[Poll] Should AoE4 get Native Americans?

Could recover from OW diseases: Old World

Could not recover from OW diseases: New World

Could totally defeat any OW power at its zenith: New World

Add them all and ditch all historical accuracy; game will improve significantly from any additional content.

Rule of Cool+++

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Interesting. People really should think of this differently. OW had trouble fighting OW. Fighting NW would be piece of cake in OW eye’s

The main problem with gauging the possible outcomes of a non-disease afflicted Americas is that there’s not enough information about their capabilities available, outside Tenochtitlan’s direct sphere of influence. We know that Tenochtitlan was capable of massing an army of 300k in a matter of weeks when absolutely necessary, but we can’t even gauge how effective said army could have been as it was wrecked by disease shortly after.

We don’t even know the language or cultural customs of the Mississippians, let alone enough to build a theoretical civilization out of them. The Ancestral Puebloans are pretty much the only ancient North American civilization we know enough about to potentially create a civ out of - otherwise, we need to extrapolate off of what is known of the more modernized nations that colonials encountered on their explorations westward and the oral histories known therein.

I picked the Haida in my selection of North Americans because they have a solid history of residing on Haida Gwaii for - at the very least - the last 10k years, and the evolution of the PNW Potlach Gov’ts could be expressed through them, as one of the most influential nations in the PNW, accompanied by an exciting and very expressive aesthetic that players would enjoy.

I picked the Seven Fires because their history - while significantly shorter in span than other civs present in the game - offers an excellent evolution through distinct eras that other Native civs don’t have to such an extreme. Taking the Seven Fires from the Dog Days into their heyday of cavalry would be an explorative evolution that hasn’t been seen in any previous installment of the Age franchise, as it would take a civilization from an agrarian model in the earlier ages of the civ into becoming simultaneously more nomadic and defensive, a trio of traits that has never been combined before and likely doesn’t have any other good examples the game could use for such a unique playstyle.

I don’t think so. Native Americans are a Aoe3 thing, and definitely a post imperial stuff. I don’t think they make sense with the existing medieval civs like HRE or so

It’s not really a problem for AoE4. The game’s timeframe is basically over by the time disease was decimating the Americas.

AoE4 civs are not that complex. Pick some archeological sites for landmarks. Give them some economic bonuses that revolve around maize farming. Their unique unit could be as simple as a Tomahawk to replace MAA. That’s really all you’d have to do specifically for them. The rest would be creating a base unit set for all natives.

What exactly would you be basing this off of? You can’t just take the culture from the late 1800s and assume it was the same in the 800s. Haida are a good fit for AoE3 but not great for AoE4.

This is not going to happen because it’s the opposite of how the game works. You start with an unestablished settlement surrounded by abundant resources and then consume those resources to build your empire. Not to mention that this period of transition occurred outside of the era of AoE4 and that the Seven Fires only did this irl because they lived in a apocalyptic world upended by disease. I could imagine this dynamic occuring in a game like Humankind, but not an AoE game.

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The Main problema for natives would be seige

Imagine an azteca civ

Spearmen and archers were very common worldwide
You could have eagle or jaguar Warriors as a heavy infantry, maybe give eagles an Anti siege bonus and a little more speed

Even slingers to replace xbows role

But i really have no idea of natives american siege warfare options

They didn’t even have OW sheep—the staple of AoE4 DA.

They have llamas and turkeys. AoE4 just needs to be less bland when it comes to flora and fauna.

They may not have the resources for an addition like that.

If they don’t have the resources to pull off something that simple then the game is going nowhere.


I don’t think this game is, which is why I now have the opinion that they shouldn’t. I have zero faith in the devs to be able to create a Native American civ with any accuracy, and I feel they’d end up creating a useless stereotype with zero regard for historical accuracy because it’s difficult to find.

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It took them how long to get a simple color picker that cannot override an options menu setting?

I love the game, I want it better, but…

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Slingers need to be a worldwide unit. They existed in most regions in medieval times. Very accurate and hard hitting

The devs can’t even create old world civs accurately it’s sad to say.

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Realistically speaking, technically, they would sooner or later simply buy know-how from old world civs.
And in various situations they did ally themself with an old world Civ.

Maybe the market could act as mercenary building for natives, where you can buy units like “Siege Experts Engineers”, who could simply build for natives siege weapons. Or get access for some kind of Spanish expedition force.

As pure civ:
wooden shields for cover. while as any civ, even Aztec did have siege ladders to climb walls
Canoes were sometimes used both for cover and as ladders for scaling the walls.

Chichen Itza siege tower

Aztec also had access to dig tools.
A very common tactic was to dig under enemies walls.


This is a case where the lack of an animated siege crew really hinders the game. For native siege the crew would be a much bigger part of the unit. A native siege unit could be a crew protected by a mantlet that would undermine walls and smoke out defenders. It could also possibly have ranged attacks with flaming arrows and projectiles hurled by lacrosse sticks.

The Incas used boulders to smash through walls. Boulders could be an option for emplacements on outposts and the outpost could then be used to attack enemy walls by rolling boulders at them.

Adopting European technology could also be an option. The Spanish used a trebuchet against the Aztecs. Trebuchets can also be made from simple materials.

From what I’ve remember, there won’t ever be a Native American civ in AoE4 because they would be too complicated to create considering how difficult it is to learn from them.

Azttecs, Mayans, Incas - yes

North Americans - no

Hi! I just made 4 threads drafting my ideas around Native American civs and how they could work for AoE4!

AoE4 Civ Concept: Inca
AoE4 Civ Concept: Aztecs
AoE4 Civ Concept: League of Mayapan
AoE4 Civ Concept: Native American Overview spreadsheet

I have there a very simple suggestion,
instead to balance Natives, Nomad vs Empires, why not simply make it Natives vs Natives?

In a Historical game, it’s maybe not the best idea to make gimmicks to compensate:
Stone walls, Castles, gunpowder, siege equipment, Advanced Ships and Horses.
It might be in the end result very odd.

Instead, we could have various scenarios where natives simply fight vs other natives, either in their native habitat or from other parts of the world. With own gameplay mechanics. There are various possible factions across north Asia, America, Oceania and South Africa, who could fight on equal terms with each other.