Purely for fun speculation on future civ additions for AOE2 DE

Oh no! I forgot to pay my respects to those CIVILIZATIONS.

Habsburgs and Flanders are especially essential now, and I am happy to hear the devs had been considering and working since years to bring these vital CIVILIZATIONS in.


Habsburgs ere an imperial family, not a civilization.
Flandres is already in trhe Burgundians (Flemmish).

I guess he meant Austrians. Honestly it’s likely to add Austrians with a campaign fighting the Ottoman Turks. Imagine a Germanic DLC after Lords of the West how boring it would be…

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Arnt majority of those covered already?goths are ostrgoths and visigoths,spain covers all the spanish kingdoms, celts cover irish scots picts.

Well it looks like even more of my ideas made it into the game, so they weren’t so crazy after all. Love the look of the Hussite wagon, and it looks like it even fires sideways. Cant wait to see it in action.

Makes me think I should start a thread on the AOE4 forum with some of my ideas who knows maybe some of it will make it into the game. :grin:

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Don’t want to bash you, but it’s pretty obvious if you know a bit history what those civs UU would be.

In terms of design, I’m the most excited about Bohemians with their wagons.


Yes, Bohemians with the wagons and the upgrade to the Bombard Cannon, are the most appealing of the 2 new civs.
At least they are doing something new, which is what a lot of people want from new civs.


The Mill thing might be interesting too not going to lie.


Meh. Unless it is also an Animal Nursery, or does some crazy stuff like being both a Mill and a Market; I am just not impressed.


Maybe it can train cows/sheep.


Maybe they’ll take a page out of the Burgundian playbook and make it so that the animals from the nursery will stage a revolution, the tech can be called Animal Farm! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I have always placed my farms around a mill, creating an ‘‘agricultural centre’’, since I always make an estetic medieval city ,with walls,districts and such , having this Polish bonus will just be brilliant for my ludicrous play style.

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We are heavily necroing this thread, but I just had to. It is quite astonishing how well @PryingIvy454910 has predicted the Bohemian civilization. Among other things, he more or less predicted the Unique Unit and exactly predicted the Unique Tech that changes the gold cost for Monks into food:

There were people who responded that it would be OP to make Monks cost food instead of gold, but I was enthusiastic about the idea:

Fun to look back on it!

EDIT: And this prediction too:

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The big problem with the UT is that is OP against knights/siege/eles

huge difference - in castle age monks are very strong - in imperial age not so much. his was a castle age, this was imperial age.

except this was hardly the height of a hard guess, it was pretty obvious they were going to have winged hussar.

In Castle Age, gold is easier to come by than food, and the cost of building the Castle and doing the upgrade are more significant.

point is - monks with food cost in imperial age aren’t going to be that big of a deal because armies are larger and thus monks have less effect overall.

And my point is that Monks with food cost are not a big deal in Castle Age, either.

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Guys I think I am gonna cry :joy: :joy: :joy:

But seriously I should totally get a cut from the sales of this DLC! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Or maybe at least I get the DLC for free. Microsoft? :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


I feel Tupis would fit better in AoE3, though either way it would be nice to have fully playable Tupis.