[Poll] What DLC or expansion from AOE-3 have you liked the most so far?

  • Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs (2006).
  • Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (2007)
  • Age of Empires III: DE (Sweden + The Incas) (2020)
  • Age of Empires III: DE - DLC EE.UU (2021)
  • Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals (2021)
  • Age of Empires III: DE - DLC Mexico (2021)
  • Age of Empires III: DE - Knights of the Mediterranean (2022)

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I think everybody loves some knights, paladins and templars. Now we need assassins from Persia as next civ with Omanis.

I’ll be real, i can’t decide, too many good picks

I’m surprised african royals is the second most popular because on steam it’s the dlc with the least positive reviews.

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I really liked African Royals for its originality, the fact it exposed me to the history of Africa in better detail, and the professionalism in crafting the civilizations and the African environs. They really went out of their way to give Hausa and Ethiopia unique architecture and units, and crafted the African maps to be unique both in terms of feel and gameplay.

I had hoped that Knights would take some pointers and that they’d apply the same detail, but it appears not. Still fairly solid, any new content is welcome, but I hope later this year we’ll see a return to the level of innovation from African Royals.


It’s because it was horribly balanced on release. Otherwise it’s a very good expansion that’s faithful to the history and has tons of great maps and two fun civs.


The expansions that I like the most are ‘the Asian dynasties’ and ‘the African kingdoms’. Very original and unique civilizations. Very good art in general in both expansions, but I think the African expansion should have had full campaigns, even if they don’t have cinematics (which I would like).

What I like the most about ‘Knights of the Mediterranean’ are the royal houses and the new role they have given to the maps to reward the one who controls the maps (like the captureable mills for example). Plus the new game modes that provide a lot of replayability.

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Which minor DLC did you like the most?

  • Mexico
  • EE.UU

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I think Mexico is my favorite “new” civ, however a single civ DLC will never top the larger more ambitious major dlc’s. The Knights of the Mediterranean is my top DLC because it finally brought us European maps and minor civs, plus a plethora of new maps, mercs, and treasures. TAD Is a close second for me, for largely the same reasons.


Exacto, pero si somos justos con los 2 mini dlc´s prefiero el de México, no se tiene su algo demasiado unico


KoTM is amazing. Love all the new stuff it’s quite overwhelming in a good way. The new maps are so pretty. I also loved when the Americans first came out. They were just so vastly different than the civs at the time and had so much variety of strategy. Mexico was equally as great but because the US had come out sooner, it didn’t have as much of a wow factor (although the architecture and theme…incredible). I love both civs though. African Royals was great, loved the new maps and the minor civ units. I really can’t say anything bad about anything in DE except some name changes I didnt agree with and the favt that they made the Sebastopol Mortar too weak. Basically I’m enamored with aoe3 right now.

Now the old xpacks… Warchiefs was interesting. TAD was bad. I didn’t like the maps, the minor civs were religious instead of cultural, Japan is still too powerful and too anime, Deccan was overplayed, and the civs IMO were very poorly researched. And I don’t like wonders being used to age up. Wonders are supposed to be used to hold and win games.

Whats ee.uu?

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Estados unidos. The United States in Spanish.

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I like it. We should all refer to the USA like this


Warchiefs (legacy) because it actually had single-player campaigns that were good. TAD is a close second because it actually had single-player campaigns that were challenging. KOTM is dead last because it has no single-player campaign or even missions. The Italians are the best of the FE-designed civs though.

I choose mexico because i like revolutions, i hope they will rework other civs revolutions future.

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