[poll] Cosmetic DLC

@TungstenBoar Thanks :slight_smile:

@MatM1996 Yes. But I don’t see a problem because this style would only appear in the Imperial Age buildings (TC and market) + buildings (walls, towers and castle) that would make more sense in this style than in the previous ones.

@PeakHornet46539 In fact, only cereals would be enough to show the diversity of each region:

→ Wheat: Mediterranean and Middle East
→ Barley: Central Asian
→ Rye: North and East Europe
→ Oats: West Europe
→ Millet: East Asia
→ Rice: South and Southeast Asia
→ Sorghum: Africa
→ Maize: Native America


Ah ok, no problem then…

Wheat (Europe/Middle East/Central Asia), Rice (South, Southeast and East Asia), Millet (Africa) and Maize (Americas) would be sufficient.

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That should depend on the map, not the civilisation, in my opinion.


The regional skins should apply to Return of Rome too.
Korean and Roman armies shouldn’t look the same.

For RoR I suggest 3 regions:
West(Mediterranean), Middle East and Far East.

The regions are independent of the Architecture set.
Carthaginians and Palmyrans for example would have Middle Eastern units but keep the Roman architecture while Hatti would keep the Egyptian architecture but get Western units.

Future regions could be Southern Asia or Northern Europe.


how about fixing core issues like pathing instead of pouring glitter over the fe*es aoe2de has always been?

Ok tell the graphic designer he has to code path finding now.
You can easily heir new people that make art assets for AoE2DE. It’s not that complicated, there are a lot of people that make their own unit sprites as mods.
But getting someone to learn a 25 year old engine takes years. They can’t just heir new programmers.

And also bug fixes don’t get people to play a game.
Did you ever buy a game because there was a line in the patch notes that said that a certain rare bug got fixed? Probably not.
But did you ever buy a new game because it got a lot of new content in an update? More likely.

I’m not saying bugs should not be fixed, of course they should.
But they should not stop everything else until the bugs are fixed, if they did that then we would have 0 new civilisations, campaigns, maps, game modes etc.


They have been doing this since the game was released. Every patch so far there is someone like you justifying adding alpaca avatars and events and other useless glitter with the argument they shouldn’t just be dropping doing that. Well, 4 years of doing so and nothing done to actually fix the pathing, maybe they should really focus on that? Maybe pathing is one of the core elements of the game, maybe the skins and other cr*p wouldn’t be worthless if the game wasn’t due to the 4 years of neglect after making the ‘questionable’ (for a lack of better words) decision to use the same old engine. How about making the abhorrent chat filter optional (ON by default and even if they want, they can protect it behind parent control password, but OPTIONAL)? How about the inability to save a MP game? This couldn’t be done in non-DE era due to the fact games were p2p. We have p2server now, why hasn’t this been implemented? But God forbid they drop the useless eyecandy. I understand things can be done simultaneously, but there’s a budget. Then, there’s management. There should be priorities, right?


I really hope this comes to light. This would increase engagement and honor each civ.

Please make this happen devs!

The game makes money by selling DLCs, not by having people play it for a long time.
There is no subscription, no season pass etc.
They have to add new things to make any money. The sales of the game always go down, only a few people buy a game 5 years after release and if they do so they only buy it on discount.

There were many bugs fixed since the release of the Definitive Edition and they also added a lot of new features and options to players.

Path finding is one of the most complicated and most complex parts of the AoE2 code, nothing that can be easily fixed and other changes to the code in other places can introduce new bugs to the path finding.
The question is how many other bug fixes and new features should be delayed to improve the path finding. Different people have different priorities for that.
A bug that is game braking for you might be something someone else doesn’t care about at all and vice versa.
And at what point would you consider the path finding “fixed”. There will basically always be room for improvement. Units will never exactly walk in exactly the way you want to in every situation.
If you come from AoE1(DE) and the path finding in AoE2DE is a dream.
If you come from AoE4 the path finding in AoE2DE is probably just mildly annoying.

The whole chat filter thing is a completely different story. That has nothing to do with them not being technically able to do so.
It’s likely because they don’t want to risk losing their age raging. AoE has a 12+ years rating which is a lot lower then most other multiplayer games. Many other strategy games have 16+ ratings or similar, shooters are basically always between 16-18+ ratings.
That’s something we can’t discuss here, we are both not lawyers, or are you?

But back to the topic.
For a lot of people things like immersion and story telling are more important then a bug free experience.
Not having every army of every civilisation look like it’s from western Europe would massively improve the immersion of the game for many people and bring them a lot more enjoyment then some small bug fixes.
I bet many people wouldn’t even notice if the path finding was “fixed”.

That’s true
But if this game is included in an Xbox pass, that perception changes

Not really.
The majority of players don’t play though games pass and the people that do are usually those that only play the game for a short time.
DLCs are not included in the games pass for example.
Almost all people that play the game a lot over a long time have bought it.

We also don’t know how games pass revenue is calculated. So even if the majority of players were though games pass, how much money ends up being payed to the developers of one particular game.
Does it even depend on the hours played?
It’s certainly less money then a battlepass or micro transactions would make. Not saying they should add those things, that would be awful.

I don’t understand so many complaints about the path finder, it’s definitely better than the AoE and AoE3. AoE4 is the most recent release in the series so it just doesn’t count.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition it’s a 25 year old RTS game that stays ALIVE. To keep servers running, balance patches released, and bugs fixed, developers need to make a profit.

The game pass is a business strategy, there is not that much profit for an individual game there. The only option you have are the DLCs that add new campaigns and civilizations. They criticized each other a lot saying that they would ruin the competitive and that they would make it difficult for the newbie ones to learn, but the story has been completely different. Interest in this game has grown at a competitive level. Adding unit skins isn’t going to kill competitive game, it’s not going to make it unreadable, there are already plenty of artist examples that have made fully readable models. In this case, an option can be placed to deactivate it or simply NOT buy the skins DLC. If the DLC is successful (which it will be…), the developers will have the opportunity to work on implementing improvements and bug fixes.

Please let the game expand. There were people complaining about the DE improvements in its release because they need everything to be old hardcore.


how much more stuff they must break before you start criticizing I wonder. maybe they’ll break the stuff you use/play the most thats when you finally care, only then you realize just how long for them to “fix” certain things.

staying positive is one thing, however they definitely have priorities in the money side and the many complaints about bug issue are very valid and shared by many of us. the DLC and skins happen to coincide with making money. when theres something you needed fixed and they dont see a point to it, maybe you’ll open your eyes then.


It’s funny you should mention that because if innovation and QoL is what we need (to which I agree), then maybe the devs shouldn’t have gone for the 25-year old engine the first game was based off of. Maybe a new engine would have been much more suitable given how with every new patch there is a plethora of new bugs.

And while I agree the game should expand, please let the game expand, and not the bugs. DE looks beautiful enough and graphics-wise, the artists have done their job. Of course there is always the room for improvement, but that is not the point I am making: all I am saying is there are far more important changes needed before we can daydream about civ-specific architecture.