Add SPAIN please! <3



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If they do they should be part of a conquerors style expansion with Aztecs/other South American civ as well. A conquistador campaign with this game/graphics could be very cool. Hope they don’t shy away from the human sacrifice.

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nah man i’d prefer it to stay medieval like until 1500-1515ish.

before the whole aztec thing.

that’s more an aoe2 /aoe3 thing which STARTS 1500 and ends 1800s.

really would prefer medieval chivalry spain


You are totally unaware of the medieval history of Spain.
They have a conflict comparable to the 100-year war between the English and the French, but against Islam.


You can have both. 20 characters.

El Cid? They could have a Conquistador AND an El Cid campaign just like AOE2. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Watch them add the Iberian Moors instead heheh

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Moors/North Africans together with Aztecs and Spain and you can tell both these stories.


I’d like to see a Spaniard civ too. They could either use the different periods of the Asturies/Leon/Castille kingdom or make a compilation of Castille, Aragon and Navarre.


Official timestamp of civs in the game:

Rus: 882-1552
HRI: 938-1517
English: 850-1555
Delhi: 879-1526
Mongols: 1000-1500
Abbasid: 750-1517
French: 840-1559
Chinese: 907-1644 The fecking XVII century

Conquer of America fits perfectly in Age 4 (Aztec Empire falls in 1530 and Inca Empire in 1533)


There is no such thing as Aragon-Catalonia, is Crown of Aragon.

Oh, sorry. In the University of Seville, where I obtained my History degree, some teachers of the department of medieval history usually call it “corona catalano-aragonesa”, not as a formal name, but as a conventionalism due to the weight of the former portion within the Crown of Aragon when they explain dynamics such as the Mediterranean expansion. So clumsy of my part, using it in a context where it can be mistaken as something else. Luckily random internet people are so knowledgeable!


Well, in the Complutense University of Madrid, where I obtained my History degree, theachers know that talks of corona catalano-aragonesa it’s only a recent form of nationalist manipulation of history that have no place in science history, where you must be true to real history and not be part of lies and manipulations from politics.

I’m so sorry for you that you had such bad teachers that they weren’t able to teach you correctly what their area of specialty what supposed to be and they preferred to succumb to provincial lies. But thank goodness for you that a random internet people got you out of your mistake :wink:

In case you doubt :wink: :

Heh. Pretty sure you can teach me a lot about provincial lies, having studied in Madrid.

Recoja su zasca con dignidad, señor.

I get it that you really want Spain, but spamming new post about it every few days won’t get you anywhere…

Just make one and stick with it…

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Mira, me voy a molestar en responderte. Para empezar, ya he dicho que no es un titulo formal y modifiqué el comentario en el primer momento. Pero, además, ¿cuál es el problema exacto de usar el término para remarcar el carácter confederal de la Corona de Aragón y el peso específico de Cataluña en cuestiones como la conquista y poblamiento de Valencia, y posteriormente en Baleares y el Mediterráneo? O incluso en el siglo XV cuando fue el foco de buena parte de los conflictos sociales en Aragón. Pues igual que se habla de reino asturleonés en muchas ocasiones aunque fuese uno u otro.

Que encima manda cojones que esté aquí todo Dios hablando del imperio bizantino sin despeinarse y tenga que venir uno a decir que me ha hecho un zasca. Ande e introdúzcase a Ayuso por el ano un ratito.

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I am not sure why some people are against other civs that kind of border the line of some time frame. The more the merrier imo.

Why not bring in most if not all the civs from AoE2-- For example, the Goths fell in the 4th century, but why can’t we imagine what their civ might be like going into the 17th century? This is a game no?

I love to see Spain.