Revolutions for everyone!

Why not give Revolutions to everyone?
With the Definitive Editions we got smaller European Countries as Revolutions so why not the same for Asia? The campaign of The WarChiefs is about supporting the revolution as Native so why not Revolutions for them too?
That would make a potential Ending-Age Revolution an interesting option, even for treaty (South Africa seems to be too good for that though)

Here some ideas for the Natives and Asian civilisations:

Revolution to turn into Mexico. A hug part of modern Mexicans have Aztec ancestors. The word Mexico comes from the Aztec word Mexica which is how they named themselves.
With the revolution they get Skirmisher, Musketeers, Falconets and a new cavalry unit the Xolotl Warrior (like in AoE 2 when they convert a stable). The Villagers stay villagers though.

Can turn into the USA (Like in the campaign) or Canada.
Basically behaves exactly like the European versions of those Revolutions.

I don’t think the USA is fitting. Maybe something like Native League that gives them access to more European weapons like cannons.
They already have very modern equipment with the Henry Rifles so it’s a bit harder to design a Revolution for them.

Can turn into Peru. The Native lead Rebellion of TĂşpac Amaru II tried to gain independence from Spain. Might use a different flag for Peru.
Gets TĂşpac Amaru II as leader. Functions like the revolution homectiy card (that gets removed) but makes Revolutionaries, a cavalry and an artillery available and changes the homecity.

Can reform into Chinese Republic (happened a bit after the AoE3 time frame but would have been possible earlier). Gain a new unit modern Infantry unit that is similar to the Nizam Fusilier or the Fusilier that is a heavy infantry with range bonus against (light) infantry making it a very good all round unit.
Could be related to the boxer rebellion and turn every villager into a melee type Revolutionary unit. Maybe Boxer Rebellion would be an alternative option.

Sepoy revolt that results into independence. They also get the same new infantry as China.
All villagers turn unto Sepoy. The card that does the same gets removed.

Meiji restoration. Get the same modern infantry as the other Asians plus the access to Gatling Guns. Their villagers stay villagers.
Alternative is the Satsuma Rebellion that turns all villagers into Ashigaru and makes Samurai stronger. Every homecity card also ships Samurai.

Maybe the Consulate needs to change.
A cool idea would be to make other revolutions as options like an USA or Peru Consulate. The old Consulate relations automatically get candled.
The revolutionary Consulates could be stronger. Also because the player is always Age 4 the shipments could be changed, maybe make some resendable like the USA gives you infinite Forts (also increases the Fort limit every time).


Revolution is the act of colonists for their independence against the natives. They themselves are already native and have no reason to become independent.

And by design, it’s an option for Europeans too. It should not be given to native or Asian.


Colonies like Hungary, Romania and Finland?

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I don’t understand why they are trying to become independent in the colonies, but I think they added additional European countries for those who want.

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Yes… They were occupied “countries” that were in many ways ruled as colonies. Hence the Hungarian and Romanian revolutions (dont know enough of finnish history, but i know it has always been disputed between Russia and Sweden/denmark)

So i also support not having revolutions. But i do support having a “revolution kind of mechanic”.

From that point onward you could train other types of “Guard Type Units” and all your vills would be converted to “Rebels” or “Revolting Vilagers” or “other unit”

I had these ideas but that could be expanded on:

  • Aztecs - Tlaxcala Revolt - all military would be converted to Spanish Rodelero/Lancer/Tercio/Crossbowman/Grenadier Guard Units;
  • Inca - Tupac Revolt
  • China - Boxer Rebellion - All the Vils would turn into Champion Rattan Shields;

what about Ezo Republic for japan?

Yeah Japan could have the Meji Restoration (which instead of a export cost with no benefit, could be an actual “revolt”)

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I think most non-euro civ have some revolution/ rebellion themed cards/tech

  • China has the reforms cards
  • India has the Sepoy resistance card - turn all vils to sepoy for 2k wood ( maybe reduce cost)
  • Meiji restoration - complete crap ( needs a rework tbh)
  • Incan one is pretty good tbh
  • I would like one for Aztec
  • for Haud and Lakota maybe instead of rebellion cards its captured tech or something since I dont know enough about the history here for the theme.
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You mean Haudenosaunee and Lakota?
The warrior of justice thinks
Fighting invaders on the land of their hometown cannot be called a revolution/rebellion.
Trust me you don’t want to touch this subject

I believe that there should be more options for a revolution, e.g. Australians, Greeks, Scots, Serbs, Belgians (why not - an option for the French and Dutch) and more.

