Please don’t nerf the tea export

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lol if the koxinga is 500 coin cost, that’s will be ok

The 500 gold ver before was arguably a bit busted with the the higher rof boost even, now with the lower boost its arguable

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i think koxinga card It would be better to unlock and train iron troops based on the current effect, so that if you want to play iron troops, you only need one card instead of atonement+koxinga, wasting shipping points. As for atonement, it can be replaced with training manchu.

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I feel like unlocking iron troops that is boosted almost defeats the purpose of china’s other late game options like CKN or skirms since they almost dont die and can be instant heal.

I would much prefer the age 4 merc card to be infinite so that you can get both manchu and iron troops forever and china has other options instead of crows and 10 rattan shield


Remove the instant 100 export income, and switch the export flow to 0.5/s. Enable the blockhouse to train Mongol army again. In this way you can not get the blockhouse out immediately, but it is still a useful shipment in late game.

First, the iron troops are 2pop, cost 200g, the ranged attack range is only 16, and only has the advantages of rof fast and 0.6 against long-range attacks. Is not as good as Arquebusier1pop, 85g, 20 attack range. Irontroops are difficult to form in large numbers and are especially afraid of heavy cavalry.
Secondly, Asian civs don’t have, improved mercenary cards, mercenaries are not worth mass producing they only have fortress age data.

that is true if we are talking about training but the nature of it is different if we are talking about a shipment and overpoping, where you dont need to care about making the unit in the batches, you need to get any numbers advantage you can to overwhelm the opponent

The mandarin merc card currently ships 10 manchus and 7 iron troops for 2k gold- thats 34 over pop on top of china’s 220, and that is sort of a regular sized overpop for other civs for the infinite merc shipments. This means that china can regularly stay at 253 pop in a game, which is very strong.

As for the first point which i forgot about, they are comparable to late game ckn after the reform card so its not a weak unit, I think with the previous rof buff they were just better then even fully buffed ckn which was kinda insane, right now I would say its a trade off between range and tankiness.

the 100 export is like 80% of the reason why it works, since what people want is the techs and stuff that boosts china’s gameplay.

Like apparently the tea card is not used in treaty, so for lategame stuff the card is not worth it

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Export is not worth it on treaty (only hatamotos cause ageIV card) cause its slow to produce and units come slowly too. Thats the reason Indian consulate is considered the worst, since they dont get any lategame bonus like China or Japan do

Out of all China tweaks, a nerf to Tea Export is the one mostly deserved.

The calculation is pretty rational when you consider the card is just a bridge to an end: speed up your Commerce Age build. It’s a path and not a end like “9 pikemen” card.

And yes, if you consider it’s a very important building worth a TP in cost, +100 export+ a boost in your passive income+ door to easily use a consulate/army then yes: the analysis is pretty valid. Specially because some people use it even as the first card.


did you guys actually play? lol


If you follow your formula, you might even think the sumtuary laws card is very op. Because this card has 0.15 export , this is equivalent to the work efficiency of 5 villagers. This card must be nerf. The same goes for Japanese and Indians. what an op card hurry up let developteam to nerf. lol


That card should be reworked, maybe just a greater trickle of export and XP, while the indian one gives influence to Africans too (EU and natives would get more XP).

Other option is that it gives a greater trickle depending on stock resources, like berbers upgrade

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