PWAO Korean Civilization Mod

I present my mod/design/pitch of the Korean Civilization, which is currently in beta.
For now, many Korean units are tokens that represents historical units of the Joseon Army. For example, I use the Yumi and Yabusame to depict the Korean foot and cavalry archers, the same applies to the Atakabune and Tekkousen, who are similar to the Korean Geobukseon (Turtle Ship) and Panokseon. I still keep many original unit names for the better understanding of new players, but I intend to change this in the future.

-Civilization bonus: Irregulars and Sentries can be trained from villages and slowly regenerate hit points, starting from the Commerce age. Can’t train cavalry until Fortress Age, but can train Rattan Shields (Fast Infantry) at the Monastery in the Commerce Age. Can get the aid of Chinese allies through cards and the Summer Palace.

-Korean units: Yumi Archer, Qiang Pikemen, Changdao Swordsmen, Arquebusier, Iron Flail, Yabusame, Flaming Arrow, Hand Mortar, Hwacha (Organ Gun), Flying Crow, Shaolin Master, Disciple, War Junk, Atakabune, Tekkousen. Woldo Riders (Naginata Rider) and Meteor Hammers can only be obtained from the homecity, but they upgrade automatically each age.

-Korean buildings: Village, Rice Paddy, Monastery, Castle, Consulate, War Academy, Stable.
-Wonders: Confucian Academy, Porcelain Tower, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and White Pagoda. (Same as the Chinese)
-Consulate Allies: British, Russian, French and German. (Same as the Chinese)
NOTE: The reason why I use the same Wonders and consulate allies as the Chinese is because these mechanics are something difficult to modify.

-Historical Context: The Korean Kingdom of Joseon managed to survive and retain its autonomy despite the ambitions of several external powers for over 500 years.

-Hwarang Cavalry Volunteers (II): You receive a free Woldo Rider with all future shipments, starting with this one.
-Righteous Army (II): Ships 10 Irregulars. Ships 1 aditional Irregular for every Villager you have lost (up to a maximum of 20).
-Early Flaming Arrows (II): Ships a Flaming Arrow. Allows Flaming Arrows in Commerce Age.
-Korean Village Defenses (II): Villages shoot when garrisoned. Town Center attack increased.
-3 Hwacha (III, 200c): Ships 3 Hwacha.
-Gabsa Army (IV): Ships 3 Woldo Riders, 3 Meteor Hammers and 3 Iron Flails.
-Fire Dragon Pyrotechnics (IV): Ships a Flying Crow, a Flaming Arrow and a Hwacha. Slightly improves their rate of fire.
-Turtle Hulls (III): Increases the hitpoints of Atakabunes and Tekkousens.
-Ming Allied Army (III, 1000c): Ships 15 Qiang Pikemen, 11 Keshiks, and upgrades them to Disciplined status.
-Qing Allied Army (III, 1000c): Ships 15 Chu Ko Nus, 11 Steppe Riders, and upgrades them to Disciplined status.
-Chinese Allied Army (IV, 2000c): Ships 12 Qiang Pikemen, 12 Chu Ko Nus, 8 Steppe Riders, 8 Keshiks, and upgrades all of them to Honored status.

Feel free to post suggestions, ideas, or critiques in the comments below (please, I need them). Also, my English is not great, so any corrections are welcome. This mod should work in any language, but with texts only in English. I also intend to add Spanish and maybe some others languages in the future.

Link to the mods page PWAO Korean Civilization - Mods - Age of Empires


Korea MOD

Does the mod need balance?
  • Nerf.
  • Buff.
  • Nothing.
  • Others. (Please comment)

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What units should Korea have?
  • Traditional.
  • Westernized.
  • Others. (Please comment)

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What changes would you like to see in this mod?

I like mixed civilizations, in a few words, for me, Koreans should be a semi-traditional and semi-oxidentalized civilization.

is the mod fun?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Other. (Please comment)

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This Korean mod represents how you imagined this civilization?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Other. (Please comment)

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what changes would you make?

I would change the age system and make it more similar to the African system and as I mentioned before, for me the units should be semi-western and semi-traditional

PS: Hope this helps the mod creator get some feedback. :smile:

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Nice mod. Keep trying.

I only hope the mod creator could remake style of Korean military units based on historical uniforms in future.

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Good work ! I like it !

Some proposals and feedback:
-When we upgrade the hwacha, the name return to Rabauld (you can rename it “heavy hwacha” instead).
-it will be necessary to make a reskin of hwacha one day :smile:

-You can rename “Atakabune” to “Geobukseon” (“Turtle Ship” in korean).
-I think the Tekkousen looks too Japanese. For me, I will remove this unit but give bigger bonuses to the Atakabune/Geobukseon. Or else replace Tekkousen with Fuchuan (even if Fuchuan has characteristics close to Atakabune).

-Technical question: Is it possible to rename Wonders and change their powers only for koreans ?

Hi guys, I’m working on improvements for the mod. Some people are asking for a nerf, so I’d like to know: What units or mechanics etc. should they be nerfed? I am thinking of raising the cost of irregulars, for example, but I am very interested in knowing your opinion. Do we need any other buffs? Would you like to see any other new units or mechanics? You can make all the suggestions you want.

If you don’t have concrete suggestions, you could at least tell me which units you think could be modified.

I’m currently working on several name changes, to make them more “Korean”, but I have some problems with certain units, for example I still don’t know what Korean archer and horse archer units should be named (In another post someone suggested that the Korean horse archer could be named “Beolmusa” but I’m not sure yet…). The Japanese Tekkousen looks a bit like Korean Panokseon, that’s why I’m including them. (Just google “Panokseon” and you can see…)

I think I can change the names and powers of Chinese wonders, to make them more Korean, at least to some extent. Some wonder stuff is hardcoded so it’s hard to change, but I think I could make some changes. If anyone has any suggestions on this, please write it down.

I might do these kinds of changes in the future, but it would take time because I’m not a 3D modeler.

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