Rework thoese mangonels or delete them!

I’ve watched some pro games and never seen a pro countering mangonels with cav or other units, they only use springalds… Specially if players uses walls to force a fight in a choke point which seems to be the new meta


hahaha you killed me :laughing:

Too bad you’re too scared to post the number of games you’ve played. I don’t know what’s wrong with a 50% win rate when playing 4v4 with randos that quit the game halfway through. Are you trying to prove a point or show a reflection of something? Is this suppose to be an insult?

You should check yourself and be more humble with your words.


Yeah it’s true 900 elo player can’t respond to the mass mangonel , try to improve your gameplay and you will have a chance to deal with it

Mangonel atm is a noob stomper

You should watch some pro games and see how they abuse mangonels in all games…

Yeah I didn’t say it’s usless it’s actually very strong but pro can have a response to them , noob are just crushed and can’t adapt to a full mangonel

It’s why I call mangonel a noob stomper

Mmm I have seen games that the only response are sepringalds due to unit positioning and walls… The games are all about who handle better the springalds or I’d you are RUS you win, it is stupid seeing cavalry using torches with super slow attack speed hitting siege…

You can respond by springalds yes but if your opponent have the time to build 10 mangonel you are just dead
You have to better build your eco and better scoot him for build more or counter him

If mangonel are broken juste use them so
All civ have access to them

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I am not talking by my experience with the game, I watched some games from latest tournament and mango spam is a thing…

And ? Everyone can do it so what is the problem ?

What did surprise me, in one of the patches that they released, was the reduction in the rate of fire of the Mangonel, perhaps it could be reversed so that the tears do not spread here.

bro that joke sucked AHAHH

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So if they added a nuke to the game it would be okay because everyone can make it?

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If you want play inf only and cav go play chivalry medieval warfare , mangonel are a really good unit I’m ok with that but you can kill them quite easily , I will stop argue with ppl 800 elo this is bad for my health

“I will stop argue with ppl 800 elo this is bad for my health”

sure buddy i didn’t invite you to this discussion, you chose to come here by yourself, so by saying stuff like that makes you sound like a big arrogant loser. And no we dont want you here either Grimstuck


What you can do is only crying ? Why you can’t improve your gameplay or learn how to play better ?
I have seen some coaching session on the internet maybe you can take 2 or 3 hours with good players it’s not expensive

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I postet this to see if i was the only one who think that the game is at a bad spot reguarding the mangonels, and as a not so big of a surprise i wasen’t the only one thinking mangonels need some work. I dont know if all you do in your spare time is arguing and telling how much better you are than everyone else. But surely this game doesn’t have a big enough player base for people like you to even mention elo

The game don’t need ppl who cry every time for everything
Yes a lot of ppl complaining about mangonel , the player who can’t improve their gameplay and learn how to play properly for counter will always being crushed by mangonel and other stuff

And if you see the forum we don’t need a other post about mangonel , a lot of them already existing

I can take you one afternoon with me and I will show you how to deal with and how to counter them

hear me out manchild, people stop playing the game because of mangonels. I want the game to do well so more players come, but you’re toxic ■■■ keeps players away, and like people say they dont download the game to play siege every game just to have a chance in a fight.


I think we have to disable siege for the player with less 900 elo this will fix some of our issues