Rework thoese mangonels or delete them!

Not a real world example - this proves nothing. These demonstrations are terrible to actual gameplay against real people.
Your opponent will have crossbows mixed with spearmen in front of those 20 mangonels while your cavalry won’t make it very far. You might burn 1-3 down before losing them all. I know this.


In the real world you have to learn to complain less and try to learn to play.

Crossbowmen won’t do any good against horsemen, and if you make a lot of pikemen you can heavily mash good melee units like MAA or Springald.

In the real world I am a champion and know what this game is, and how to play it.
This forum is filled with people who rarely play the game, and gain fulfillment by disagreeing with others.
I’m aware of crossbowmen won’t do any good, but I was taking it a step further with Knights boy. Also they are spearmen, not pikemen. Learn the game.

Now you’re bringing up Springald while defending 75 horse test. :laughing: Changing your story now. :laughing:

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Forum partner, be more humble in your words.

“Your opponent will have crossbows mixed with spearmen in front of those 20 mangonels while your cavalry won’t make it very far. You might burn 1-3 down before losing them all. I know this.”

You have said this and I have replied that I can use other units like Springald as well.

Don’t worry, have a good night.


If you want this game to be alive for much longer you should consider making this game fun for everyone, instead of constantly acting like the game has no problems. This really damage the way devs look at the game if people like you constantly argue with the average player who just wants to play the game without feeling forced to make all their cool medieval units into some stupid harpoon gun on wheels just to have 20 housing space left for medival units to run in on “the action”

In every competitive RTS that have been in history (there are not many) there is always a group of players who complain about everything they can complain about, especially when that RTS is not yet complete or needs more to grow.

The game is missing several features until the Season 1 patch is released, but in balance matters it should be done based on the judgment of players who have a good understanding of the technical game or professional players. First they need to understand the game and the mistakes they make and when that happens, they will have a better criterion to evaluate everything.

What really hurts the game, from balance, is that players who don’t understand the game influence the devs and then what happens happens.

Mangonnels are to strong Yep.

Because there is no friendly fire, they can protect each other.

40 mangonnels there is no counter’s. (Specialy Rus ones :joy:)

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The developers literally said they aimed for a casual part of the RTS player base.
You have to understand that this isn’t a group of players but most of the player base who complain, and if the game keeps its development in the way you want it to be just cause you have “more understanding” than the average player, i see the player base dropping even more than already

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The balance of a good competitive game is always based on the players who have the most understanding of the game. It’s another thing to satisfy casual players in other areas, like campaigns, DLCs, new content, more and better maps, more zoom, etc.

The e-sports games that have come far have had professionals/ex-professionals in charge of balancing things. Logically it is necessary to make the game have fun mechanics for the majority. If you hate the Springald (medieval siege), it’s your opinion, but it’s something that will be here and now.

P.S: This forum represents a small group of players compared to those who play the game (especially those who enter the forum they do it to complain, those who do not complain, do not usually enter), do not be confused.

There is an issue with the Streltsy and the Springald Rus that should be fixed soon, as it is clear that the Imperial Rus has the siege/streltsy combo with some spearman that is unbeatable.

The majority that didn’t come here to complain simply left altogether.

But on topic, Mangonels are a bother at times but not usually problematic if your team decides to start playing before 10 minutes, which is rare some days.

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Casual players are way more well informed to speak about casual games balance than “pro” players.


That’s a specific issue with Rus. Iam talking about Mangonnels in general. Also devs already said that they will nerf Mangonnels by 2 balance changes :

Mangonnels will cost more
It will takes 2.5x more times to build mango in the field (Abba, Mong)

Besides being a Parrot about what you heard from “top” players. Do you have any thought about the balance? I mean your thought. That’s what this forum is about, everyone can discuss and debate.

If the mangonel needs another nerf then I would just increase its pop space to 4.

25% team damage

you would have to use them right and not use them as stone-shooting archers


From the information that the patch notes offer us, I have only seen number 2.

Obviously I try to evaluate technically and collect feedback from high-level players, who are the ones who correctly squeeze a civilization, especially those who have it from Main. I see a bit of resentment in your comment, it will be that the truth hurts.

I think the Abbasid Economic Wing needs to be slightly nerfed in Feudal, along with the buffs they’re going to get.

I think some mechanics in Delhi should be nerfed.

I think that China should lower the cost of Dynasty Landmarks by 25%.

I also think the area siege unpack speed should be a bit slower.

“Obviously I try to evaluate technically and collect feedback from high-level players”

who are you again??

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But we Delhiboys suffer most already. :frowning: It’s victory in castle or bust…

Elephants can’t counter Mangonels.

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Falconets are basically the Mangonel equivalent in AoE3, and they’ve always seemed to function well—could be instructive to consider the differences between the two. Mangonels still feel tankier against cavalry and hand infantry even with the reduced hitpoints; it also seems like their area of effect is wider and more evenly distributed (from what I can tell mangonels deal a set amount of damage to all units in a circular region, whereas falconets do very heavy damage to one target and a decreasing amount of damage to nearby units based on how close they are to the impact. Though please do correct me if this is wrong as I haven’t tested).

Also, this is more of an aesthetic thing, but boy falconets just felt more satisfying, sending units flying through the air and making loud booming sounds that are evident even when you’re focused on another side of the map (something AoE4, which has really excellent sound design in many other areas, seems to have unfortunately whiffed on here). Units just collapsing in place on death in AoE4 when they die is kind of a bummer; the physics genuinely do make a difference for stuff like this.