Public Api

Is there a public Api for AOE3 DE or are there any plans to implement one in the future?

It would be great if we could have 3rd party websites again to see the match history, all members of a clan and to gather data for statistics. The interface in the client for that is really lackluster and missing tons of features.


There is none currently, but it is in development. See here:


Any update on this? Would be amazing.


Bump. Would be great if developers provide public APIs for match history and even recorded game for every individual match. They don’t need to save every recorded game indefinitely, just remove old games that has passed 24 hours. There are a lot of players who can create nice front end interface to serve the community. I am also interested in creating one.
I know I can use tool like Fiddler to spy on the private APIs, create a website that shows the match history. A lot of RTS games which also don’t have the official support had their community made match history tools created by this mean. But I would like to see the official support.