Please add pause button

If you need to open doors and answer calls in every game, there is a perfect solution: play singleplayer* :slight_smile:

*I support pause and orders while pausing in singleplayer, of course.

What if it happens one time in 10 games? 15 games?

I can just alt+f4 i dont care about it. Next game would be easier against noobs.

Hope, that winner will enjoy the victory… dont make anyunit and autowin. Very fun game. No one wasted ~15 of their time to play.
They saved ~1 minute for pause. and wasted ~15 of the game.

PS it’s so dump, every other RTS or moba has pauses.

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Esse jogo desgraçado ainda não tem pausa?

I don’t think you get it Omadon, the pause feature can easily be implemented in a way where everyone must agree to pause. Basically, if someone pauses, you can unpause if you don’t want to wait… and each player can have a set number of timeouts to prevent spamming, like 3. However, contrary to your stance, most people can be a good sport and spare a minute out of a ~35 minute game.

Many of you are not getting how simple this is… Just get Starcraft 2 and try their multiplayer pause. It’s a great feature and requires everyone to be on board as anyone can resume the pause… They even prevent spamming pause by limiting timeouts per player.

That is how it’s work in Age 2, and when somebody don’t want to pause you have a ‘‘pause war’’. In team games you have 8 people pause and unpause the 10 times per player the game allows you.

No, thanks, pause in ranked never.

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‘you have a pause war’ had me laughing so hard :rofl:

It’s not really a pause war if pauses are limited… and it’s nice to have to keep the game fair in case of an urgent interruption. Not everyone is a complete desk troll that doesn’t ever have to get up… Most people are agreeable and will wait a minute for a dude, but in case the pausing is out of control, that is why timeouts are limited to 2 or 3 per player… you’re making a big deal out of something that’s not.

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Hey guys - so I know there are some threads with people requesting the re-implementation of an Active Pause feature for single player. I’m 100% one of those people.

My question, however, is has anyone seen or heard from the devs anywhere that they’ve acknowledged this request, and have responded :+1: or :-1: as to whether they’re considering adding it in a future patch/update?

Myself as well as many others would gladly wait while we put this game on the backburner until this feature is released. However if the devs definitively come back and officially say “No, we will never add this feature” then at least it will be settled and I can go ahead and play the campaign.

So what I’m really looking for is word of a definitive answer to the Active Pause quandary. Thanks for any info!


I also want pause feature similar to AOE 2 DE for single player, where can move the camera and issue commands while paused. This gives me time to think and makes gameplay more analytical, less chaotic :slight_smile:

For example in AOE 2 DE I can pause the game during battle, do housekeeping tasks (build houses, train technologies, assign villagers, etc) and then return to battle without missing any action.

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yes, I appreciate of your opinion.

Some people seem really mad that other people want this feature, and I can’t understand why.

Even the guy in the reply above me just seems to have plugges his ears to yell at you.

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What is being requested is active pause, which lets you continue to move the camera and make build commands and unit commands. It was present in the other games.


I’m just here to toss my hat in the ring, as well. I started with AoE2 in the early 2000s then moved to AoM where I spent hundreds of hours in single-player matches. My casual play style accompanied by my age just doesn’t allow for quick enough ‘real-time’ strategic decisions. I need to be able to stop and think, to plan my moves and strategize. I just can’t do that without the active/tactical pause feature that was present in previous AoE versions and AoM.

I had a difficult time, even failing a few of the scenarios of the Norman campaign on Easy. Trying to teach myself to use hotkeys while on a timer or while being attacked by the AI. I just don’t find this fun or productive. I hate to sound like “That Guy” but I wouldn’t have purchased AoE4 had I known pausing to think wasn’t available.


I can’t agree more. The devs shouldn’t ignore this request from older gamers who have been loyal to this title since their youth and less likely to have budget limitation problems.

In aoe3DE you could pause any game but anyone could un-pause it anytime haha so there was no use, unless you played with respectable players that would wait until you come back… (if you had to leave urgently for some reason)…

Once i paused and begged of them to wait… when I came back there was NOTHING left of me and my allies were MAD CRAZY…

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We are talking about singleplayer pause…

Without pause, how can a player order two troops from two sides of the map to make a coordinated attack on a stronghold AT THE SAME TIME? In reality you can tell them to both make the assault at H hour. Pause is the only possibility to make this kind of orders (don’t tell me that you can order one troop to attack first and then the second troop to attack… This is not a simultaneous attack. Even if you could, what about 3 troops, 4, 5?)

The pause button is required in both single and multiplayer modes. We are not machines and unforeseen events can always arise.

Of course, that it is not an invasive pause in multiplayer, that it is in the form of a request and it will be the rival if it decides to accept or not.


Would like to add my voice to request for Pause button in Single User.

I was incredibly disappointed when I tried playing AE4 and saw it did not have it. Not sure why you choose to remove a function (that is not a significant dev lift), that was valuable in past versions to a signficant user base. All your doing is alienating that base and making your product less desirable for us. It’s a enough of a difference in play for me that I will probably not use the game that much.


OP pinging back in here. I’ve looked around for a while and still am unable to find any sort of sentient response from a dev or insider that even pretends to acknowledge this issue exists.

I play a lot of games and these days there’s usually some sort of feedback in the forums from someone at the company, whether it be a dev or a pr person that responds to popular issues. So it’s so strange to have complete radio silence about a simple feature that a HUGE portion of its player base wishes to see re-instated.

Has anyone else heard anything at all?