Program to change the appearance/skin of units?

Hey, what program should I use to change the appearance of the Men At Arms/Swordsmen/Champions? For example I want them to look like the Legionaries of AoE 2 DE.

blender, maya, unity, UE4/5. you make those models yourself and make skins of your choice.


photoshop, edit each frame which is near impossible

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I add SLX Studio, to convert those models to Age 2 format

Aren’t those models Age 2 formats already?

I have no idea, I have never worked with models. But I know that SLX studio could be of use

You can do this with Advanced Genie Editor. You update the unit attributes to point to the alternate graphic. However that would require you to select the DAT each game.

If the frame counts are the same with the unit you wish to replace, you could find its SLD files in DRS graphics folder and rename them to the file you want it to replace and put in a local mod folder.

SLX studio can update the Frame counts (add, substract) but doesn’t currently support SLD format. However, Mods using old SMX file format still work. So find the original SMX files on Steam to edit.

Check out this discord for more info/help with both tools. There is a channel for both.

Will the changes I do be permanent? Or can I disable them, like I disable a mod?

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Yes, if you implement via a mod. Suggest DL a mod and explore the file structure to see how this is done. Mods with a DAT require you to select in game via drop down DAT selection each game. Non DAT are turned on via Mod menu in Settings. Some require a full restart for all UI changes to take affect.

Do you know about any guide with which I can do it with AGE?

Join the discord I posted earlier, and refer to pinned messages

I did. Thanx. But The only thing is that the tutorials are for making new units.
I also want the changes to affect certain civs.

Are you using custom graphics, or just the base game?

Just the base game. I don’t think I can create custom graphics. For example, I want to have Legionaries for Byzantines and Italians, Eastern Swordsmen for Middle Eastern civs and Dismounted Konnics for Slavs and Bulgarians.

All right. Open AGE, and go to the units tab.
Find this bit here, make sure you tick the “Including Graphcs” box. Then, untick all the civs you don’t want using your new graphics. (The easiest way of doing this is either to click the dropdown for Graphics set, or click none and then tick the ones you want)

Change the “Units” type in the top left to one of the civs you want to change, or you’ll end up with the wrong graphics for the wrong civ.
Now, look up the graphics you want to use, let’s say the Legionary, and screenshot them.

Scroll down until you find the Dead unit, and screenshot that as well.

Now, go back to the unit you want to change, and replace these values to what you have in the screenshot.

Save your DAT file in a mod folder you are using, then restart AoE2, and select your DAT. You should see the changes kick in graphically for the civs you selected in this stage.

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How to select my DAT? Is it in the game, or in AGE?

To play or to edit? If you want to play it, before starting a single player game, you need to change the data mod in the top right to use your DAT mod. If you want to open it in AGE, create a copy of the DAT from the base game, and put it in a mod folder in your local mod directory (I shared the file path you need on the other topic), then use AGE, and open that DAT. You always have to save in that local mod.

To play. So, as I understand, whatever I choose, I 'll need to do the change every time I start the game? I also want that change to affect multiplayer.

Let’s start with just getting your thing going for SP without breaking the game before we do MP ok? Yes, you need to select your data mod before starting each game.

Ok, understood. What about multiplayer?

What about it? You’re definitely not at that stage yet, but you need to select the datamod before hosting your lobby.