ROMAE AD BELLUM - (RAW:E) Rome at War Expansion Concept

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@Mahazona great question. My answer may be underwhelming because I struggled to find the right civ to replace.

I wanted a shell civilization that used the Medi architecture style. Not too concerned about Tech or civ bonus at the moment because those can be adjusted with DAT mod.

Italians and Byzantines were out because I have them as Romans. If the mod were set in later times, they would be Western and Eastern Roman Empire. However, in this period I thought that political division made less sense so I renamed Roman Republic and Empire. That left Sicilians, Spanish, and Portuguese.

I considered the Sicilians since they already had their own unique Castle and they were an infantry Civ, however the game unit sounds just seemed more jarring and out of place than the Spanish to me. They also have the Donjon and that added other complexities.

So that really left me with Portugese and Spanish and I just picked one. I would ultimately like to edit the Civ sounds to Greek. I saw a mod that did this for Byzantines already so this is totally doable.

What are your thoughts, do you think that a different civ makes more sense?

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is sicilians umbrella of spanish or italian?

That’s good question, Vandal, Goths, Byzantines, Italians, Muslims, all seem to have occupied and controlled it one point or another after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. I would lean towards it still being more Italian than anything else.

Working on tech icons and Civilization Descriptions with Unique Unit Cards. :slight_smile:
Does anyone know how to add more unique unit cards to a Civilization or are they locked as is?

I figured out how to update unit sounds so the Spanish Civ (now Greek) will speak Greek!!


Good explanation.

I would suggest picking civis with similar tech trees uu ut when selecting to replace a civi,it will cut down lot of work.changing a graphic is easier than doing data work for bonuses.

It would be easier to use huns for any cavalry nomads rather than rework a civi like vikings to fit that play style. if you have a set of factions you want to add dm me and we can go through.

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I think it is hard coded. Couldn’t find any code that modifies it in any of the json files.


Model of Caesar unit progressing nicely. Artist is working on texture maps next. Excited to have this added in game!

Update 4/28


Some music themes for Civs.

Roman Empire theme concept:

Ancient Roman Music - The Roman Empire - YouTube

Ancient Egypt theme concept:

Ancient Egyptian Music - Cleopatra - YouTube

Ancient Greece theme concept:

Greek Mythology Music - Pandora’s Box - YouTube

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Update: I am planning to rename the mod Romae ad Bellum (Latin for Rome at War). Its an intentional nod to the Original inspiration Rome at War mod. Hail “Wijitmaker!!”

Next installment of Mod has been delayed. Still working on Caesar unit and completing testing. I also assume the next update is around the corner and may want to redo the DAT file if any issues arise. In the meantime, I have some updates below:

Updated WIP for Caesar Unit.

Still working on textures, think the gold needs to be more rustic looking, almost brushed bronze/gold finish with imperfections. Also thinking the breastplate could be darker gray.

Finishing touch, a laurel crown in same brushed/gold finish. What are your thoughts??

Second, I am thinking about updating the Legionary Unit and combining the concept of Konnick Cavalry unit (mounted and unmounted) transition where decay animation is actually the infantry version of the unit & the Throwing Axeman Unit.

How it would work, Legionary Pilum variant would attack similar to Throwing Axeman unit, and when it dies its death animation would be dropping or throwing last Pilum. Decay would be the sword variant of Legionary Unit. I am thinking for balance purposes, the Pilum throwing unit would have low HP, and die fairly quickly and then the unit would transition to Sword Unit. This would make the unit fighting mechanics more realistic to how Legionary actually fought.

If I did this, this would consolidate the Legionary Pilum and Sword Unit into single Unit for the player to train.

If this is successful I would replace Pilum spear (spearman and pikemen) fighting unit with a more generic Auxiliary spear unit for the time and likely repeat process with Praetorian version as well.

I do wish there was a mechanic or way to rearm the Pilum to the unit. Example if the Unit garrisons it will transition back to Pilum throwing version. However unsure if that can be done with a DAT mod or would have to be scenario triggers only. If anyone has ideas here would LOVE to hear them.

Thoughts? Suggestions??


I don’t wanna be a critic but the unit just looks un-ageofempires-y to me.

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@FoughtBird1976 that’s why I asked for thoughts. Lol. Could you expand on that comment?
It’s meant to be a Scenario Hero unit/replacement for Western King unit. You are also looking at a very zoomed in render of the object and textures etc are still WIP.

However, with all that in mind, what makes it look off to you and what would you change about it?

The armour looks like it’s from AoM because of how bright it is so could you just darken it a bit? And you might wanna make the eyebrows a bit less prominent.

Yes I agree, that’s what I was referring to in prior post but I agree. This is WIP and textures/armor needs to be darker and more rustic.

I doubt the eyebrows will be noticeable once this is resized, but yes if they stand out will want to adjust.

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Give him a tan too that would truly make him look like a unit you’d see in AoE.

Progression of Textures and Colors. Looking to darken skin pigment (give him a tan :slight_smile: )


WIP - Temple of Venus and Roma (Latin: Templum Veneris et Romae).
The building is huge and would need to use a Cathedral space if put in game.




Thank you @StereoQuasar163 :slight_smile:

I was going to reduce the size of the colonnade slightly on both sides to be more accurate.

Also will explore adding a side entrance portico in middle of each colonnade and wrap the rear end with a right angle turn as depicted in reference image below.