Return To Rome Multiplayer it's dead, Refund or make it F2P

As an Active AoE1 DE and RtR player this needs to happen, everyone is going back to DE, no1 is hosting multiplayer lobbies and when it is hosted it’s invisible because lobby filter is buggy so no one joins.

No one is buying AoE2 and then DLC just to play the same multiplayer game we already have, there’s only like 10 active players and we even gotta schedule to play a couple of games, we even try to let new players in to teach them BUT NO ONE JOINS, there’s no1 in multiplayer, I don’t understand what’s the gameplay with return to rome, DE players are not buying this, every single day a player go back to DE or retires altogether.

I don’t care if you sell new civs or campaigns, but honestly this feels like a scam to everyone who is/was an active age of empires 1 player, and at this point the multiplayer is COMPLETELY DEAD, so if you’re buying this to play with other players forget about it, there’s no one, 0, game died the first week and devs are silent about it, they don’t promote tournaments that are being hosted by the community, there’s 0 interest.

Just make the multiplayer free to play so at least we can salvage this mess and bring more people in, or just refund us who bought this…


How DLC RtR turns out badly, it is one big fail of Microsoft and Forgotten Empires. Since its release DLC RtR has been full of bugs, only some ones are repaired. But following patches made another series of bugs.
From the beginning it was clear that lack of matchmaking would be a big issue. But it is not all. The only one way of multiplayer is horrible. Lobby browser doesn’t show lobbies very often and the player must use websites of the 3rd parties for joining to the lobby. It is sad that buggy lobby browser of AOE 1 DE (3 years abandoned game by Microsoft and FE) works better.
And does this DLC cost 15 USD!? Moreover players of AOE 1 DE must pay extra 20 USD for AOE 2 DE (bundle together 29 USD), it is overpriced.
Players of AOE 1 DE observe negative development of RtR. When they see it, they have no thoughts of switching from AOE 1 DE to RtR.
If the devs don’t do something significant soon, RtR will end like the most biggest shame of Microsoft and FE of AOE franchise. Maybe it is late according to reviews on Steam.
Next time I will wait for a few weeks/months after the release, before I will buy something. I don’t want to fund the products like this one.


Man I wish RtR never happened, except arguably the addition of the Romans (which I think is thematically well done).

They were on such a great streak of good DLCs…


I feel the same, all Return to rome did was fragment an already small community in AoE1 DE, it even got worse as it made some people angry enough to retire from AoE1 Altogether.

There’s a tournament going on community funded and there’s 0 support, we even reported some balance bugs like priest being outright overpowered and still no response.

Wish they never did and release Return to rome, they gave us hope and made it worse.

All that and the unnecessary secrecy that devs created around the DLC for months caused RoR to be released already dead.


I don’t understand why they did that, no announcement trailer, no closed beta, no open beta, nothing, then just an invitational tournament that was barely advertised and released it like that?.

I don’t get the tought process behind this dlc at all, why even develop it…


Cashgrab nostalgia, why do u think the hottest thing going on rn for it is the port of the campaigns.

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Absolute disaster of a release. Full of bugs, no matchmaking, no players no support no nothing. Horrible scandal.


How about RoR owners get The Mountain Royals DLC for free or at least 50% off?

I guess most of us bought it for Romans only.

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I bought if because of AoE1 content not because of Aoe 2 romans.


Well, we bought this to support Age 1, they told us this was going to be the only supported version since Age1DE no longer has any support even tho many issues and bugs are still there, so they made this “new updated version” a paid dlc, that no1 plays, we tried to support it, we promoted it, community funded tournaments but so far we’re being ignored, their plan isn’t working.

We don’t care about upcoming age2 dlc, we bought this for AoE1 but they forced us to buy AoE2 AND then this dlc.

All we want is a functional game with actual people playing so we can have fun, but we’re gettin neither, after the 1v1 tournament ends pretty much everyone who is “active” will retire so…


If Microsoft or Forgotten Empire would be cleaver then next DLCs they make for AoE2DE they would always add both AoE2 and AoE1 content into one product, so both players would have reason to buy these downloadable content.

As example 2-3 civs to aoe2 and 1-2 civ to RoR, 2-3 campaigns to aoe2 and 1 campaign to RoR.


Well, casuals might buy it for campaign, but if they don’t make multiplayer free to play I don’t think anyone will buy content for Age1, its the same reason why lobbies are empty in the first place, no one is buying for multiplayer so no one is playing, casuals do play campaigns tho.

The worst part for me is that now patch notes have info about both AoE2 and RoR, making it much harder and confusing to read.

And now the Scenario Editor has stuff that is only used in AoE1, even when I’m in AoE2 data pack.

E.g. Now we have both “Blast width” and “Area damage” in Modify Attribute trigger, the first one is used for AoE2 and the second one is a new option and AoE1 only. (correct me if I’m wrong)

Pure confusing.

At the very least add the AOE1 Assets into the AOE2 Map Editor for free so people can use them in scenarios. Such a waste to have these in the same format, but map makers can’t implement without modding.

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Oh no. Why would you force two groups of people that have almost mutually exclusive interest to buy the same product, and each has to pay more for the portion they’re not interested in? It’s a loss-loss.


RoR is terrible designed. As result it was never alive. Hopefully the next DLC wont be the same disaster.


Well, can’t just re-release the same game and sell it for a third time and just abandon it, next DLC is AoE2 exclusive and Age1 / Return to rome community don’t want another paid DLC when no one plays it.

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This pretty much, I know for normal gameplay purposes it’s impossible but cmon, they didn’t think people wouldn’t like to use Age 1 units in age 2 editor and vice versa?.


So basically entire AOE1 is dead. No support no updates. Whether it is aoe1 de or ROR.