Of course there is a lack of African civilizations and the number of Asian and American civilizations is very small. But it is worth remembering that 3-5 Central European civilizations are still missing. Mostly Poles, Austrians (or Habsburgs) and Italians. Potentially, the Prussians (the Germans present in the game would represent the rest of the Germans) and the Danes could be added.

Nice idea man! and totally agree, could be done easily just as you say

I would rename the “Revolution!” button to “Support Colonists” for the Natives, meaning they support the Colonists against their Colonial overlord in return for democratic participation and access to modern weapons.
The Lakota are the ones that would work the least with because they are depicted in the way they fought against the USA.

For the Asians Revolution is more fitting.
Japanese overthrow the Shogunate, Chinese replace the Emperor and Indians fight against the British Indian Company.

I’m down with having more late game options, but you would need to adapt the “Revolution” mechanic to make sense with the Native Americans and the Asians.

One way that could work for both native Americans and Asians is to offer a choice in the post industrial. Go to the “Imperial Age” as normal or a “Embrace Westernization” option where the nation transforms into a “modern” country. Gameplay wise, it would mean unlocking new “westernized” units and techs instead of upgrading your old ones with Imperial Age techs.
That means that you could have The Aztecs turning into Mexico, The Lakota and Haudenosaunee turning into the USA(or more interestingly, a hypothetical native american nation), The Inca turning into Peru(or Colombia or Chile), India becoming the British Raj(or just going straight to Free India), China becoming a Republic and Japan going trough the Meiji Restoration.

In short, all the new revolutionary countries in Europe, such as Cossacks (Russians, potential poles and Ottomans are limited to age 2) and Scots (Britons are limited to age 2) Irish (British), Belgians (French and Dutch), Greeks (Ottomans), Norwegians (Swedes and potential Danes), Bulgarians (Ottomans), Sicilians (Italians and Spaniards) and other European revolutionary countries that let developers add more look forward to preparing to celebrate the 2nd anniversary age of Empire 3 in October

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I have opted some time ago for the natives to gain an option like revolution called modernization, which would give them access to some artillery units and for example musketeers, forts and factories.

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That would only make sense for the Aztecs and Inca.

We now have Mexico with a Maya revolution in the game. Something similar could work well for the Aztecs and in some ways for the Inca.
Aztecs could simply get some of the Mexican units.

Finding a revolution for the Lakota will be the hardest. They are already the most modern civilisation in the game.


There are several good options for non-European revolutions, but overall I don’t think it’s appropriate for every civ to have them.


China is a strong contender for a revolution. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom would fit nicely as one.


Hausa are already heavily inspired by the Sokoto Caliphate which was a revolutionary state. The MalĂŞ revolt in Brazil was also Hausa led.

Aztec and Inca

Having revolts to Mexico and Peru would make sense and could solve some of the drawbacks the civs have.

The other civs don’t really fit as well.


The Red River Rebellion is the closest thing to a revolution in the region but the Lakota weren’t really involved. The later North-West Rebellion could also work, but it was slightly further from the Lakota and more supported by the Cree.


Tecumseh’s Confederacy or the Northwestern Confederacy would be the best options but the Haudenosaunee weren’t the drivers of this resistance.


The Shimabara Rebellion is the best option I can think of but it was suppressed pretty thoroughly.


The Sepoy Rebellion was a huge threat to the Raj but it was suppressed quickly. It also probably wouldn’t have formed a single united state if had succeeded.


I can’t think of anything equivalent to a revolution that would be appropriate for them. Maybe Jamaica due to the Rastafari reverence for Haile Selassie but that comes too late to be a good connection. The Mahdists and Dervishes could maybe be options but they were more Sudanese and Somali and were invading Ethiopia, not breaking away.


Aztec has Chichimeca Rebellion as one of those.

I don’t like the idea of implementing mechanics that help differentiate civ cultures.

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The mechanic of revolution should keep unique to Europeans.
Europeans already have few unique things. I would not like to see even this mechanic being “shared”.

At most, provide cards with a similar effect to other civs. But I would still like to see the dev put in effort to make revolutions of European civs better, rather than adding revolutions that won’t be used to other civs.

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