[Poll] A custom civilization builder in AOE2:DE?

The question posed is very simple.

The developers said that they will not be adding new civilizations in the future.

However, there are still a few medieval empires or major kingdoms that have not been included in AOE2:DE but are highly requested by fans including: Chola/Vijayanagara Empire (Dravidians), Tibetan Empire, Kanem Empire, Jurchen Empire, Ghurid Empire, Thai Kingdom, Moldava/Transylvania kingdoms (Romanians), Georgian kingdom, Burgundian Kingdom, Bantu (Zimbabwe + Kongo) etc.

A custom civilization builder for singleplayer or for multiplayer mods would allow players to create new civilizations and play them on their own, or with friends in unranked matches unless the developers want to incorporate them in AOE2:DE.

  • Yes, we need a custom civilization builder for single player mods only
  • Yes, we need a custom civilization builder for single- and multiplayer mods (not ranked)
  • No, we do not need a civilization builder.

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So what do you think?

If you have any other suggestions feel free to post them!


I would like civilizations be more moddable in DE rather than ingame civilization builder. Just so you know Userpatch offers civilizations “builder” already

Unfortunately, I do not play the Userpatch. Only AOE2:DE.

What do you get by spreading false information? :unamused:

Did you even used Userpatch? Got any idea how Voobly’s WololoKingdoms mod works?

There are mods like Realms, Chivalry, etc. in Userpatch. You better try that. Huge miss. In Voobly possible to do ranked match even.

That’s not civilization builder.

Did the developers really confirm in final that they will no longer add more civilizations in the future?

Then what type of Civiliization builder you expected? Empire Earth like?

Pretty sure he asked for mod.

This is how they worked:

Then why should that mod be single player only or SP+MP as the OP asked?

He was stating that the developers will no longer add new civs in the future before suggesting a civilization builder mod. Can the devs confirm such statement of OP?

Yeah, what’s the point even? You can actually make civilizations from scratch. It’s offering much more flexible civilization builder compared to Empire Earth.

Did you meant the one who wrote the post?

You asked how to add civs in userpatch, I answered. That’s the point.

Yes I mean the original post.
If he meant simple modding to add new civs then he doesn’t need to specify SP or SP+MP. All data mods made using AGE tool can be played both online and offline as long as both players are using the mod. He certainly meant a simplified official tool (in game) that helps in making custom civilizations.
I don’t know about Empire Earth, but probably that is what he meant…

A simplified tool that allows combining a architecture set, create custom tech tree and reuse some of the UUs and UTs will be sufficient for an Official Civilization Builder in my opinion.

Currently the process making such a mod using AGE is very complex.

Long story short game devs might add Userpatch like civilization builder/adder/remover or whatever you say in future. If that’s something done then you actually be able to play those civs you want as mod and consider yourself lucky.

They have already added the feature of adding new civs to the game. It just has a bug that doesn’t allow it to appear in UI properly. It will be fixed in future patches.
Follow this thread for more information:

As far as I know those codes are still hardcoded and they’ll work on it. This is something definitely not currently done yet.

Also we need a custom AI that builds all units in general and not follow a build order/personality, otherwise single player functionality of any new civ mod will be questionable: