Relic& World's Edge talks about AOE IV (eSports, multiplayer, art direction, own identity, respecting feedbacks etc.)

Hello, please check some of the newer interviews from Relic. Please see the videos yourselves, I don’t want to provide any wrong interpretations, so develop your own! These videos show how Relic approached the next game. Spoiler- they have kept the Age formula intact (which is a good thing). Please share your comments here afterwards.

This is How the Age 4 Multiplayer Will be Like - Exclusive Interview with Relic and World’s Edge! - YouTube

Talking to the Age of Empires 4 Devs about eSports | AoE 4 - YouTube

Age of Empires IV: Interview with Developers + Gameplay [English]

~Credit: @IamDalv
AoE4 Community Council and my involvement + Some AoE4 Info - YouTube

(Age IV stuff starts at 32:04)
742: Age Of Empires IV

XboxEra Podcast - Episode 53 - “The Age of Empires” - YouTube

Interview with AoE4 Devs! - Game modes, maps, modding, combat mechanics and some more! - YouTube


Age of Empires: Fan Preview Review

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So this Is a game for Esport not for the Age fans. This Is the reason for the art style.


Did you see the full video? They’ve dismissed the claim ageiv being eSports centric only. They said, there is something for everyone. Please see the videos brother :slight_smile:


Yes, there’s something for everyone Means that there Is not a clear vision on on what you are doing.


A game for everybody is a game for nobody.


I don’t know about that… hope you’re wrong lol. Let’s play it and find out. Else, I won’t hesitate to hit the refund button.

It would be cool if you put a summary in the OP

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Definitely check out the longer video too. They give a little bit more detail on their approach. Who knows why they are not telling straight? Maybe you know “surprise?” I will play the game at least on day 1, and if I don’t like it of course I will be taking my refund.

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I will interpret something wrong and probably gonna have to explain this or that if I misinformed somebody…so it is better if each aoe member sees the video themselves. Sorry, hope you understand.

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They probably want to appeal to a broad market, including people with low-end PCs who might not be traditional gamers. That means graphics will be a little less detailed


don’t forget there’s age fans who doesn’t have good pc. (there is people who still play aoe2hd, and they are asking for even worse graphics option for DE), and even my friend has an potato pc that could only run aoe2de 1v1 and 3v3 on the lowest graphics and he still get lags in late game


LOL, I can relate. I still have GTX 970M, and AOE 2 DE struggles a bit when played on HD. I will upgrade for next game if I can’t play it on 720p.


So what they were saying there in a nutshell.
I can’t translate. And my English is weak.

Thank you for the information.


I know there are some people with old specs (few) but most of them have a 1060 graphic card that’s enough for the most titles.

a next generation game should be fantastic on High Specs (i have 1080 gtx ti) and well scalabe for the Low specs. All people are Happy with this.

But don’t Saying this

And than watching how poor Is the actual graphic. It’s not acceptable After Two Years since the First gameplay.
I was really Happy for the game After X019 and i did this thread

Those image were Great for a Pre-alpha version. Now It seems a kind of downgrade

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OK let me put it simple, AoE4 is not going to succeed where all other projects failed.
RTS vs E-Sports & Casual are too fundamental, very different from their core structure.

We are going to end up with a game, that is not going to satisfy any of the target groups.


Yes you are right and this Is my fear.

Let’s see what happens. I will say it, let’s play it first or at least see more in-depth gameplay (hopefully they can offer some) in the future. I think rated E for everyone style they are taking maybe their nail in the coffin. Let’s see…

8 civs? I hope we get the relevant expansions to reach our current AoE II civs + more.
Well, we can stick to AOE II for the time being…

In the second video they actually answer why the archers are so crappy. It was a competitive request by esport player because they felt ‘not enough responsive’.

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I hate when companies ask “competitive players” about design choices, like really? age of empires 2 and sc1 were not released as a esports game, it became esports because it has a great game play an great community, arrows look ugly, animations looks stupi.d. graphics looks childish… COH2 doesn’t have the sc2 responsivenes but it is good in its owen and have a nice competitive community, why, just why devs wants to copy sc2, didn’t your learn from DOW3!!!