current situation of the game and the lack of developers, I think this is the only chance to see the Persian civilization added.


Thanks for sharing my friend :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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Cool. It even has the Qizilbash. I knew I wasn’t the only one with this opinion :rofl::rofl:

Hopefully this is not the case. I refuse to give up hope


I would like to think that Persia is in the mind of the Devs - it’s clearly the most popular suggestion over all and I think it’s a common thought that Italy and Malta were civs made with ‘headstart’ so to speak (some artwork, assets and initial unit/civ notes), though certainly not a snub - in fact all potential Euro civs have the groundwork done.

Basically I think it’s one of the top choices for a whole new ‘from the ground up’ civ.

Here’s a question:
As Persia is a (Southwestern) Asian civ, and one would assume it would go with a Wonder age-up mechanic like the other Asian Civs, what do you think they could be?


Tbh though qizilbash is better than war elephant as the unit of Sufi natives, it’s still too specific to fit in a lot of regions outside middle east or central asia.
It had better be a Persian unique unit.
For the natives I can think of a few options:

  • The best move is to add more Islamic natives with their own uniqueness. Don’t throw in a Sufi mosque whenever you need an Islamic native.
  • If that is not going to happen, change Qizilbash to something more generic.

I think Persia is by far the strongest civ candidate for the game. It was historically important, it is well-known (it’s also present in other games from the series), it’s well documented, it is from a region of the world that is still barely covered by the game and it can also be as unique as the devs want it to be (including new mechanics, architecture, etc.).
It simply has it all.

Sincerely, I hope they come up with something different. Maybe some unique mechanics that can be used for more new Islamic civs like Omani, Uzbeks and others.


I would say these 5…

That’s true…