Please, stop locking stuff other than profile images behind timed events

I’ve been playing AoE2 for over 15 years, my first game was when I was 7 and a cousin showed it to me.
Am ok with the profile images being locked behind event tasks.
But it really makes me sad that you are now locking things like cheat codes and mods behind time-gates.
The tasks may be easy to do, but some of us may not have the free time to do them, if you still want to lock them behind tasks, do NOT put a time-gate on it.
This also affect future new players, who will be locked from those things.
I know someone will come and say “you can just download a mod to add those things”
But why would they need to add a mod, that might break and have no official support, when they are right there and already programmed in the game?

If the devs won’t change this, please, at least give us a satisfying answer of why.


There is no difference between the devs adding a mod to your game, and you downloading a mod from the workshop. its the same. there is no extra support or breaking of compatibility or something similar.
So you finding it on the workshop is the same as them “programming” it in.

But there is a difference, specially the cheats.
It is just stupid to lock these stuff behind a time-gate.
What if they decide that they don’t want the copy-mods up on the workshop anymore?


Will the people, who didn’t unlock new cheats during events never get them (future new players, etc)?


from experience from previous events on AoE2 DE:

You only got the unlockable stuff if:

  1. You sign in with your Xbox Live account. So players at Steam without Xbox Live account need to create a Xbox Live account, just to not lose all unlockable stuff after the event. To me it is a bit weird to force Steam users to make a Xbox Live account to get the full experience of the game.

  2. You need to unlock the features during the event. If you dont unlock the features for whatever reason (for example you didnt even own the game), then you are doomed to. There is no option to get the unlockable stuff.

I bought this game end March. before i was playing on HD and Voobly. So i have no options to get the unlockable stuff from before the end of March.


that you guys know of. we could get future events or ways to unlock those cheat codes for you. remember games only been out for like 6 months now, and most the cheat codes are really recent.

Sorry, i dont understand what you meant to say. Can you clarify you post? Maybe it is my own bad English :wink:

They might allow you to earn them again

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Thing is: the devs don’t communicate with us if they are bringing it back at some point or not.
So the obvious assumption is: no

They gave people a second shot at unlocking the photon man cheat and even made it so the achievement is cross platform. Anyway, the challenges are extremely easy to get, you just need to give yourself infinite ressources in a SP game, the right starting age, and do whatever it asks you, then resign (and not leave) and bang! got the thing in 3 min. The “destroy castle with a treb” mission is barely harder: infinite ressources, post imp, regicide, idle AI (available as a mod), and you should get it just as fast.


I just go for DM against easiest AI.
The standard AI dont know how to play DM it seems. They just build up an eco, no military. So they already have almost infinite resources and they only make vills to cut threes and forget about an army 11

Easy way to get the achievements.

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Again, you are just assuming people “didn’t want to put the effort to play”. Some people genuinely could not play during the week the event took place. It’s dumb to lock gameplay stuff like this behind timed events. Cosmetics sure, go for it. Not gameplay stuff.


Didn’t need they “didn’t put the effort to play”, it’s just that some people might not have thought about these solutions. If “they” truely were kept busy by something important then cool for them that they are people who can prioritize well, they probably won’t care. Also I forgot to mention there will be someone (@Zetnus usually) who will repost the mod after the event. Dunno if it’s doable for cheats tho.

There’s a big difference. As @VelkenIakov said, mods can break the game and they have no official support. Check this thread out, for example, where a lot of players write about issues with the game and the commonly quoted solution is to “disable the Tech Tree mod”

Simply a pathetic way to get people to use xbox live. We can call it like it is.

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Unfortunately cheat codes aren’t something that can be added as a mod after the event. But all the graphics, terrains, main menus, particle effects, etc. are available for download if anyone didn’t get them in time.


You don’t need xbox live to unlock the cheats.
Just player icons
Even graphical mods are unlocked by other challenges

except you do if you wanna keep them after the event ends.

I kept all the other icons after the event ended and I just logged in and immediately out just for the first challenge (Log in into XBox Live)

So I’m gonna call that nonsense.