Recommend list for future features of Aoe3DE. (Unofficial)

Hi, after taking some free time i wanted to present a list of possible features that could be added over time, some of them are in high demand from the community since the beginning of Aoe3DE and I hope they will be introduced soon. :blush:

Added Aoe3DE features:
Friends list with status:

  1. Online.

  2. Absent.

  3. In Game (Busy).

And a don’t disturb and don’t receive invitations would also be welcome.

  • Improvement of the player icons, the player avatar icons are not displayed correctly the first time the “Friends list”, “Stuck”, “Last game” menus are opened.

  • Allow for better iteration with clans by extending the clan description and displaying the clan chat with a history without deleting it after exiting and re-entering the game.

  • Call Level for all languages ​​Elo so as not to confuse new players by not understanding what Elo is.

  • Make the rank random like the old Eso ranking system that is restore the ranks mechanism of the Eso platform (Ex Aoe3), requested by many players in the forum.

  • Hotkeys added for new units added in the game.

  • Hotkeys for the Chinese wonder “Summer Palace”.

  • Make the collection speed (in percent) of the Indian wonder “Karni Mata” visible in the wonder interface.

  • View the training time of each unit of the Chinese wonder “Summer Palace” in its interface.

  • Make Han’s Ancient Army the default unit to train initially for the Chinese wonder “Summer Palace”.

  • Displays the duration and effect of the Transcendence ability and its cooldown by making it visible to all players (Chinese wonder “Temple of Heaven”).

  • Settler training time displayed in the training icon and in the tower center.

  • Training time of each unit (including ships) displayed in its training icon and in the military building.

  • Search time displayed in the barracks or technology icon.

  • Consulate unit and technology training time displayed in the consulate and unit / technology icon.

  • Display training times for wonders as well in a bar at the top of their life.

  • Display the stats of the stun ability, the damage it does at each age and the duration of the stun.

  • Give more details in card descriptions such as Feitorias where it only indicates which ability the collection of automatic resources but does not indicate the quantity.

  • This has less to do with the functionality of Aoe3DE but being that i am playing a lot in China i notice that the Chu Ko Nu are not accurate when throwing their darts some shots 1 or 2 darts miss the target despite the target is not moving, i would be able if the developers revised this malfunction.

This is just a small list of the features i mentioned and i want the developers to add over time especially the display of training times for both naval and land units.
Feel free to leave a comment on the list i made or make your own list including only functionalities useful for the competitive game of Aoe3DE.

I hope the developers manage to include many features described in this list.

Thanks for reading and viewing the list.

P.S.: Please kindly ask not to write bug or balanced issues in this thread but only useful features for competitive purposes.


Some ideas and references you can find in these past threads, it would be nice to refresh the game’s UI.

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For Scenario editor I would like an add/remove unit/tech trigger