Portuguese is the worst civi on Arabia any buff suggestion?

Portuguese is currently the worst civi on the most popular map played (Arabia), according with Hera`s Video, Portugueses have good tech tree but the discount of gold not have sense when you be in castle age and the eco tend to stabilize, I say that the potuguese discount of gold is useful only in early castle when you need to produce of two - three stables, and no more.

(Minute 32:25)

My suggestions are (only one):
improve the speed of unique unit. 15% more speed because is very slow and is a good buff.
Have Paladins available.
Have Hussars and a little buff of Unique Unit speed.
I dont really agree but improve the production rate of Feitorias (is a problem is is the sime production rate of villager proportional to the population?)


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Care to explain with ur own understanding why is it the worst civ on such map? 20% less gold on units is something big.

Full arbalest monks, cavalier, siege with gold discount, that is more than ok in any land map, i’drather to have them over japanese any time.

See the Video minute 32:25

looking at the [Just for fun] Unique bonuses for hypothetical new civs thread for stuff which seems applicable to Portuguese:

  • Economic techs available one age earlier
  • Towncenters spawn a Villager when researching a new age, and when they are constructed
  • Blacksmith upgrades are automatically researched for free an age after they become available
  • +5 Villager HP for each Towncenter technology
  • All blacksmith upgrades are available 1 age earlier (probably too strong)
  • TCs +10 LOS
  • Herdables have +2 LOS
  • Every technology is researched 50% faster (except Age up)
  • Trash units regenerate hp slowly (can be an imperial unique tech or a bonus)
  • Siege Engineers free
  • Villagers regenerate
  • Lumberjacks don’t need to drop off wood, but start with -100W
  • Repairers work 100% faster and repairing costs 25% less
  • Farms give 10 food when built
  • Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart have double effect on Villagers
  • Own Herdables and Wolves are revealed
  • Start with 3 Farms and a Lumbercamp
  • Gunpowder units +1/+2 armor
  • Increased rate of fire for Town Centers (maybe starting in FA or increasing per Age)

Besides all that I’d also agree with a UU buff. My preferred option would be for Organ guns to become much much stronger but also much more expensive. They could be an Onager-replacement.

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and hasn’t stopped them from being terrible, even pros feel they aren’t that great, and are rarely used in tournaments.

their units are all generic with the exception of a UT that doesn’t necessarily work.

and you might want them over Japanese but many pros disagree with you. whose opinion should i trust more?


Exactly, in fact this Civi should good because have cavalier and arbalest full upgrades but when I compare with other civis that dont have eco bonus, the difference is huge, byzantine have buildings with extra HP, and cheap trash units with cheap imperial age, and Sarracens have huge market and extremely dangerous archers.


and most players disagree with @SouMexican according to pick rates…

so he’s basically alone… :rofl:

Every military unit should have +10% hitpoints


i think thats cool, but i would like to see them get a specific unit type buff, atm they are a very vanilla soup mix.

nothign stands out, so not only are they weak, but also boring…

example: korea is weak, but at least they have cool WW and unique onagers, and very unique towers…

My suggestion would be to unlock some useful techs (e.g. Gold Shaft Mining) and add a new function to Feitoria. Changing resources generation is a lost cause because unlimited resource generation is always either OP on some maps or useless on others. Extra functions could be training units, shooting arrows etc. In this case, Feitoria no longer has to compete with villager work rate to become viable.

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They are a water civ on design, they are the only counter to the nasty longboat from vikings, they can survive and win any island map with the feitoras.

Low pick rate is due the organ gun being so bad on DE.

Koreans are now great on water with 20% cheaper ships on wood, however the player base is too old or too stubborn to even try them, until the pros start abusing and using some civ, that is how it becomes popular, for viper portuguese were OP back at rise of rajas given his preference with the organ guns, same as hera is just a pro opinion, organ gun has never been great in smaller numbers.

Portu vs japanese, lets see if we ignore the water bonus from both civs, portu have better tec tree, cheaper gold units while japanese well they have 50 wood lumber camps,mills and mining camps, see the difference now?

Portuguese all they needs is to fix the organ gun and the â– â– â– â–  frame delay that HC have now and as general balance change reducing chemistry time upgrade, 3 minutes after the long 3 minutes reaching imperial is basically gg for gunpowder civs, but deftly no more economic bonuses.


The 5% discount was recently added in the latest balances changes, it wasn’t that big to motivate players to try the civ again, because everything they can do given the current state of HC and organ gun, is not a good option to try their lands options, but it is not the civ’s fault.

You guys want every civ to be OP with 5 or 10 bonuses, the civ is a water civ with endless supply of resources, more unique than that there is no other civ.

The logic of forums players is the next one, byzantine 25% cheap trash units is just too much and OP, also the same users 20% berber, korean and portu units discounts is trash lol.

where’d you see this?
Doesn’t sound like anything I’ve read a lot of

Go and read the byzantine old balance topics…

But Portuguese civi on the most popular map is so weak, I understand that is a water civi but look vikings, japanese, italian, malay civi and are better than portuguese, Im 1430 player and I did the task of only play with portuguese and bulgarians, currently I am 1299, lol, Portuguese is so weak trust me.


Stp paying too much attention to Tier Lists, specially by Hera.
The man did not even kniow Franks lack Bracer and Ring Archer Armour, a couple of months ago.

Ports need no buffs.

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What? Hera is currently top 2 world player, He knows all of the game

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No he does nort, just look at his videos. Seriously, in a match as Franks, he goes full in on Archers, get to Imp, and asks: “Since when do Franks lack Bracer and RAA?”

Also, Ports should be absolutely mediocre on any Land map, since they are designed as a pure Water civ.

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I think the Portuguese need something for their early economy. Something like economic upgrades being researched faster or economic buildings being built faster. This also would kind of fit the historical aspect of colonialism.

Plus I don’t know why they nerfed the Caravel… should have at least stayed at 40G base cost in my opinion

I’m a sub on Hera’s channel and I enjoy watching him play but this is just straight up false :joy: today for example he didn’t know that Italians don’t get Siege Engineeers. And where do you think those “Hera is pausing to watch tech-tree”-memes are coming from?


Their early games is still vulnerable. Removing stone cost of outpost might help them a bit defend against early raiding considering how useless cartography is in 1vs1.