[Poll] What content have you acquired so far?

A general survey of what AOE-3 content you have purchased, both the base game and all DLC.

  • Age of Empires III: DE - (Base Game) (It also has xbox game pass)
  • Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals
  • Age of Empires III: DE - Knights of the Mediterranean
  • Age of Empires III: DE - Mexico Civilization
  • Age of Empires III: DE - United States Civilization
  • Age of Empires III: DE - Soundtrack
  • Hero Cosmetic Pack - Vol. 1
  • Hero Cosmetic Pack - Lizzie (Free)
  • Hero Cosmetic Pack - Kunoichi
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Did you have the original game from 2005?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes, and with the TWC expansion
  • Yes, and with the TAD expansion
  • Yes, with all the expansions (the ‘complete edition’ of steam released in 2009 is also included)
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I have everything except the cosmetic packs and the soundtrack. I don’t see myself getting the soundtrack as I hear it often enough as it is. The japanese hero cosmetic I’m unlikely to get as I don’t play much japan and I don’t like how both explorers look the same and you can’t individually customize them. I will likely get the vol 1 cosmetic pack at some point probably when it is on sale as I don’t spend a long time staring at my explorers.

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I currently only own Base DE and Mexican civilization but I’ve tried both African Royale and Knight of Mediterranean through friends account. I enjoy the Ethiopian and some African map, while Italian and Maltese did not capture me much although I like the european map and natives. I can see myself buying both DLC in the future.

But I must says that Mexican is a good content, it’s like there is 3 civ inside one, playing as Estado de Mexica, Baja California, and Maya is like playing different civilization. I think Mexican the only DE civ that I own currently that I play, I don’t even touch Sweden and Inca and still have them at lvl 1, while USA I don’t think that I’m gonna buy them.

I own the original on disk and on steam because buying it digitally is cheaper then buying a CD drive, especially because it was on sale for like 5€ anyway.

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You’re missing out, they’re incredibly fun civs to play. Inca especially are so underplayed because people just see them as another native like haud but they’re very different with a much more interesting unit roster and a far superior eco, better eco than many euro civs early on.

USA also has a ton of potential strategies and variety, less meme stuff than mexico but plenty of effective options.

I have the German version of the AoE3 collector’s edition (base game) bought for 60 PLN (14.90 $).

BTW. The AoE3 soundtrack deserves a vinyl release!

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