Possible New plot solution on obtaining Lakota and Haudenosaunee coins

Too many butthurt for an average game “issue” or misrepresentation


Lol what’s the fuss about coins.
Trade was a thing for them too, you know. Something market-related or a reasonable trickle could be enough. But I like the “hunting hut” idea better.


It is controversial since before the game was released. When it was announced that these civilizations could not mine in the conventional way because it was historically incorrect.

Have to find a solution.

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The Americans, Canadians, British and French were going to explore the mine, so the Indians could find them there to set up a fur market and trade with them. North American peoples who mastered copper metallurgy, and then learned to work iron quickly after contact with Europeans, such as the Haudenosaunee, could likewise be found near these mines. That’s what I thought about it. When those metal explorers were gone, as they were the clientele, the market would no longer make sense. Even though the Haudenosaunee mastered copper, they did not use it as currency, but it was part of the barter, and other raw materials and other objects were used as a source of wealth and for barter, so this indirect collection of coins is even more logical.

tbh im used to the tribal marketplace now and i actually like how it works as a gameplay mechanic, it creates more chokes in my base, gives line of sight, and lets me gather coin closer to my TC when the mine is far

this game isn’t historically accurate either way so who cares. it’s not like 20 villages standing in a circle bashing a rock outcrop with pickaxes is a historically accurate depiction of mining, much less creating coin, which is what you’re actually doing in game. Vills mining is just as much of an ahistorical visual metaphor as them shuffling around the tribal marketplace

In fact I proposed something like this:

It makes sense if mechanics is associated in some way with Europeans, but not as it is currently.

The game is not historically accurate, but it is based on history.

The mechanics itself is not the problem, it is the argument. I am willing to alter the gameplay of these two civilizations in order to see a more ingenious mechanic that is something deeper and unique.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but on the front page of this forum I’ve pasted a link that doesn’t lead to a text file, it leads to a short recreation of how American bison search for minerals in the ground. If you are interested here it is again:

Similarly it could be seen in the game in case they consider what I proposed.

The celts on Age of Empires Online can mine gold using a Gold Mine Extractor. It’s a structure above the mine and give 50% gold conservation… For native people I would make a structure above the mine that you garrison and the outside just looks like a market and people doing exchanges. It would be better than 10 vills somehow exploiting the gold adjacent to the mine.

I second your motion, the building that is used now is ugly and flat, how much interesting would be if instead of just proxy purposes they use a kind of “frontier market” building on top of the mine

It could grant a 1 type of renegado/outlaw to hire
Put more colorfull display of goods to trade; blankets, fur, fruit etc as a animation for the “miners” and perhaps add techs to “accelerate the trades” to emulate the faster mining or a card that allows to increase the “trade rates” for every other “frontier market” that you have, incentivising map control

Even if they don’t apply such mechanic to the north civs, I hope they use it for a future southamerican natives DLC, Guaraníes and Mapuches

I dont like the “building on top of the mine”-ideas… you dont just deny a mine for your enemies, but also for your allies :confused:

…same reason i dont like japanese (hunts) and ethiopian (mines) allies.

Imagine 1v1 Lakota vs Germany: the Lakota player blocks all coin outside the town - gg
So it has to be either a building with low HP or cost a lot (or have a low buildlimit)… still annoying for allies

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It should be a low hp building or maybe just make it so anyone can use the trading animation gathering coin :man_shrugging: the small line of sight would show you they are “trading” and either you respond by sending your units (to their ambush), or just let them to torch it later, the thing is, realistically just swedes goes as far as torp their enemys direct coinmines because they don’t need the villagers to do so, Lakota and Hauds still does so it would not be a viable strat to build a far “frontier market” just to not use it or even can

They dont have to gather coins there, against coin heavy civs its totally worth it just to block the mine … in your suggestion they could also build an outlaw from it.

remember, it cant be a high cost building (like the monastery) because the natives have no alternative

I honestly wouldn’t mind a second rework of the mining mechanic for Lakota and Haudenosaunee.

Getting coins with them is not going to lie awkward with them. Seeing the mine vanishing in the Nirvana looks in my honest opinion a bit weird too.

Especially considering that one of the main reason the mechanic was changed was supposedly trying to represent the Lakota and Haudenosaunee in a more accurate and respectful manner.


I’m still waiting for changes in the way these civilizations get coins. Personally, I prefer drastic changes in the gameplay than simply resigning myself to something that, in addition to being forced, is boring and meaningless.

I think the mining mechanics could be deeper and more fun (Monastery Mountain is an example that something satisfying and creative can be done with mines). Something similar could be done here.


in the pup they have effectively done that imo atleast for the lategame.

Lakota and haud now generate coin when gathering natural resources and haud got a card that basically means their wood never runs out

Lakota can now generate coin infinitely from their bisons

the final step imho is just removing the estate and make the tribal market the final lategame coin gathering place - with a tech of course.

I hate vils walking around while gathering at fields and estate

I hope they solve the “mining” of the Lakota and Haudenosaunee one day. I hope it will be in the next update or at least this year.

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