Results of my Polls (next civ/DLC)

hey guys, as you may have noticed i have recently made polls both here and on reddit about what area we as a community would like next. my results are as following:


total votes 145

36% on Europe (with 52 votes)

28% on Asia (41 votes)

12% on new world nations

10% on Oceania

9% on Africa

4% Native American


total votes 72

31% Asia

26% Europe

14% new world nation

12% Oceania

10% Africa

7% Native American

what can this tell us?

well for one it tells us that reddit is in fact MORE Eurocentric than the forums, rather than the opposites. with over a 3rd of the votes while on the forum it only got to around 1/4 of the total votes.

the forums also distribute their votes more, only “native american” gets below 10% of the votes on the forum while almost 3 factions get below it on reddit. if one goes a little deeper and look at the actual factions asked for in the comments, then the forums again will mention more options, all be it one of the top comments on reddit does mention a total of 6 factions across Afro-Eurasia. All that said the most unique idea i saw was “Oirats” on reddit.

it also tells us, somewhat unsurprisingly, that the community in fact do want more Asian and European content more than anything else. to my surprise the 3rd most asked for content on both places is new world nations, aka they want more Mexicos and USAs. on both polls native Americans came dead last, which surprises me a bit considering people often seem to ask for them in the form of Mayans, Mapuche etc. might indicate that this section is very vocal but not actually that large, but could keep in mind this is a single choice poll so there is a chance if we had multiple options that some of these votes would be shaken around a little.


the community clearly wants more Europeans and Asian factions, they are by far the most popular option and rake home around 60% of the votes between them on both platforms.

and also Reddit seems a little more Eurocentric.


questions, comments, think I’m wrong? tell me in a comment!

also looking forward to Mexico tomorrow.


I think some of us want rework done in the old civs.
I for one am unsatisfied with Portugal. Historical referencing was done to the native civs.
They could very well do the same for European civs.


while there was a couple of people saying “rework older civs/europeans” they didn’t seem particularly plentiful, only a comment or 2 and only a couple of upvotes.

its also a little besides the question i feel, not because Portugal as an example couldn’t be reworked to using guard halberds instead of dragoons but because the question really more was about adding content.

Ah fair enough, it was civs to be added.
I dont have particular preference as long they fit in the game.

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I knew I saw another poll somewhere.
I was mistakenly referring to this one:

Mixing things up lol

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ah yeah i saw that one as well, lots of people want reworks it seems.

and man is that a lot of votes, i only got like 150

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Think there is like a golden hour to post stuff, or it gets missed.

Well, to further boost your data, here are my old polls.

Onestly though, in the one that was outside, Mexico was included if I’m not mistaken, but didn’t receive a lot of consensus…