Post your humble opinions of the March PUP here

I think they went out of hand with the buff to Britanics, the rest 10 points.


Hate how they nerfed skull knight speed. They’re useless again smh

  • AI update: 10/10

  • Bug fix update: 11/10

  • British “rework”: 9/10 (although I’m really not fond of some stuff)

    • Siege Archery(IV): Looks troublesome at first but it’s a Age IV card so I don’t think it will see much use. Plus Longbowmen cost wood which would be better used on siege weapons.
    • Rangers (IV): I totally disagree on this card but whatever. Firstly: because it kills one of the major characteristics (Longbowman) and weakness of British (they lack rifleman units). Secondly: was it even needed? Edit:
    • Manor House reversed: Not a good idea. For real.
    • Greenwhich TP: But why? It just boosts a dominating meta for a very powerful civ. This card looks so powerful and so many other civilizations had the need of it instead of Brits…
  • Aztec nerfs: 7/10 (It won’t kill it and it’s still better than before although “the temple of ahufbaugmaknbacaca” nerf is sad though)

  • African explorers nerfs:10/10 (thank goodness. It took them long enough)

  • Overall balance: 9/10 (on point although the amount of tweaks in the waiting room is big and I REALLY disagree with some things about Britain)

  • Maps update and fixes: 9.9/10

Btw: Of all civilizations to get new cards and mini reworks in order to be more competitive, I think I speak for everyone when I say British would’ve been one of the last in line.
But a rework is a rework and I take any reworked civ whenever is done. :smile:

Thank you for the hard work F.E., W.E & TTLs !


Euro civs getting some much needed updates is now confirmed starting with the British. This is really good to see. Brits being able to train skirms is a game changer. Battleships!

Congo basin looks like a black forest map. Hope this doesn’t rule out a European DLC.

The AI updates so far have been great and this looks like it could be the best one yet.

Amazing patch. Very optimistic for AoE3DE in 2022.


overall seems fine really, gonna test personnally on the PUP, but PLZ dev, -100 f at the start for brit i implore you because the real problem right now is brit can age with 16 vills and age 2 at 3min45 70% percent of the game because of the livestock map and heavy food treasure map, so PLZ xD
Interesting change for brit overall, i need to check smth on the pup for the " Greenwich Time (I) "

Love the change for ras because again on livestock map is just too strong right now and even for contest opponent explo and treasure is too good for them

Love the change for lifidi and great move for cav hp

Good change for the dog tbh, actually that unit is incredible and hard to deal with early age 3 for 75f

and finally ngl i don’t like the fact to reduce shrine hp, 1400hp is fine really


well ngl but skull knight right now are so broken really xD

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Dang! I l love the AI changes and the British changes are wicked! The addition of a gunpowder skirmisher for Britain massively changes how they can be played, and the GMT card will allow for some really creative play. Not sure about the Swedes change to 90 vils, since torps peter out in long games. Also super happy with the new maps! Hopefully they continue to flesh out the map. I’m also interested to see what photo mode does.

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For the link to work, you have to be logged into steam (not the app, on the steam page). It is what worked for me so that the page does not show me ‘error’ when I click on the link.

Im scared we have entered the realm of brit being the first Uber tier civ in 1v1, ■■■■ even team is likely to be unaffected at the very worst by changes but likely to also be buffed to the Uber tier. No crate start nerf is unbelievable, I dont see what games the devs are playing compared to whats going on the ladder/casual lobbies? And here I was thinking thr devs were trying to buff civs to the strength of britain but then they go and do this buff the (one of the) best civs going lol.


Good direction (enriching euro civs)
Actual implementation might need further testing and adjustments.

EDIT: just saw this

  • [NEW] INF Rule, Britannia (IV): “Ships a mighty Battleship! This card costs 1000 Coin the next time you send it.”

10/10. Some other civs could get something similar.


i want this woman who has a weapon of war on her


Yellow River:

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading the northern trade route would instead upgrade the southern trade route. Now both trade routes are upgraded separately as expected.

In fact this is happening in some more maps

Would you mind elaborating a tad more? The pup will be going on test so a few things can change until further release. The developers can discuss, simulate, test and tweak accordingly.

I’m happy about the “mini-rework” but I’m aware some things are completely unnecessary (imo), specially because Brits are a top tier civ already.

Photo mode looks amazing


Is it? Do you recall which?

Dude, these are great.

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The ‘Colorado’ map. In fact I realized watching a tournament, but I just verified it for myself XD. I don’t know if in addition to this and the one already mentioned in the beta there are more.

I also tested on the rocky map to see if the same thing happened, but in reality it only restarts the travois route on the other trade route. I think this has been like this since before DE, but it gives the opponent extra experience in case he has a TP on that route (since the travois resets his traversal). If this is something deliberate, I think that actions on one route should not affect what happens on the other.

Slightly separate issue:

The ‘mines gerais’ map sometimes starts without one of the Jesuit villages. It only happened to me once.

And a separate topic:

Also please fix the animation of the trees to make it look more natural. The movement pattern is always the same. The movement simulates the breeze and the wind, but they always move at the same rhythm and beat, which makes no sense.

It’s already answered by a developer, but it’s just for reiterate.

That’s by design though.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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Awesome changes, what a great patch. Love all the brit changes and they will bring new life to the civ for me.

Only things that seem a bit harsh are the hausa lifidi nerf, skull knight nerf and changing otto improved buildings to age 4 as it’s not a great card to begin with and certainly not worth 1600 resources.


The Congo Basin is lit a rainforest and I like it
I wonder if we see Kongolese civ in AOE 3 at the future